Very cool work by Joshua Townsend who put together a Microsoft Visio Stencil for VMware View. DisclaimerThe views anywhere on this site are strictly mine and not the opinions and views of my employeer Microsoft. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. Dell Software baut sein Losungsportfolio im Bereich Datensicherung und Wiederherstellung mit zwei zusatzlichen Backup- und Recovery-Appliances weiter aus. Die Backup- und Recovery-Appliance Dell DL4300 enthalt die neueste Version der Datensicherungs-, Replikations- und Wiederherstellungs-Software AppAssure und stellt Unternehmen eine komfortabel einsetzbare, leistungsfahige, skalierbare und einfach zu verwaltende Losung bereit. Eine sehr gute Skalierbarkeit: In der Standardversion bietet die Appliance einen nutzbaren Speicherplatz von 60 TB, der mit der High-End-Version auf bis zu 120 TB ausgebaut werden kann. Ein vereinfachtes Management virtueller Maschinen: Unternehmen konnen bei den Dell-DL-Sicherungslosungen virtuelle Maschinen ihrer Applikationen im Standby-Modus betreiben und damit ein Recovery innerhalb kurzer Zeit sicherstellen. Ein Rapid Appliance Self Recovery: Mit dem Rapid-Appliance-Self-Recovery (RASR)-Tool sind Unternehmen in der Lage, eine Appliance im Notfall einfach und schnell wiederherzustellen.
Die Appliance DL1000 1 TB erganzt die bereits verfugbaren 2- und 3-TB-Versionen und bietet eine zuverlassige und kosteneffiziente Losung fur kleine Unternehmen. Die Backup- und Recovery-Appliances Dell DL4300 und Dell DL1000 1 TB sind ab sofort verfugbar. Dell hort seinen Kunden zu und bietet innovative und zuverlassige IT-Losungen und -Dienstleistun­gen, die auf Industrie-Standards basieren. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
SummaryDeduplication backup target appliances are playing a more active role in the enterprise backup architecture, beyond tape replacement. Although Dell has only been in the deduplication backup target appliance market for a few years, they have made considerable headway in the midsize market. Dell has good integration between its DR series appliance and its own backup software, such as support for Rapid Data Access (RDA) for faster backup and restore performance. All features, functions and three years of maintenance and support are included in the base price.
Dell offers the innovative Rapid NFS and Rapid CIFS functions, which provide source-side deduplication for supported backup applications.
The DR series lacks FC support, and references cited modest overall deduplication ratios compared to competition. The DR2000v requires a physical license server, and cannot operate as a stand-alone solution today. Some environments that don't support RDA may require more concurrent backup streams to be supported than the appliances offer.
EMCEMC's Data Domain has the strongest market presence among all products evaluated in terms of number of appliances, customers and total disk capacity, as well as revenue. ProtectPoint with Data Domain offers an innovative alternative to the backup-server-centric approach. Many customers have used Data Domain's long-term retention tier to replace tape completely in their backup infrastructure. Data Domain cannot turn off deduplication to support a nondeduplicated disk shelf, as requested by some customers.
ProtectPoint protects only a subset of EMC storage solutions and a few popular database environments. Scale-out architecture and landing zone allow nondisruptive compute and storage scaling with consistent ingest rates and fast restore or VM boot from most recent backups. Supports a range of backup applications and utilities, and has deeper integration with Veeam than other competitors. While restore performance of the most recent backup (nondeduplicated) is fast, performance declines for previous backups because of the need to rehydrate data.
Lack of a VTL interface and FC connectivity may limit ExaGrid's appeal to large enterprises. Fujitsu has two deduplication backup target product lines, both using Quantum's efficient deduplication algorithm. The CS8000 can consolidate all backup and archive targets into one unified platform with independent disk and tape management. The CS8000 offers separate scale in compute and storage, and has self-healing and tape refresh features. The CS8000's split-site configuration with cache mirror provides application-transparent site failover. Fujitsu's storage, including CS800 and CS8000, has weak presence outside of Europe and Japan. The Hitachi Protection Platform is highly scalable, ranging from 32TB appliance to 4PB of usable disk capacity from a grid of up to eight nodes.

The product was early to market with advanced features such as automatic load balancing across nodes, fast space reclamation, secure erasure, integrated system wide encryption, robust support for Symantec's OpenStorage Technology (OST) and deep reporting via a cloud-based repository.
The product offers efficient and fast process for virtual synthetic full backup and space reclamation, delivering good restore performance.
The new V-Series architecture for CIFS and NFS file interfaces and hybrid (in-line and postprocess) deduplication support is now targeted for release in late 2015, over a year and a half later than first anticipated. HP continues to ramp up market awareness of its StoreOnce series with a data reduction guarantee and 3PAR bundling campaign. HP continues to innovate with its RMC solution, which shows commitment to the StoreOnce and 3PAR platforms.
StoreOnce has expanded its client-side deduplication integration with backup software beyond HP's Data Protector and Symantec to include SQL Server, SAP Hana and Veeam. StoreOnce 6500 offers a virtual storage pool across multiple nodes with HA, load-balancing and easy-to-scale functionalities. HP's entry-level and midrange models do not have the scale-out architecture and associated benefits delivered by the 6500. Recovery Manager Central has limited primary storage support and no support for non-VMware workloads. StoreOnce virtual appliance can't run in leading infrastructure as a service cloud environments, such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure for DR. IBM's ProtecTIER is available as an appliance or, more typically, a gateway, often along with IBM's Storwize V7000 disk array. ProtecTIER offers good product integration and price advantage when combined with IBM's Spectrum Protect (formerly Tivoli Storage Manager) backup application. Customers need to purchase the deduplication license by the terabyte, separately from the ProtecTIER engine. NEC's HYDRAstor is an in-line global deduplication appliance, which has a resilient and efficient scale-out architecture that can scale from 1 to 165 nodes with high aggregate throughput.
Scalable, true grid architecture design allows for systems as small as 2.5TB, to the largest theoretical solution reviewed at over 5PB and the fastest throughput with high resiliency levels set. HYDRAstor offers many unique storage features, such as configurable resiliency and availability via erasure coding, data shredding, and broad encryption and locking capabilities.
The new Universal Deduped Transfer option on protected server supports any backup application and yields four to six times greater throughput.
The smallest, single node configuration will not offer some capabilities, such as HA, as many erasure code levels and the fastest restore performance, as compared with a multinode configuration.
Sales are limited outside of Japan; however, the largest installs are in the United States. The AltaVault appliances support a wide range of public cloud storage providers and common backup applications and utilities.Customers praise ease of use, overall reliability and much-improved regional support.
AltaVault's ingest and restore (to and from local cache) performance is not as competitive as many backup target appliances. Quantum has a good brand awareness in the backup market and is one of the early entrants to the deduplication backup target appliance market. Non-Symantec backup applications do not support the Accent function and can't catalog the DXi remote replication. Vendors Added and DroppedWe review and adjust our inclusion criteria for Magic Quadrants and MarketScopes as markets change. Hitachi Data Systems, which acquired the previously included Sepaton, was added to this Magic Quadrant.
FalconStor was dropped this year because the company is moving away from focusing on a dedicated deduplication backup target appliance in favor of its integrated backup appliance and overall software approach. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Durch die Kombination der Zuverlassigkeit von Dells PowerEdge-Servern mit der Leistungsfahigkeit seiner AppAssure-Software bieten die neuen Appliances Dell DL1000 1 TB und Dell DL4300 kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen eine schnell einsatzbereite Komplettlosung.
Unternehmen haben die Moglichkeit, nur den aktuell erforderlichen Speicherplatz zu lizenzieren und zusatzliche Kapazitat erst dann hinzuzufugen, wenn sie tatsachlich benotigt wird. Generation der Dell-PowerEdge-Server und nutzt somit die neueste CPU-Technologie von Intel. Alle virtuellen Maschinen lassen sich uber eine einzige Benutzeroberflache uberwachen, wodurch sich die ansonsten entstehende Komplexitat bei der Sicherung virtualisierter Umgebungen reduziert.
Dabei gibt es zwei Optionen: erstens einen definierten Restore Point fur die Wiederherstellung und zweitens das Zurucksetzen der Appliance auf die Werkseinstellungen. Damit konnen Administratoren einmal pro Stunde Snapshots erstellen und mit Hilfe der AppAssure-Software nur die geanderten beziehungsweise deduplizierten Daten wiederherstellen, um so eine optimale Leistung zu erzielen. Sie sind ganz auf die individuellen Anforderungen der Anwender zugeschnitten und ermoglichen es Unternehmen, erfolgreicher zu sein. This research evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of 10 vendors that offer such appliances for I&O leaders. Such an appliance is defined as one that is optimized for the backup workload, has native deduplication and often compression capabilities, and acts as a disk target for external backup applications or application-native backup engines.

The physical DR4000 and DR6000 series appliances deliver acceptable in-line deduplication ratios, often with more affordable pricing than the competition.
Unlike many competitors that apply in-line deduplication, the EX product series does postprocess deduplication after backup data is stored in a landing zone within the appliance. The Fujitsu Eternus CS800 targets SMBs, while the CS8000 targets midsize to large enterprises that have large data footprints and often a mixed computing (mainframe, Unix and x86) environment. Later, HDS renamed the product line the Hitachi Protection Platform S2500 grid and introduced a new fixed capacity 32TB S1500 product.
Ranging from a virtual appliance to high-end, HA pairs with a virtual storage pool, the HP StoreOnce series has competitive ingest speed, easy management and client-side deduplication for selected applications. When IBM came to market with ProtecTIER in 2008, it was one of the fastest and most scalable solutions in the industry, but this differentiation has faded due to lack of focus. Nodes can be added or retired nondisruptively with automatic failover, load balancing and defragmentation. AltaVault is the only product among those evaluated in this Magic Quadrant that was designed to leverage cloud IaaS object storage for low-cost economics and to reduce the on-premises backup storage footprint. However, its DXi series saw sales declining in 2014, despite more sales into its own installed base.
As a result of these adjustments, the mix of vendors in any Magic Quadrant or MarketScope may change over time.
Sie bietet erweiterte Funktionen fur den Schutz unternehmenskritischer Daten und Applikationen.
Anwender konnen beide in physischen, virtuellen und Cloud-Umgebungen einsetzen und erzielen damit einen optimalen Schutz ihrer essenziellen Daten und Applikationen. The native deduplication and compression capability does not come from a commercial backup software solution.
The new ProtectPoint backup software allows fast, direct backup from EMC primary storage to Data Domain for selected applications and enables more daily full backups for reduced data loss windows.
This architecture eliminates the need to rehydrate data when restoring from the most recent backups, when mounted for instant VM  recovery, or when making a tape copy. The CS8000 consolidates deduplicated workload and nondeduplicated workload, and offers its own disk and tape management functions, independent of storage controls by backup and archiving software. The S-Series performs postprocessing deduplication that is content-aware of the backup and application workload. The new Recovery Manager Central (RMC) offers direct VMware backup from 3PAR to StoreOnce, bypassing legacy backup servers. ProtecTIER is usually attached via the VTL protocol, but CIFS, NFS and OST are also offered. Offered as physical and virtual (VMware and Hyper-V) and in-cloud (AWS and Azure) appliances, the appliances can scale up to 576TB of local cache for local recovery performance and can protect over 50PBs of production storage.
Quantum refreshed its DXi series in 2014 with faster performance and larger drives, and its virtual appliance can now run in AWS. A vendor's appearance in a Magic Quadrant or MarketScope one year and not the next does not necessarily indicate that we have changed our opinion of that vendor. You can download the stencil following the Link to Joshua’s blog post at the end of this article. Die Dell DL1000 verfugt uber 1 TB nutzbaren Speicherplatz und stellt kleinen Unternehmen eine leistungsfahige und kosteneffiziente Losung bereit. Cox Magic Quadrant for Midrange and High-End NAS Solutions This Magic Quadrant was published as part of a larger research note and should be evaluated in the context of the entire report. While some general-purpose storage arrays have been used as backup targets, their main function is to serve as primary storage and, therefore, they are not included for evaluation. Most customers use the appliance to replace tape or more expensive deduplication target appliances.
The DXi series offers solid deduplication ratios, good ingest and restore speeds, and a deduplication distribution function (called Accent) for Symantec media servers. It may be a reflection of a change in the market and, therefore, changed evaluation criteria, or of a change of focus by that vendor. The Magic Quadrant is a graphical representation of a marketplace at and for a specific time period.
It depicts Gartner's analysis of how certain vendors measure against criteria for that marketplace, as defined by Gartner.
The Magic Quadrant is intended solely as a research tool, and is not meant to be a specific guide to action.
Gartner disclaims all warranties, express or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

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