There are plenty of app are available on Google play store, which allows you to backup your android mobile. The best part of the app, it also gives you the option to restore the backup on your device, so next time when you bought a new android, you can restore your backup on mobile from the cloud. To use this app you have to create a account and you are ready to take the full backup of your device. You have to must try this free app on your android mobile to create full backups fo all your android data like SMS, Contacts, Files, Pictures Call logs and videos. Sidharth Rathore is Tech Blogger and Gamer, who love's to write about Mobile Tips, How to Guides, Google, Microsoft, Android and Games. Subscribe To Our NewsletterJoin our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates on Android from our team.
If you are an android smartphone and tablet user, then you now the importance of backup and want to backup your contacts, sms, email, photos, calls, video and other important files.
To get started all you have to install the free android application called G Cloud Backup from the Google play store. Install the application on your phone or tablet and create a free account with the service. Now on the next screen you have select all the file which you want to backup on your account. Now the backup process will start on your phone and this will take some time and depend on the size of the data. Now your backup will run automatically everyday on a specific time you schedule and when you’re connected to WiFi and have enough battery level.
How do you backup your text messages, contacts, apps, settings, photos, and everything else on your Android device? Android allows you to automatically back up some settings and data associated with a Google Account such as Wi-Fi passwords, browser bookmarks, applications installed from Google Play, terms added to your personal dictionary, as well as most device settings and applications using the backup service. There are many backup solutions on Android, but the G Cloud application caught our eye because of its flexibility and ease of use. If you have a question about Android, check out our landing page for everything you need to know about Android! Software Data Cable (Pro) is a free Android file transfer app that allows you to transfer files between Android devices, from Android to PC, and from Android to Cloud wirelessly. It transfers files using the same WIFI connection across all the devices, so you do not need to connect the phone with PC using USB cable. Features of Android File Transfer App to Transfer Files Wirelessly to Android, PC or Cloud Storage.
You can also try WIFI Transfer for Phone, an app to help you share files between Android phones wirelessly (Wi-Fi).
After a few seconds of waiting, a connection between both the devices will be established. You can transfer image files, music files, videos, documents and anything else by simply long pressing the name of the file to send that particular file to the other connected device. Software Data Cable (Pro) is an amazing Android app that makes syncing data and backing up our files so simple and efficient. Today we come with a new app, which allows you to take the full backup of your device without rooting.

Backing up of all these data manually take so much time and little bit of lengthy process and after that to save that backup file on some safe place is hectic task. The app comes with lots of awesome feature like Backup data on cloud, restore backups, backup all devices with one account, customize when to backup, 1 GB free cloud storage. Once the account is created with the application you will get the free 1 GB space on the cloud to store your data.
Form here you can easily restore your backup on any of your android device with the help of this free app. You have to must try this application on your android device to secure your important files on the cloud account.
To ensure that the backup options for your device is properly configured, go to Settings on your phone or tablet. G Cloud Backup lets you securely save your data online for free: contacts, call log, SMS, photos, videos, music, documents, settings, browsing history and many more. To restore your data to a new device or after formatting, install G Cloud Backup on the new Android device and launch the application. Check the boxes next to the data you want to copy to your device and click the Restore button to begin the restore.
These icons (left to right) are for Search, Add new folder, Sort by, Multiple Mode, and Setting. Just open the App after installation (link given at the end of this review), and click on Sync PC. G Cloud is free app which can backup your call log, contacts, messages, pictures, videos, music and documents on cloud.
With the app you can backup and protect your SMS messages, contacts, call logs, documents, photos, music and videos to a secure cloud location and restore them in future. The android app is intelligent enough to only backup when you are only connected to WiFi, when plugged in, or have sufficient battery life. The app has also the restore option, Simply purchase any device, and G Cloud will restore all your data with a few taps.
Today in this guide we’ll show how you can easily take the full backup of your android automatically and save it on the cloud account safely.
You can quickly upgrade the cloud space by completing simple actions such as giving the app a +1 on Google+, following the developers on Twitter, and liking them on Facebook. You have 1 GB of free storage to backup the entire contents of your Android smartphone or tablet!
Once the application is downloaded and installed on your Android device, launch it to start the configuration process.
If you want to disable them, go to the application options by clicking the button at the top right.
Now, you and your friend have to open the app and both of you have to click on ‘Connect with Friends’ option that is available at the top of the Sync Phone page. Backup can never be easier, just select what you wish to include in backup and you’re done.

You can now restore the data associated with your Google Account when you first connect to a new Android device. You just have to tap on the New Sync Task tab provided on the bottom panel of Sync Auto page. You will instantly have access to all your Android files and folders on PC (see screenshot below). Created by Genie9 Corporation, the G Cloud Backup app syncs all your contacts, messages, photos, phone settings, and a lot more to the cloud. The app will also automatically upload your files so you can go about your day without worrying about losing your files.In case you lose your phone or accidentally delete a file, just load the G Cloud Backup app and you can restore the lost file straight from your cloud-based backup.
You can even use this app to instantly restore files and data from an old device to another brand-new device. To be able to use the app, you will need to create a G Cloud account.A  After getting an account, you will select which type of data you want to sync to G Cloud. You can sync your contacts, call logs, messages, browser data, videos, photos, music, document files, and system settings. These could have been a good addition to an app so you can automatically restore your apps on another device.
This means that you don’t need to worry about leaving your bookmarks in either your computer or your phone and having to go without them. Once you have determined what data you want to sync to G Cloud, the app will automatically upload your files to your cloud account. Google’s linking to your device ensures that all your data is consolidated and easy for you to access. Enable Instant Upload and any photo or video you take is automatically uploaded to a private album on Google+ called From the Phone.
The article itself has more detailed information, but in short, inDefend Mobile Backup is an application that allows you to easily backup your information, such as your contacts, call logs, text messages and your calendar, to the cloud.
SMS Backup + also allows you to restore SMS and call log entries back to your phone, but unfortunately restoring MMS back to your phone is not yet possible at this time. Make sure to backup your phone data before something unfortunate happens to your Android device. Im tryin to make sure i lost my fiance in a car accident 2 months ago and dont want to chance losing those.
I started with the contacts from aol that loaded into my sidekick which kept them in the cloud until I got my first android, the G1 and I have not lost 1 single contact. This app can restore and backup your text messages (sms) and keep them in safe place on your Google Drive cloud.

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