It has long been my opinion that when Symantec acquired Veritas years ago and absorbed their products, the quality and support immediately declined. We currently have a mix of Windows, OS X and Linux servers running the services across the network. On top of all backup jobs failing, you will see all of the backup to disk files orphaned by BE from the previous versions.
SQL databases are the heart and soul of your ERP and CRM systems, as well as many other critical business applications.
In Veeam Backup & Replication, transaction log backup jobs are a subtask of a SQL Server VM backup job. Log files are growing in size along with the database load, making regular transaction log backups necessary to control the log (.LDF) file size. In Veeam Backup & Replication, transaction log backup jobs are an interval background process. Log backups are stored as a .VLB files in your backup repository along with corresponding SQL Server VM backups.
Veeam Backup & Replication provides you a full image-based SQL Server VM backup with a chain of increments and a chain of log backups. Backups can be lost due to a number of reasons, so having more than one copy of your business-critical backups is vital for ensuring that your data can be recovered in case of a disaster. The next phase of data protection for us is to probably just ditch BE and LTO tapes entirely and just go with something like CrashPlan or do some other hybrid multi-stage disk to tape solution. You download an .iso image from the Symantec Fileconnect system, so be ready to mount it on Windows with Clonedrive or something.
Symantec gets the fact that they needed to adapt to the changing landscape and resting on the product features for the last few years without doing some serious clean-up was going to kill their cash-cow. It really does feel like an upgrade and this is the first time in a very long time I have been able to say that about a Symantec product. Their downtime and lost data mean financial losses in hours of employee work, lost deals and profits. Native tools include SQL Server Management Studio, Transact-SQL (or T-SQL), SQL Server Agent jobs, SQL Server Maintenance Plans and PowerShell scripting.

Veeam Backup & Replication™ (a part of Veeam Availability Suite™) can take care of your SQL transaction logs, as well as your entire SQL Server. Depending on the amount and frequency of changes, the .LDF file can expand more than twice as big as the database itself. I was always hopeful that Symantec would eventually figure it out and clean things up a little. I didn’t care too much about migrating he jobs because I expected to have to redo them all anyway.
So, the way they bake-in full and incremental backups at the server entry is great to get back up and going again with new jobs setups.
They just released SP1, so probably about the time to give it a try if you are a current BE 2010 user. 2012 are focused on bringing disk, virtualization and cloud options to the front of the product. The more data you want to save in case of downtime, the more reasons you have to create SQL-transaction log backups.
For more information on using these options, I suggest you check out Microsoft TechNet and MSDN.
It provides application-aware image processing for consistent SQL Server backups and supports log backups and truncation. A Simple recovery model goes without any transaction log and doesn’t allow for point-in-time recovery. To create a transaction-consistent SQL Server backup, enable application-aware image processing. For highly-loaded SQL Server databases, DBAs back up transaction logs every 15 minutes or less. It supports database restore scenarios from the latest backup restore point, from a log replay to a specific point-in-time, and from a log replay to a specific transaction. There are now four main tabs in the application dashboard and the organization of the jobs is around the servers. In the older versions of BE, we always had to create at least a couple of jobs per server to be able to better isolate issues if something went down on a backup failure or if we wanted more options on scheduling.

For virtualized SQL Server 2012 and 2014, Veeam also supports AlwaysOn Availability Groups. Veeam Backup & Replication by default excludes simple-mode databases from log processing jobs. In our Veeam Blog, there’s a great post on SQL database recovery with Veeam Explorer by Rick Vanover, which I highly recommend to you.
Create a Mirrored Copy of your Backup RepositoryWith a Backup Copy job, you can create and maintain a mirrored copy of your primary Backup Repository, which is the simplest and most reliable way to protect all your backups. We are current with our support contract and was not really into troubleshooting the recent mess with BE 2010 R3, so decided what the heck and played the upgrade earlier today.
We took some features out that some of our most loyal customers liked, we heard them and added several of them back already.
Only databases in Full or Bulk-logged recovery models have their changes recorded to a transaction log file, making recovery to a specific point-in-time possible.
Its backups are much faster even than incremental SQL Server backups, and they don’t affect production environment. I have always liked less pages on navigation but the pages or screens have to do more stuff. By default, the compression level in new Backup Repositories is set to a€?Fasta€?, so that your Backup jobs run faster. When creating a secondary Backup Repository you can set the compression level to a€?Besta€?, which uses more CPU but delivers better compression levels. This way the strongest compression algorithm will be used to compress backup data, resulting in smaller backups in your secondary Backup Repository.Copy Backups OffsiteWhile you can keep the copies of your backups locally, having at least one copy of your most critical backups offsite can save you from a lot of trouble in case a local disaster wipes your primary backups. The secondary Backup Repository can be placed in any location that has a connection to the Internet, because backup data can be transferred via AES 256 encrypted link, and your secondary backup repository can be encrypted as well:Copy Backups to Amazon CloudAmazon provides one of the most reliable and affordable cloud services in the industry.

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