Please note that, iTunes only performs a one-way synchronization to your iPhone and not both ways. To avoid iTunes deleting songs from the iPhone, we recommend you use Jihosoft Phone Transfer. With the help of Jihosoft Phone Transfer software, you can also transfer videos, pictures, contacts, etc. Keep in mind the backup directory will have a name that is gibberish looking name of hexadecimal, do not change the backup names or they may fail in iTunes. The (~) symbol signifies your home directory, which is the same place all your other personal documents are stored. This probably goes without saying, but unless you know what you’re doing you should NOT edit any of these iPhone backup files!
If you’re looking for a way to access your iPhone files through some kind of browser application rather than the Finder or Windows Explorer, you could try some of the apps out there, but many of them are poorly made in my experience. Thanks, I make manual backups of the backup files themselves and this is helpful since it provides direct access to the iOS backup itself. I need to access my iPhone backup folder and looked using the location provided, but the file isn’t there. Make sure you look in the proper directory, the iPhone backup files are definitely there in Mac OS X.
No matter which library I look in on my Mac running Lion once i get to application support there is no MobileSync folder and no matter how many times i have searched my computer I can not locate this folder. Is this something you’d recommend if the orginal computer my iphone was synced to crashed?
So, I just plunked down several hundred bucks so that Steve Jobs can tell me which hard drive on my own computer is “data”? Because the people at the Apple (May the light shine down upon their greatness) decided to be inflexible about this, I know you’re all going to tell me why it is so much better to put data + backups on the drive with the OS (in defiance of what most system admins will tell you).
Actually, it’s a Windows OS decision, and you are completely able to host your user profile on any drive or folder that you like. I understand your frustration with not being able to select which drive the itunes data is stored on. Rule #1 about designing ANY product: the onus of putting in man-hours so that the product usable and convenient should ALWAYS be on the company providing the product, not on the customer. Miss any one of those locations and your new iTunes installation is going to be incomplete. Smart enough after reading around the web to realize you needed both (1) and (2) regardless, but had no idea about (3) … and just had an iPhone crash while your PC was being rebuilt?
This is why having iTunes secrete information away in a dozen different hidden locations on your computer is A Bad Thing ™. MacBook Air is a netbook not a mobile computer (although it may be marketed by apple differently). I have Windows XP, SP3 on one computer and Windows 7 on another and I cannot find the folder (c:\Documents and Settings\Application Data) on either one. Anyone that says problems people are having with this application are to do with the operating system are incorrect.

Itunes does allow you to choose where your library is, I have a E drive with my MP3 share on it, it is close to 1 TB.
For your individual backup files, it stores them wherever your Windows profile is, you can move your profile to a different drive if you wish using the built in Windows tools. Is there a way i can just drag the back up files from the pc folder and drop it onto itunes? Why is it Apple’s responsibility to code their app different than 99% of all apps made to run in Windows?
When have you moved other applications from one computer to the next and had it be super easy? I know they made a bundle putting them into schools years ago to try and get kids to grow up to be Mac lovers and I think in the process of making sure they had something kids and adult beginners could use, they did too much *for* the consumer.
If i have multiple from 2 separate phones can i just merge all the info from each backup into one and (cross fingers) have all the info sync back to my new phone when i restore?
I would like to back-up my iPhone (not synch it), so that a copy of all my phone’s music is on my pc, such that it could be restored later.
I am afraid to try the directions as they are written, as I fear it will hose what I have on my phone. Problem 3: After updating my iTunes, I can’t find my playlistI need to rebuild my playlists again? Second, highlight Playlist item, all of your iPhone playlists will be displayed in the right panel.
Third, select the playlist that you want to transfer, right-click on it, and choose Export To -> Export to My Computer, then set the location to save your iPhone playlist on computer. The easiest way to go there in OS X is by hitting the Command+Shift+G keyboard shortcut and pasting that directory path in the Go To Folder screen. If you’re interested in keeping your own backup copies though, say for Jailbreaking purposes, knowing the location of the iPhone backup is handy.
Editing or deleting any of these files could result in improper, malformed, or otherwise unreliable backups, and any other number of problems with your iPhone. If you have any questions or comments about where iTunes backs up your iOS devices locally, let us know! Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
It will be helpful for many iPhone users that are willing to backup files on their Windows or Mac systems.
Because YOU CAN CHOOSE where your iTunes profile and listings are stored because YOU CAN CHOOSE where your user profile folder is stored. Saying that end-users should have to put in their own work to attain what should be basic functionality is nothing more than rude and disrespectful to your customers. Bad luck, you just lost ALL your playlists, along with play counts and your carefully-matched downloaded artwork. I connect to a domain controller and after I backup my phone my Profile is too big and it will not save back to the server. Yes you can change profile locations etc in windows but that is not what people are trying to do.

My question is, which of the two files is the actual folder to use to replace a “corrupted” backup the next time?
The iPhone makes it harder than my 2003 Siemens phone to do some things, and in fact, the version I have, 3Gs, doesn’t even have the native ability to do Groups (which I know has changed in the next version) unless I do them on the computer first and sync. Other iPhone data can be also transferred , including photos, contacts, messages, movies, tv shows, music videos, podcasts, itunes u, audiobooks, and home videos. What’s more, it lets you transfer data from iTunes to Android, like Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Google, Motorola, Huawei and more. Admittedly only a small proportion of iTunes users are going to worry too much about these things (especially once they learn how damn awkward it is), but at a minimum that still means several thousand users across the globe at many man-hours each (learning how to set up symbolic links?
He takes what is admittedly good, while hideously overpriced, hardware, and makes it absolutely unusable with resrictions of every conceivable type. Use your desktop for your itunes library and share it across your network – then use your Macbook Air as you would an iPod, iPad or other such portable device. One of the basic functions of itunes is that it is a frontend for managing large amounts of data. Yet, my 8 yr old phone did that with literally 1 click, after you put the phone in your hand, to get into Groups. TunesGo Retro should now be showing your iPhone device information and content in the software. How to use MPT, Install & Uninstall MPT software, Sitemap, License, Privacy, Terms of service, Contact us.
You are able to change the location of the backup file once it is created to a different location if needed. To not have a basic option in the application of this nature like where you want that data to be stored is an EPIC fail. You should have everything ported out to the cloud anyway – get your head out of the sand and up-to-date!
The XP machine crashed right ater an iPhone backup and the iPhone was replaced by Apple with a brand new one. I don’t know why this guy is freaking out about an apple product not having advanced user features.
They make their products idiot proof and not very customizable as far as advanced features go.
If you love your products so much, take some extra time out of your day to find out how to make them work right for you. Even if you have to do something fancy, in this case Google symbolic links and make yourself a bit more educated instead of another annoying twit.

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