Normally in Microsoft Azure (nee Windows Azure), I run my blog in Shared compute mode, however I occasionally have to scale up to Standard if I hit the compute limits for Shared in a given time period. Today, I noticed that the site popped offline whilst I was working on something, the issue being what I was doing in the back-end of WordPress generated a big load which then tripped the Shared instance resources counter. Previously, we had three options for the Scale of a website in Azure, Free, Shared and Standard.
After some poking around, I haven’t yet been able to find out exactly what the pitch for Basic vs. There are other new features in Microsoft Azure Web Sites that I want to talk about but I’ll save that for another post later. Richard J Green has over ten years of industry experience and currently specialises in Microsoft enterprise products and solutions including System Center, Microsoft Azure and Office 365. All views expressed on this site are my own and do not represent my employers, past or present. The FTP Url is same for all the sites in a stamp and will be same even if you create multiple app hosting plans as long as the hosting plans are in the same stamp. So how azure connects to the right site - the distinction here happens when you provide the user name for the site that you are trying to connect.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged azure azure-web-sites or ask your own question. In the Saturn V launch sequence, what defined COMMIT, and what happened between COMMIT and LIFTOFF? You obviously need a Microsoft Azure subscription, if you already have one just login to your subscription, if you don’t subscribe a Trial for a start.
During the Trial subscription you will have to present you credit card information, don’t worry, you will not be charged for anything, it is just to prove your identity, Microsoft uses this mechanism to reduce the Trial abuse on a malicious intent. I’ll assume that you don’t haven’t a database yet so the default value should be “Create a new MySQL database” (if you were creating a second blog the default value would be “Use an existing MySQL database”). Note: I found that this password API generates passwords with non-supported characters (single quote, backslash and dollar). We easily created a WordPress web site on Azure, before you jump over to WordPress configuration we have to chose a Web Hosting Plan that meets our performance requirements, at the moment there are 4 different plans, FREE, SHARED, BASIC and STANDARD.

As I said before, “FREE” mode might be enough for you at no cost, I am not pushing you for my own definition which implies costs. Personally I hate restrictions, that’s why I phreak every single device I own, so many would say that open source or freemium service models would suite better for me, well in fact for me in many angles it’s the opposite, I can explain it better in a different thread.
Something came to my notice, when I’ve achieved 100.000 page views started seeing Ads being spread over the blog, fair enough, you have a free platform and they monetize with Ads.
For installation proposes you have two options, upgrade from a previous version or make a fresh install. I have already covered how to install Kali Linux on Hyper-V on this blog, from the installation standpoint nothing really changes and you can follow this link to learn how to install the latest version of Kali on Hyper-V.
A lot have been said and apart from the buzz there is some confusion around Heartbleed, so I want to provide you some sort of enlightment and guidelines, more about “What” and not “How” to deal with it. Heartbleed verification and mitigation is time consuming, unless you have your ICT environment insanely documented you can’t bet that you are not exposed to Heartbleed, so let’s focus on the guidance model. Despite all the information around I’m still  been asked over and over if there are Microsoft Services or products vulnerable to Heartbleed. In late April 2014 Juniper Networks sent out a Security Advisory for their SSL VPN solution, you might not be aware of it but with the release of Windows 8.1 Microsoft integrated some 3rd-party vendors SSL VPN clients, Juniper is included. Due to this 3rd-party integration on the OS base installation, all Windows 8.1 x86, x64 and RT should update the OS with the security update KB2962393. In your network environment you may have non-Microsoft systems with OpenSSL installed, it is relatively common on Linux Operating Systems and Apache Web Servers, or with services that rely on encryption, such as SSH (port 22), encrypted SMTP (port 26), https (443), NNTP encrypted (563), LDAP over SSL (636), FTP encrypted (989 and 990), Telnet encrypted (992), IMAPS (993), IRC encrypted (994), POP3S (995), etc.
If yes, update to a OS version that is not vulnerable to OpenSSL, if that’s not possible you should review your organization security policy, normally the security best practices state that on such cases a vulnerable OS should not be allowed to connect to your network environment or access corporate information systems. If yes, you should update to a non-vulnerable version of OpenSSL and follow the recommendations mentioned on step 6. If any of these network components supporting the communication channel are vulnerable to Heartbleed, your Front-end and Back-end environment can be exposed either. Analyze and update the solutions from 3rd-party vendors, such as network appliances, etc, with the vendor list I’ve provided on Step 1.
Vulnerability assessment should be a common practice in your network environment, if that’s not the case and you are the one responsible for it you need to reevaluate your management practices and start doing it at a regular basis, it’s a standardized approach in the Industry!

There’s an huge external motivation, specially for the worst reasons, to assess and detect vulnerable systems to Heartbleed, you need to do a Vulnerability assessment as soon as possible, if you have done it recently but prior to Heartbleed disclosure you should repeat the process ASAP. I logged into the Microsoft Azure Management Portal, ready to increase the site level to Standard to notice that the Scale options for a Web Site have now changed, a new feature in Microsoft Azure Web Sites. Standard is but looking through the settings in the Web Site settings panels in Microsoft Azure, I can see that SSL is available for Basic but Web Site Backups and Endpoint Monitoring are still reserved for Standard. Richard is currently working as a Consultant for Fordway Solutions.All views expressed on this site are my own and do not represent my employers, past or present.
The user name has the form sitename\$sitename when using publish credentials and has the form sitename\username when using deployment credentials and this name is used by app service to identify which site you are connecting to. Browsing the files from VS server explorer seems mush easier that giving credentials and login to FTP if you just need to view files.
On the Azure deployment settings, each will be signed when you click on Next button, you just need to replace the non-supported characters with any other random character of your choice. As we are migrating a blog from one side to another it makes sense to opt for “All content” and click on “Download Export File” to download the XML file. Don’t forget to put a tick on the checkbox “Download and import file attachments” and click on “Submit” button. Shared stepped it up a level giving you support for Custom Domain Names however HTTPS support and some of the high end features such as Endpoint Monitoring where still out of reach and reserved for Standard. I’ll see what else I can find out about this update and what exactly is in and out between Basic and Standard and update the post.
I am sharing with you just a mere representation of vendors being impacted, the bulk part of the Iceberg it’s underwater with an endless list of vendors. SCCM) there are any Linux machines, Apache Web Servers or any other machines with OpenSSL installed being reported?

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