Cloud storage market constantly grow and players that were recently new on this market now seem to gain authority and popularity. It is essential that lots of users like to keep their personal and enterprise data in Microsoft Azure blob storage as it provides high security level and has one of the lowest prices for data storage on the market.
Microsoft Azure blob storage backup has become a frequent search query in Bing, Google, Yahoo and other search engines. Actually there are just a few software vendors who have now really robust and efficient solutions for Microsoft Azure blob storage backup.
Users of CloudBerry Backup for Microsoft Azure blob storage can encrypt their data before sending it to the Azure blob or container.
While there is no native Microsoft app for backup to Microsoft Azure blob storage, there still is an efficient and inexpensive solution – CloudBerry Backup application. For Managed Service providers and IT service companies CloudBerry Lab has the Managed Backup service.
This entry was posted in CloudBerry Backup Blog, Managed Backup Service Blog, Microsoft Azure, News, Products Blog, Storage Providers and tagged Azure, Backup, CloudBerry, managed backup on September 20, 2013 by Alexander N. To get the best possible experience using our website we recommend that you upgrade your browser to a newer version. The second annual nopCommerce conference will take place in the Netherlands on the 20th-21st of October. AZURE BLOB STORAGE RESUMETable is stored in a separately-allocated chunk of mem-ory pointed to by the tables primary.
Azure Blob Storage Task can be used to perform various operations with Azure Storage objects (blobs and containers) (e.g. To design SSIS 2012 package SSDT (VS 2010 Shell – SQL Server Data Tools) must be installed.
To design SSIS 2014 package SSDT-BI (VS 2013 Shell – SQL Server Data Tools) must be installed. To design SSIS 2016 package SSDT-BI (VS 2015 Shell – SQL Server Data Tools) must be installed. To design SSIS 2005, 2008, 2008 R2 packages BIDS (VS 2005,2008 Shell – Business Intelligence Development Studio) must be installed. The application is already deployed to Azure, it is hosted by a Web Role and uses Azure SQL as its main data storage.
In the mean time, the Vault should store metadata for each document indicating the time of the upload and the initiatior of the upload (or modification). Before we describe how exactly the electronic vault can be implemented, lets take a look at the architecture and  possible usage of Azure Blob Storage. Each user will possess one container, which will allow us to assign concrete rights to each container.
REST API is completely platform independent and uses HTTP as its transport protocol to execute actions, upload and download data from the storage. Note that the metadata of the file (comments, authors) are added as headers to the HTTP Request. In case of generation of documents (such as transaction overviews), the documents will be generated and inserted to the vault using the server side API. The access to Azure storage is protected by “storage access key” (Composed of 88 ASCII characters).
So how to allow the client application to directly access the Blob storage without giving the key to the Silverlight client application ? One option would be to build WCF service (secured by SSL) which Silverlight could ask to obtain the access key after performing authentication against the server. Shared Access Signature (SAS) is a temporal authentication token which enables access to concrete blob (or whole container).This way when the client desires to access the Blob storage, he will first contact the server and ask for Shared Access Signature.
The attacker would obtain the access just to one container or blob, not the access key which can be used to sign all requests. That being said, here is the diagram showing the communication between the client, server and the Blob storage.
Shared Access Signature is a Message Authentication Code, standard term in cryptography describing short piece of information which authenticates a message. The hash is applied two times during the process in order to disable some simple attacks on previously simpler variants of the function which used just hashed combination of data and key.

The same data is added to the request, so when the server receives the request, it simply performs the same calculation of the HMAC value to verify the Shared Access Signature. As you could see in the second part, it is quite easy to add a new functionality using Azure Blob storage, which allows your client to upload the data directly to the server without loosing the security of the application. We can achieve the same functionality storing the files in SQL Server, so the question which comes in mind is what are the advantages which Blob Storage has over SQL Server (or SQL Azure). Blob Storage has the ability of separating the files into blocks and thus provides better support for treatment of large files.
The architecture of Blob Storage allows the access to each blob to be load-balanced and thus provides high access speed (See details here).
A few years ago no one could predict if Microsoft Azure blob storage project will survive under pressure of Amazon and other competitors. Azure blob storage as well as Amazon S3 is designed for keeping frequently accessed valuable data. People look for solutions that will help them to automate backup to Azure blob storage for their personal computers, workstations and servers. And only CloudBerry Lab provides backup solutions for Windows-based workstations and servers that allow to backup SQL databases and Exchange server data to Microsoft Azure. Encryption guarantees protection from unauthorized access during transfer via the Internet and for the whole period of storage.
Compression is extremely important for cloud backup as it makes transfer of data to the cloud faster and helps to reduce space required for data storage. Managed Backup service is a white-label service that grants its users with an ability to provide cloud storage service under custom brand. This post follows the first one which made the introduction to Azure and described how to deploy existing application to Azure. In each container we can have several blobs and each blob can be composed of several blocks. Note that there is no notion of folders inside of each container, but there is a special naming convention which allows overcoming this issue. Note that the access key is part of the connection string which is passed to FromConfigurationSetting method. Thus if we want the Silverlight client to have a possibility to access the storage we  have two options: Expose the calls to API by WCF services or use the REST API.
However if Silverlight wants to talk directly to Azure Storage, it will need the key to sign all REST requests, so we would need to give the key to the Silverlight application. However this way the key would be handed to all the clients and once the attacker would infiltrate only one client machine he would also obtain non-restricted access to the whole storage account. Server knowing the right information (the demanded blob or container) and being sure that the client is identified will generate the token.
HMAC algorithms use one of the existing hash functions in combination with the secret key to generate the MAC value.
The following snippet illustrates the generation of Shared Access Signature, which will give the user read, write and delete rights for the next 10 minutes.
However due to the dependence on network connection this is difficult to compare with SQL Server on premise or Azure SQL and no metrics have been published by Microsoft so far. Now it is obvious that Azure blob storage not only has survived but is now playing a big role on a cloud storage and cloud computing market. That is the reason why Microsoft Azure blob storage is often used for keeping backup data by personal users and enterprises. Microsoft doesn't yet provide its own client-side application that will make backup for Microsoft Azure easy for every user but in fact there are some powerful solutions for Azure blob backup. Our soft has multiple useful features and supports Azure blob storage, Amazon S3 and many other public cloud storages.
Even if most of cloud storage services provide server-side encryption (Azure and Amazon S3 do), some data can be so sensitive that it is better to be encrypted on the client side. User just has to specify backup or restore plan once and backup will occur according to the specified conditions. Data of Managed Service providers’ customers can be backed up to Microsoft Azure, to Amazon S3 or to Amazon Glacier.
Services and Azure, developers are able to easily host their services with 972, Google Analytics and Azure with Zoiner Tejada, 4222014.

Let’s recall the architecture of the application and see the changes which will be made while adding the connection to Azure Blob Storage. Both the client as well as the server will have the possibility to interact with the Blob Storage. The following diagram shows the structure of Azure Blob Storage the way it can be used to create a electronic vault for each user.
When file is separated into blocks, than the upload has three phases: first the list of block ids is sent, than each block is uploaded separately and at least a commit is send to the server. This will also avoid passing of all the data through WCF Services and take significant data load of our servers (or Web Roles). Silverlight as a client is just compiled XAP package, which could be reverse engineered to obtain the key in the case of the access key hard coded inside the package.
This token is then sent to the client using secured channel (such as WCF service secured by SSL). Also storage of compressed data is cheaper as it requires less storage space for which storage provider charge its customers.
Other valuable features of CloudBerry Backup for Azure blob storage are email notification, block level backup, versioning, network locations backup, backup to local storages and many others.
The service is based on the CloudBerry Backup as a client application that requires installation on users’ computers and web console that allows Service Provider to manage all the backup routines for their customers via the Internet. 901, Using Azure Blob Storage for Continuous Delivery with Guy Starbuck, 8272013 Sep 2, 2010. When some of the uploads fails, server can easily send the list of missing blocks to the client. The client can than add this token to its upload or download request which will permit him to access the demanded files. Im just starting to use Windows Azure for a project and plan on using the Azure Blob Storage part. The access to each partition server is load-balanced and all the partition servers use a common distributed file system. It supports different versions of Microsoft Windows operating system and is perfect solution for backup of MS SQL Server and MS Exchange Server. I wont go into the details here, but lets say I 83: 132, Storage Policy for Consistency Points Backups changed. Azure Cloud Storage service is one of the most popular Cloud Storage Services available right now.
Because each blob has a unique partition key, than in fact the access to each blob is load-balanced. Since the aim here is not to give detail explanation of the architecture, you can refer to the Azure Storage Team blog for more details.
36: 805, Nirvanix Migration and pause-resume give rapid and transparent solutions, Azure Blob provides storage for large binary objects such as video and images Feb 24, 2014.
Js To ETL Mongo Documents for Azure Table Storage the spirits book allan kardec free May 18, 2010. File resume is especially helpful over a VPN because the VPN connection may be lost for any avg 9.0 free nederlands Apr 30, 2014. SUMMARY: they went from 14 SANs with nothing centrally managed, taking hours and hours to manage to a. A smart blob uploader that automatically resumes an upload without having to keep Mar 12, 2013-5 min-Uploaded by Kalle Launiala. In addition it helps manage your Azure storage accounts Blobs, Is a fantastic blob upload utility that has a support for resume facility. If you or someone you know is interested, please send resumes to jobs dr dre what is the difference Jan 10, 2010.

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