Amazon has now released certification for AWS Certified Developer at Associate level and AWS Certified SysOps at Associate Level.
I cleared the AWS Certified Developer Certification Exam and am sharing my experience about the certification in this blog post.
The AWS Certified Developer certification at Associate Level is now available through Kryterion testing centers. Below is the summary of difference between AWS Certified Solutions Architect and AWS Certified Developer exams. As the AWS Developer Certification exam is designed for developers who has experience coding solutions that run on AWS infrastructure using AWS services, it has 40% weightage for “Designing and Developing” and 30% for “Deployment and Security”. This is quite different from the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam which had more emphasis on designing applications on AWS and thus 60% of the questions are from “Designing highly available, cost efficient, fault tolerant, scalable systems” section. The best strategy for designing S3 key space and ACLs given a particular type of dataset and use case.
This section has questions on the most efficient ways to debug applications deployed on AWS. There are quite a few white-papers on AWS website and those are a good sources of reference too.
If you need to get ramped up quickly for the certification, you can consider our Developing Cloud Applications with AWS course.
You get this below badge of honor when you get certified, which can be used on your business card, signature, etc.
I am into IT presales software development services and lookig for transition into Amazon infr presales . While go cloud is a prevailing trend, security is something we can’t afford to ignore.
Sandbox indicates an isolated and autonomous play-yard, where anyone can do their own code build, deployment and debugging locally.
Surprisingly daily deployment doesn’t always succeed like we expect, even if no major changes.
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is to open new data centres in Frankfurt, Germany, allowing businesses to benefit from protection from European and German privacy laws. AWS cloud training Chennai is an alternative to traditional hosting often offering more flexibility at a better price.

On-Demand Fast track AWS Cloud Training globally available also at Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia, London, San Jose, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh City, Boston, Wuhan, San Francisco, Chongqing.
I don’t regret even a little bit to pay for this Big Data Academy from my own pocket. The course is quite comprehensive and step by step and in a very detailed and proper manner .
Thanks in large part to the lab offerings, I was able to implement what I was learning in real-time, arming me with hands-on knowledge that can be applied at customer sites.
AWS or Amazon Web Services, has become one of the most popular cloud services available right now. This 10-module course will allow you to future proof your IT skills, which is  always important in this day and age with technology always changing. The Advanced Cloud Computing with AWS course is typically around $699, but we are offering it for just $39 right now through the Android Headlines Store. You will be required to know the general architecture and use cases for all the AWS services mentioned above. For example in S3 how many buckets can you create for an account, in Dynamo how many indices can you create, size limitations on hash-partitions, etc. For example AWS officially supports the Java and Php SDK along with others and there can be questions on these SDKs.
There could be multiple ways infrastructure can be secured and knowledge of these methods is necessary. For example, given a use case, will it be better to use pre-configured AMI or CloudFormation for deployment, integration of deployment management tools like Chef with AWS services, and so on. Questions range from some of the most common mistakes like launching public facing servers in private subnet, improper ACLs for S3 objects, improper IAM policies, etc. I recommend writing at least one sample application in any language of your choice that uses services like S3, DynamoDB, RDS, SQS, EC2, etc. If you would like to get further information about this course please fill out this form and we will get back to you within 24 hours. What’s more important, we need to be always on top of these security holes with minimum efforts.
I strongly recommend the training for every seasoned programmer and architects to kick start with big data skills.

Made me realize the immense potential of Hadoop Mapreduce framework and the correct way to use it for best results.
I would strongly recommend BigDataTraining.IN training programs to anyone looking to optimize Apache Hadoop deployments for technical and business success. But Amazon is aggressively working on their certification program and adding more certifications at a good pace.
The challenge will be to have knowledge about all the services involved as part of this exam. There can be questions on feasibility of using a particular service for a particular use case, or which service (or group of services) will be best suited for a given use case.
Periodically check all widely open TCP Ports is one good practice to secure our system in cloud. However if you want a smooth and stable deployment, you have to watch out all these outbound traffic.
Which means developers that can use AWS without much additional training, are likely to get higher paying jobs, as it’s a necessity for most employers these days.
And since this is an online course, you are able to take your time and learn at your own pace. AWS, of course, is hardware based, they have hardware scattered around the world, but the computer you will create resides in virtual space. Below is the chart Amazon has published for current and future certifications in the pipeline.
There could be hundreds of virtual computers on one hardware computer running completely independently on one another.
Also if you fail the beta, you get a free voucher to give the exam again when it comes out of beta. With this course, you’ll be able to start with the basics of cloud computing and work your way up. I would recommend going through all the APIs, but if you are short of time, go through the most common ones.

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