There are many affiliate programs which pay you recurring income & this is one segment which helps you earn money on autopilot.
At any time, I’m not saying that recurring income is better than single affiliate payout, as both has their own pros and cons. When you recommend a user to any product (usually membership program or products which require recurring monthly payment), you earn a fixed commission when a referred user pays his next bill. This works out pretty good for a marketer when referred user signup for their monthly billing. Thrivethemes offers an amazing suite of products for bloggers & internet marketers who are on WordPress.
SocialPilot is a social media automation tool which is widely popular among bloggers & entrepreneurs.
They offer 30% recurring lifetime commission which is pretty decent as they have free to pro plan which is easy to convert. Residual income is another name of recurring income where you earn passive income after your initial effort. I will keep updating the list as I discover more such profitable program in various niches. I have thought of joining Aweber earlier, but have always believed I need to have an account before joining. Hi Harsh, Affiliate Programs is one the alternative way for making money online, but it is time taking. You are awesome bro as always, I loved the affiliate programs and am in search of good products which can benefit my readers first and then me next. Any ways, one out of context question, any specific reason why you have the same display picture of yours every where?
Thanks for sharing list of useful affiliate programs with the help of which bloggers can easily earn some good money. Thanks for sharing the list of some top notch affiliate programs here which not only provides some good commission but also for a long term recurring returns.
You already mention about Aweber and Getresponse but I would like to know some more about MailChimp !! I just started my affiliate marketing and selected some of the products to promote but I never concentrated on choosing recurring affiliate program products, this article helped me to realise the value recurring income throughout the time a user signs up or buys from links. Thanks a lot for sharing this valuable information to new affiliate marketers like me, keep rocking, as usual, see you soon with another article.
Great program to think about, as starting out, I’d like to focus on content a little more without any promotions or that can annoy readers, but thanks for these great affiliate programs.
Not long after I signed up for MailChimp and set up my mailing list here on LPF, news started spreading that affiliates were getting banned that were using MailChimp. AWeber has a fantastic, easy to use interface that makes it super simple to setup different mailing lists, forms, auto-responders, and to send out blasts.
PopUp Domination is an amazing WordPress plugin that will generate a modal pop up for you so when new users visit your blog their attention is drawn to a window asking them to subscribe to your mailing list.
It’s easy to say that PopUp Domination works that you should buy it, but do I have proof to back it up? 79.2% of all of my subscribers for this blog have subscribed to my newsletter using my PopUp Domination window.
That number is pretty awesome and it’s easy to see why PopUp Domination works so well. In conclusion, AWeber is an awesome email management service with great features and pretty good prices. Doesn’t aweber make your subscribers opt-in again when you transfer a list over to aweber from another autoresponder? I’ve used PopUp Domination for quite awhile now and my bounce rate has stayed pretty low. Join my free newsletter, Affiliate Manager Exclusive, and get exclusive tips and all the latest from my blog in your inbox. As mailing list is one of the most effective ways for affiliate marketing so we should be careful when choosing the auto responder for our affiliate website. Mailing list is one of those effective opt-in ways which can play a good role in SEO, it will not increase your traffic (no. There are many companies which offering their tools with additional services than just mailing list tools or auto responders, but with sign up forms and statistics also. From the most known auto responders there are two tools which is so proper for affiliate marketing web (and all marketing websites in general) : Getresponse and Aweber. In fact the differences between those two fantastic tools are so small but as it may be important differences for some marketer so we will make detailed comparison between them. Now let?s dive deeply and know the specifications of those two tools to be able answering the question: Getresponse vs Aweber, who is the winner? Getresponse has a great feature which called Test Message and Inbox Preview which make you able to test your email design as you got in your mailbox with the ability to test this on most known mail providers (Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, AOL … etc). I typically create one list per affiliate site, but you can create multiple lists for your site if you have a need. Your contact snail mail address, which is a requirement, will be pre-populated, as you provided this when you created your account. There is also an option to receive an email every time a new subscriber is added to your list.

The other features are dynamic, but it’s most important to get things in place now and start building your list. The final thing to do is to personalize your confirmed opt-in message, which is an email your future subscribers will receive when they submit their email to join your list.
There are a handful of areas that can be personalized, and I encourage you to take advantage of all of them.
I would suggest using the first name option in both the subject and the start of the email text, adding a short message in the body of the email to explain what will be in your emails, and then edit the signature to provide your contact information. Your subscribers are valuable, so make yourself available from the start of the relationship. Skip on by the part about requiring opt-in – you want that and there is nothing you have to change.
As far as the success page, that’s where people will be sent after they confirm their email subscription.
I so thank you for this awesome inf., I have a aweber suscription, I would like this to go to my page, how do I install this app. Aweber email marketing is a premium software that let’s you easily collect and analyze subscribers on a blog or any form of website. Of course speaking of advantages, one reason I did sign-up for Aweber is I was aware of the affiliate program.
You then get a unique six digit Affiliate ID which attaches to your affiliate link and you’ll be emailed every time you earn a new commission. So how do you actually get affiliate commissions, aka how do you get people to sign-up via your Aweber link? The really cool bonus here is that (for me at least) receiving payments in blogging is quite rare, however if this continues that will make a few times per month on which I earn (the first two being HostGator and Adsense payment days).
Hi bro, I get an email list for 50 people in USA who are looking to buy a car and the thing is I generally get new list every single week. I was wondering if Aweber offer a share code whereby a series of emails are loaded into your aweber email follow-up account? Let me know, if I’m doing wrong math and if there is something more insight which I missed.
However, I still use the service to auto delivery my eBook folks get right away and just wouldn’t trust any other service to do that properly. That and I’ve got too much on my mind now to worry about transferring 1000s of subscribers elsewhere. The general rule is that you should make $1 per subscriber per month with the affiliate products or other things you send to them to buy. So even average of 500 subscribers for 1 year should make you $6000 and even if you don’t use it good it enough and make half of that, then its still way more than the #228 you paid for the year. You get payment when somebody buys a product using your affiliate link & the commission is really high. So, let’s have a look at those exclusive programs which would make money for you while you sleep. Their affiliate team is also very responsive & will offer you all the materials such as swipe copies, social media updates to make the sales happen for you.
They have recently integrated the segmentation feature which is one of the top things to do in 2016 for high conversion. Getting user onboard is easy as they offer free 30 days trial, which is compelling enough for users to give it a shot.
They also have a great offering & have an edge over Aweber when it comes to commission amount. They pay 50% commission to their affiliates & you will also get paid when your referred users renew their license.
It helps you in scheduling updates on multiple social-media accounts & also you can automate by auto-publishing using RSS. The conversion is high & they offer one of the most lucrative offers of 40% recurring commission. Here are some more affiliate programs which offer residual income that you can sign up for free right away.
If you know of any such quality affiliate program that offers recurring commission, do let us know in the comment section. I think the best affiliate program anyone would dream of joining is the one that offers recurrent residual income. Now that I am better educated about their program, I am going to join using your links to open account on at least two affiliate programs listed here.
Most of the programs mentioned over here are suitable for web development and blogging niche sites.
Not only do you give us great resources for making the best of our blog, you do so in an unselfish way. Almost all of those are the crucial blogging tools which is helpful to each and every blogger whether beginners or expert.
But, the above tools would end up in WIN – WIN situation, they help both me and them as well. Can You Tell Me That If i Refer The Hostgator Affiliate Account linking code and increase unique hits does i will get commision or not,Will I get Comission For Genetrating Traffic.
Apart from the affiliate marketting part, these are great tools that are needed by all bloggers and it will definitely help increase productivity.

Just wanted to know that is there any affiliate services from one my favorite email marketing software – MailChimp ?? I have been considering affiliate marketing on my blog and this would be a good place to start.
Although I’m yet to start any Affiliated Income, but I really liked the Affiliated Programs you have chosen. I assumed that since I was not really using MailChimp to promote affiliate products (just my affiliate manager newsletter) that I would be fine. In fact, I met a few of the guys that work for AWeber at their Affiliate Summit East booth last month.
You have seen mine before and if you are currently subscribed to my Affiliate Manager Exclusive newsletter it’s likely you subscribed via my PopUp Domination modal window.
By using AWeber and PopUp Domination I am able to get new subscribers on a daily basis and in the past week alone I have made enough money from my list to pay for AWeber for several months.
PopUp Domination is $77, but it can help you build your email list through the roof and it shouldn’t take you very long to make your initial $77 investment back.
Autoresponder: which allow you to send your mailing messages in specific dates and according to your plan (you can plan the intervals between them). Importing data: Aweber becomes now like Getresponce as you can create your mailing list using an existing one.
Statistics: which shows your subscribers with some informations ( who opens your email, and who unsubscribe).
What i recommend you strongly is try the free trial for BOTH platforms (1 month) and decide after that which one was closer to you.
It has taken me a good 24 months to start earning anything really in this program so I figured I’d write a post on it now that things are working. The main advantages in my mind are the beautiful forms and form designer, the auto-responders you can use to send an eBook, and the auto notifications. Aweber costs at least $19.99 per month after the $1 month trial so I wanted to earn a bit of that back. Of course, you need to sign-up for their basic email marketing software (yes, this is an affiliate link) first and setup an actual list.
These emails really are few and far between but silver lining here is commissions with Aweber are recurring. I mean do you get that amount every month for as long as those who signed up through your link are still using the Aweber service?
Yes the check is monthly and it continues growing as long as more people signup and stay signed up! Though there are some stories of people capturing tons of subscribers quickly thru social media offers. I have shared all the tricks of affiliate marketing in this hot selling ebook & you can get an overview about affiliate marketing for free here. Of course, quality of the products plays a major role as nobody would stick to a product or a brand which is not of high quality. And let me tell you, fellas, you won’t be disappointed with their email marketing solution. They offer 33% lifetime commission which is awesome as per industry standard & they also offer 30 days complete free trial. I have been using them for a while & since the Bufferapp Affiliate program has retired, this is one of the best social media affiliate program available at this time.
Building a list is essential in building your online presence and take it from someone who has been through it, start early and use the services that will allow you to build up your list long term. Combined, they’ll be just what you need to build a great email list and start your career in email marketing. You’ll usually earn 30c upon sign-up and $5.70 each month there-after in which your affiliate customer remains signed up! Learn how to make a WordPress blog that people love this year with the Blogging Answers Community!
Probably this is why, companies who have trust on their product offers recurring commission. At the same time, they offer an affiliate program which lets you earn a lifetime commission of 30%.
I would rather double my effort to promote a program that offers lifetime commissions and then relax for the rest of my life eating the gains.
Not long after I started this blog I realized that I was really missing out on a lot of traffic and a lot of opportunity for monetizing my traffic through building an email list. I wish I would have used AWeber from day 1 on this blog and through my other affiliate marketing efforts. Luckily, I contacted them and they allowed me to export my list, but it was still very scary. Luckily, I got it figured out now and over the next few years I should grow my list to over 100,000 targeted subscribers!

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