Yesterday, Avira made an important announcement that it is adding two important features to its Free Antivirus Programs, that is Cloud Protection, Intelligent Repair System and Browser Safety. The integration of Protection Cloud in the Real-time Protection doesn’t mean that each and every single accessed executable file is checked against the Protection Cloud. The Intelligent Repair System responds more quickly and cleans infected systems from threats. Updates from Avira is definitely a welcome move as it empowers users who use Avira Free Antivirus Programs. Considering that new threats arrive on the scene every day and having your computer connected to the Internet might require you to raise your security level to the cloud, you will surely need to protect your personal information and documents against virus attacks, Trojans and other threats lurking on the Internet using proper apps.
Avira Protection Cloud proves to be a steady and reliable solution when it comes to scanning your computer and detecting if any malware is presented into your PC, thus stopping it before it spreads and infects other users. When you launch Avira Protection Cloud for the first time, it will immediately scan your files and will display the results within seconds. At the end of the cloud scanning process, the application will display a report that includes all the necessary information about all the files. To conclude, Avira Protection Cloud comes in handy for users who need to scan their computer for potential threats and secure their important information effortlessly. La versione gratuita del 2016 dell'antivirus Avira offre delle migliorie rispetto le versioni precedenti che rendono questo antivirus come uno dei migliori in circolazione, ora compatibile anche con Windows 10. Le due caratteristiche piu gradevoli per gli utenti che preferiscono non spendere un soldo e che usano l'antivirus free di Avira 16 sono: l'assenza di notifiche e la protezione Cloud. Avira Cloud Protection che era precedentemente riservato solo agli utenti premium che avevano acquistato la suite Avira, verra aggiunto all'Antivirus Free nei prossimi mesi. Il programma, con questa nuova modalita "cloud", confronta i file scansionati con le informazioni presenti nei server di Avira.
Una volta completata l'analisi, il server informa il programma sul PC se quei file sono puliti, dannosi o sconosciuti. Un'ottima notizia poi e che in Avira 2016 non ci saranno piu quei noiosissimi pup-up a tutto schermo che erano la pubblicita per comprare la versione premium. Le notifiche apparivano una volta al giorno e credo siano state, fino ad oggi, tra i principali motivi per detestare questo ottimo antivirus. Ora che non ci sono piu, forse qualche ex utilizzatore potra tornare ad Avira per proteggere il suo computer.
Avira Free Antivirus 2016 protegge il computer in modo essenziale ma completo grazie alla protezione in tempo reale e all'antispyware.
L'antivirus Avira e capace di rilevare e rimuovere piu di 150.000 virus, compresi i virus macro, trojan, worm, backdoor, antiDialer, rootkit nascosti, phishing, spyware, adware e malware ancora sconosciuti. Quando Avira rileva un malware attivo, si apre una notifica con un effetto sonoro ed e possibile ripulire il sistema. In piu c'e anche una protezione del browser molto utile che, tramite estensione per Chrome e Firefox, permette di escludere la navigazione dell'utente dal tracciamento dei siti. Un'altra nuova caratteristica inclusa in questa versione di Avira e il sistema di riparazione intelligente dalle infezioni in modo da evitare continui riavvii in caso di malware rimosso solo parzialmente. L'interfaccia e elegante e tradizionale, senza integrazione con la schermata start di Windows 8.
Le principali funzioni appaiono in un menu lungo il lato sinistro dello schermo con relativo stato e pulsante per accedere alle opzioni. Avira permette di fare scansioni automatiche e manuali su cartelle o dischi specifici e non per forza su tutto il computer. Nelle impostazioni di configurazione si puo attivare la protezione da adware e dai tentativi di phishing. Attenzione soltanto che se si usa l'installazione automatica viene anche installata una barra degli strumenti Avira SearchFree.
Se non si vuole installare la fastidiosa e inutile barra di Avira su tutti i browser, bisogna usare l'installazione custom o personalizzata.
Non serve fare una scansione antivirus completa dopo l'installazione, l'importante e che sia attiva la protezione in tempo reale e l'aggiornamento automatico delle definizioni antivirus. Tenere presente inoltre che per installare Avira antivirus sul PC e richiesto rimuovere qualsiasi altro antivirus giu installato. Intanto viene offerto uno spazio di 5GB in Avira Secure Backup che pero richiede la registrazione di un account e l'installazione del programma Secure Backup separato dall'antivirus. Inoltre e stato lanciato il programma Avira Online Essentials, una nuova piattaforma che permette all'utente di installare i prodotti Avira su piu dispositivi, come il computer, il portatile, il tablet e lo smartphone. Not only does the 2014 version of Avira Free Antivirus completely give up on ads, it also introduces new functionality.

A while back I was glad to announce that Avira Free Antivirus users no longer have to be annoyed by ads. While some people decide to go on a tech-free vacation, others find it impossible to unplug.
Katy Perrya€™s Twitter account, the most popular account on the entire network, has been hacked. Find out what a QR contains, and stay safe in case it contains something dangerous, harmful or malicious. Let go of any outdated notion you might have that Macs are inherently safe and get your Mac some protection.
Security company Avira has a new (and free) tool that you can use to make sure your PC is protected against malware: Avira Software Updater, which will help you keep your applications patched and up-to-date.
It is to be noted that both these features were only available to its premium security accounts, however, but now even those who have installed Avira Free Antivirus Program will get benefited.
So when the user enables the Protection cloud, the application creates digital fingerprints of the suspicious executable files present on the PC, sends it to the Avira servers and checks it in real time against the existing virus information. Instead, the product decides based on information from various sources which files are suspicious and will only check in real-time against the Protection Cloud these files. It can for instance remove randomly generated threats registry keys that were not possible before. While APC will come as an integrated real time guard, users will have to install the Browser Safety feature manually in order to make use of it. He brings with himself 3 years plus global writing experience on technology, travel & finance. This way, you can rest assured that if an unknown file is detected, it will be scanned, then classified as clean or infected.
Still, you need to make sure that your PC is connected to the Internet, otherwise the program won’t be able to perform any scanning process. The free antivirus solution gives you 5GB of free cloud storage space so you can securely backup your important files. The free security solution ran Notifier Ads – each day an ad would pop up and invite you to purchase something. However, you don’t need to worry about all your private data since your files will not be uploaded to cloud. In case the same file is detected on another computer, it will not be uploaded because it already exists in the program’s database. This way, you’re protected against the latest threats, even between regular product updates.
Apart from having an interest in following Microsoft, he also has a deep liking for wild life, & travels to various wildlife conservatories, to be with nature. The firewall configuration for example provides you with options to configure it directly from within the Avira software (it offers a control interface for Windows Firewall).You can hit the F8 key alternatively to open the configuration for all items directly. It is now mid-October and I am glad to announce that Avira rolled out the 2014 versions of all its security products.
This includes the mobile protection app for Android, and also Avira Free SocialShield for social network protection.Avira Protection CloudCloud scanning has become one of the cornerstones of security solutions in recent years.
The exciting thing about Avira Free Antivirus 2014 is that it introduces new functionality: 5GB of free cloud storage space to securely backup files and Windows Firewall control.
What makes it interesting is the fact that the cloud database is always up to date, while the database of the antivirus solution on a user system may not be.
Another benefit of the approach is that it accumulates data from all users of a particular product so that it can react to new malware as soon as it is discovered.Avira's Protection Cloud compares fingerprints of suspicious executable files against its database to identify potentially dangerous files. Files that return a positive hit can be uploaded to the cloud so that they are scanned remotely and be classified as either safe or malicious.Avira notes that documents, pictures or other personal files are never uploaded to the cloud. Scores were equally impressive in the company's malware removal tests, and general system performance tests.And performance?Avira's Antivirus Suite 2014 uses an insignificant amount of memory when it is running on the system in the background.
Internet Security Suite gets System Speedup functionality so you can tune and boost your PC’s performance.
Family Protection Suite is meant to be used by families; it will protect children from unsuitable websites. The interface is streamlined for ease of access, with every feature reachable from the first page directly.The options provided during installation are great, as they enable you to configure the program exactly the way you want to use it.
Ultimate Protection Suite also gets System Speedup functionality; it also gets 200GB of cloud storage space. A drawback is the inclusion of the toolbar during setup, or at the very least the checked state of the product.Other than that, there is little to criticize.

If you are looking for a lightweight effective antivirus solution, I suggest you give this one a try.
I currently use Avast Free Version, but like to try Avira - Is Luke-Filewalker still there? Reply Bert December 6, 2013 at 11:00 am # Microsoft Security gives me a false sense of security. Reply nonqu December 6, 2013 at 11:06 am # I'm currently using Avira Free Antivirus, which since it stopped displaying the popups is even better than before. I really value the 'block autorun' function and windows host file protection which rarely are available for free in an AV software.
Even regular Malwarebytes Anti-Malware scans don't detect anything.However, there are some strange decisions.
Both turning off and ON require typin administrator password in UAC on Windows 7 - and usually it's only required for disabling the protection. Turning it off is sometimes necessary for large steam games decompression (the last byte in downloads progress) as Avira can make it take up to 3 minutes (but that's only because I've set it to scan every file instead of using smart extensions). Another strange design choice is putting the 'configuration' button in 'extras' dropdown menu.As for firewall I'm using Comodo - mainly because I value the ability to set separate connection profiles for every application and process. Reply nonqu December 6, 2013 at 11:36 am # I should add that I'm using No-script and I'm on a normal user account with non-dictionary admin password.
Reply Karol December 6, 2013 at 11:11 am # Avira is one of best antivirus software(even if you use just a free version). Reply Petrovic December 6, 2013 at 11:18 am # Avira Antivirus Suite - simple, easy and reliable antivirus.
This great set of security tools is the ideal solution to protect a user, computer and critical data.
New Avira Antivirus Suite uses advanced and effective anti-virus protection features, including cloud-based detection. I believe Avast may be equally as good(?) Reply nonqu December 6, 2013 at 11:34 am # Avast is overrated. It gained popularity by being one of the first free AV but the actual performance wasn't taken into consideration at that time. Unfortunately I had to install the free version when my last license expired (no money to renew it, right now). Reply albresc December 6, 2013 at 11:36 am # On the 'free side' I have been more with Avast and AVG, but tried Avira a few years back, and found it was good. For me AV-Comparatives opinion matters, so I would try Avira of course.Not liking too much the 'Avira SearchFree Toolbar powered by Ask ' option, never liked Ask getting in the middle of Internet searches, changing my homepage, etc. Avira would be great Reply SuilAmhain December 6, 2013 at 11:46 am # Hi,I have used avira at least for the last ten years now. Up until my migration to Win 8 I always went with the premium version for the firewall features.Many people will swear by AV X or AV Y being the best because they got no viruses, but often the AV was never actually tested. Reply Loreley December 6, 2013 at 12:23 pm # I'm currently using Qhioo 360 Internet Security along with Malwarebytes Free. Reply Paul(us) December 6, 2013 at 12:34 pm # the standard windows firewall with the free microsoft antivirus on main win. I also think that AVG's detection rates are better than Avast!.Thank you very much for this review, I would like to give Avira a try. Reply Prithviraj Sahoo December 6, 2013 at 12:53 pm # I have been using pirated copies of different antivirus softwares and I am well aware that its not good. So if i get a legit copy of Avira, I hope the upcoming year will be a different game and a new beginning. Finally use of pirated version of antivirus softwares will come to an end, for me at least. Reply Stephan Hodges December 6, 2013 at 2:20 pm # I would like to try out the Avira 2014 Suite. I've been using MS Security Essentials across all my computers, and it's what I usually recommend to my "savvy" friends.
Reply Antonio December 6, 2013 at 2:22 pm # I use Avira since 2008 and I have not had any problems with viruses.

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