Once you place your order with us the first step is to contact the cemetery where we do a ?Cemetery Verification?; meaning we check on all rules, regulations and requirements the cemetery might have. After we receive cemetery approval, we will do a layout proof for you and e-mail you the layout of the headstone (we like for you to be able to see how it will look and approve it before we make it).
Greg Clark, Symantec CEO, said, “We are happy to have quickly and successfully accomplished the Blue Coat acquisition, allowing us to start executing our integration strategy.
Rackspace Hosting, Inc., through its subsidiaries, provides managed cloud services in the business information technology (IT) market worldwide.
Who We Are?Money News focuses on company news, research and analysis, which is ever more important in today’s uncertain investment environment.

After the grave marker is completed we will ship the grave marker directly to the cemetery, where the cemetery will do the installation for you. These beautiful memorial headstones are designed to outlast time and become a place to visit for generations to come.
Symantec is now positioned to take advantage of the vast market opportunities in assisting customers embrace the cloud, protecting the mobile workforce and securing enterprises, governments and consumers from advanced attacks.
The company provides a portfolio of integrated IT solutions for business needs across two primary form factors, dedicated cloud and private clouds, and managed public clouds. This beautiful headstone can be personalized with information for one or two people or more (just note in the special instructions how many people the marker is for).

We have a deep bench of talent across all functions focused on executing our planned initiatives, maintaining strong sales performance and achieving our financial targets.

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