If you want to measure a market (or anything else for that matter), you need a reliable, consistent unit of measurement. Even that bastion of fiscal constancy, the Swiss franc, is vulnerable, as we saw with yesterday’s announcement from the Swiss National Bank that it intends to cap the value of the franc against the euro.
Gold cannot be issued, printed, inflated or debased in any of the ways that dubious policy-makers find to suit the political whims of the times. Today we take our biennial look at everybody’s favourite subject: the UK housing market - but priced in honest money. Here we see the latest charts from Tom Fischer, professor of mathematics at Wuerzberg University, which show UK house prices measured in gold since 1930. Regular readers will know that one of my long-term targets is 100 ounces for the average UK house.
To my considerable annoyance – as I live here – London prices haven’t fallen by anything like as much. He observes that over 70% of London buyers spending ?5 million or more on a property come from overseas. It’s worth noting that while both Scottish and UK house prices are trading well beneath the 1991-94 crash lows – London house prices are still trading above them.
Much as I’d love to be, I’m not in the bracket that is looking to buy in Knightsbridge any time soon.
This is a much smaller sample size compared to say, the Nationwide index, so the picture is less reliable.
However, one thing that could hurt prime London prices is a strong pound, as this would drive away many of the overseas buyers. This subject of house prices and gold seems to attract more ire than any other, so, before you start venting spleens in the comments section, let me say two things. Two, yes, I know that because you buy and sell houses in pounds, it is the pound price that is important. You need to stop measuring markets in terms of flawed currency, and start thinking in sound currency.

The opinions of the contributors to Financial Sense® do not necessarily reflect those of Financial Sense, its staff, or its parent company, PFS Group. We’ve put together a full rent map of Dubai showing the average yearly cost for a one-bedroom within a few kilometres of each metro station in Dubai.
The Saab 2000 is one of the fastest turboprop airplanes in existence and it is a stretched version of the Saab 340.
It seats 50 passengers at a very comfortable 32-inch seat pitch or up to 58 passengers at a 30-inch seat pitch.
When you think of how much time you spend sitting in your car, adding such a major improvement in comfort for the modest cost of a pair of sheepskin car seat covers is definitely worthwhile. They would make a thoughtful gift for anyone who spends any amount of time in their car, doing school runs, in sales, or just sitting in traffic jams! Leather seats in cars are great but adding a sheepskin cover makes the seat far more comfortable and cosy.
Why then do we rely on the pound, the dollar, or any government currency, when they are not constant measures?
So it makes for a far more honest and accurate unit of account than any government currency.
In the six weeks since July 19 when he completed this chart, UK house prices have actually fallen by about 6% (!), or 9 gold ounces. Whether it’s from the Middle East, Russia, Europe, India or China, they’re all looking for safe places to park cash outside of their own countries. To a euro holder, even if London prices are flat, they’re down 20% by the time you adjust the currency. That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the graphs, however, and Professor Tom, has put together this next chart showing Knightsbridge houses measured in gold. Also, the latest figures (for 2011) are not complete, so the apparent drop in the price of Knightsbridge houses with five or more bedrooms may not mean that much. The prices for Rashidiya, Noor Islamic Bank, and FGB are villa rentals as these areas mostly include villas.

The aircraft is designed to combine turbo prop fuel and cost efficiency with nearly jet cruise speeds. The pressurized and air-conditioned cabin with stand-up headroom, ample in-cabin stowage and quiet engines offer optimum passenger comfort. They are very easy to put on and take off with straps for the headrest, the seat, the seat back and at the front. Their value is too often interfered with by governments and central bankers and their agenda. But I’m saying 100 as I’m utterly confident that target will be hit and I want to bask in the glory of an inbox of congratulatory emails when it does so. For my podcast I recently interviewed Jeremy McGivern of Mercury Homesearch, an agency which sources prime London property. In sterling terms, as McGivern observes, they are probably trading for more than ever, but a lot of these do not show up in the stats. But nor does the Nationwide, the Halifax, Land Registry, Rightmove or any of the other widely-used measures of house prices. The sooner large swathes of the population start seeing this, the sooner money gets reformed and the better off we’ll all be – not only financially, but socially and morally.
Al Qiyadah and Abu Baker Al Siddique are both in Hor Al Anz and do not have enough data to share. But from today’s prices, measured in constant money, I would say we have at least another 30% to fall, (that takes us to 100 ounces) or possibly 60% (which gives us 55). They are designed to fit all types of vehicle small, medium and large. One size really does fit all! All charter flight services are offered and provided by third party licensed direct air carriers, certified under FAA (US), EASA(Europe), CAA(UK), DGCA(India).

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