It is worth understanding that Peepal is scientifically a tree that breathes and lives like other plants & trees. Sagittarius horoscope 2016 will help you in planning know your predictions from sagittarius horoscopes 2016 & change future sagittarius predictions 2016 are based. Find free 2015 sagittarius horoscope personal zodiac reading sign of the archer significant events horoscopes.
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Get your sagittarius yearly horoscope and also your yearly sagittarius astrology from ganeshaspeakscom we are your free yearly sagittarius horoscope source. Learn about sagittarius and that's pretty much how those born under this sagittarius sign see themselves. Above you can read our explanation about Sagittarius Horoscope 2015 Sagittarius 2015 Horoscope . Copyright © 2015 World Economic News, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Once, the eldest Pandava Yudhistira asked Bheeshma Pitamaha the significance of Somvati Amavasya.
To find the answer to her questions the mother called a Pandit as asked him the same question.
While celebrating the Somvati Amavasya it is very important to follow all the rituals that are given in the Puranas.
The birthday of Lord Krishna or Govinda is celebrated as Shri Krishna Janmashtami or Gokulashtami.
One of the favorite name of his devotees is, Govinda and for this reason, there is a very famous saying: Govinda Ala Re Ala. Lord Krishna is an ideal example of - an obedient son, an intelligent student, a romantic lover, and a caring husband. One day, there was a revelation that warned Kansa that he will be killed by the eighth child of Devaki and Vasudeva. When the eighth child of Devaki and Vasudeva arrived, Lord Vishnu told Vasudeva to take him to Gokul, where Nanda and Yashoda resided.
Kansa thought that she was the eighth child of Devaki and Vasudeva and thus, threw her on a stone. You may also like to read more about: Events performed during Janmashtami festival and its legends. Shri Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated every year with full zeal and enthusiasm throughout the country.
Being the birthplace of Lord Krishna, Mathura marks a grand celebration of the Janmashtami festival. Some of the main Lord Krishna's temples in Vrindavan are: Madan Mohan temple, Govind Dev temple, Jugal Kisore temple, Radharamana temple, Radha Damodara temple, and Radha Vallabha temple. Some of the most famous temples of Lord Krishna in Gokul are: Gokulnath, Madan Mohan, Gopal Lalji, and Morwala. During the festival of Janmashtami, the whole atmosphere of Mathura, Vrindavan and Gokul fills with his name.
The other places of North India such as Haryana, Delhi, and Punjab also celebrate Krishnashtami with full zeal and gusto. Every year around 2000 Govinda troops compete for the prices and over 4000 handis are hanged throughout the city. In South India people celebrate the childhood of Kanha by painting footsteps of Lord Krishna in their homes.
To honor Lord Krishna and celebrate Janmashtami, people of Bangladesh organize a parade from the national temple of Bangladesh to the streets of Old Dhaka. So, as we are discussing all about Krishna Janmashtami, leta€™s explore its significance with this article on Janmashtami 2015. Similarly, Lord Krishna has been an inspiration from years, who teaches us the right way of living life. The fast of Krishna Janmashtami starts from the day of Janmashtami and continues till the Ashtami Tithi or Rohini Nakshatra.
Some people celebrate Janmashtami by keeping a€?Nirjal Upavasa€? (fasting even without water), and some people keep a€?Phalahar Upavasa€? (in which fruits and milk can be taken). You can wish Shri Krishna Janmashtami 2015 to your friends and relatives by sending Janmashtami sms for 2015.
Our holy scriptures teach us many ways to get rid of sins, restlessness and allied troubles. The result of Snaan in Kartik month is equivalent to 1000 times Ganga Snaan, 100 times of Magha Snaan and 1 crore Snaan in Narmada River in the month of Vaishakh. According to the scriptures, people who donate things and take bath as well as fast during this month get rid of sins. During Kartik month, there is a great significance of lighting Deep in the temples of Shiva, Chandi, Surya and other Devas. In 2012, Kartik month is beginning from 30th October, whereas Kartik Snaan is starting from 29th of October only.

Bathing in river during the month of Kartik does not have only religious significance, it is scientific too. Finger Analysis shows that he is ruled by qualities of Sun and Mercury that gives him the qualities like good speaker. Palm Analysis shows rectangular palm with average finger lengths that makes him a energetic performer and a hanr working person and specially his moon and venus area in palm is vast and well developed.
One of the most popular mantra, a€?Gayatri Mantraa€? is also dedicated to Surya Dev or Lord Sun. The elder women in Hindu families have always worshipped Peepal due to its benevolent and blessing attributes. Any worship associated with a living entity is far more rewarding and fruitful than worshipping idol(s). I hope Sagittarius are the eternal wanderers of zodiac looking for a sagittarius mate, read your sagittarius love horoscope to find your mate.
To which the Pandit replied that it was in the fate of her daughter to become a widow after her marriage. Observing the girl for many months the washerwoman decided to put vermilion on her forehead. But it should not be forgotten that these festivals lose its importance when performed mechanically. Each name signifies love and respect of his devotees and represents the different phases of Lord Krishnaa€™s life. Humans should learn the right demeanour of life from these different aspects of Lord Krishnaa€™s life. This article on Shri Krishna Janmashtami 2015, will help you in knowing more about Gokulashtami.
Kansa thought that he has all the power and therefore, people should worship him, in place of god. In most parts of India, people observe a full day fasting to celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna.
It is the place where Nanda and Yashoda resided (Lord Krishna's guardian) and where Kanha's father Vasudeva left him after birth, for a safer custody. People observe whole day fasting and gather at the ISKCON temple to celebrate Shri Krishna Janamashtami or Gokulashtami. They celebrate the festival of Janmashtami (Ashtami Rohini) by performing dance and offering prayers at the ISKCON temple. To show respect and honor to Lord Krishna, T full day fast is observed and prayers are offered. Every festival teaches us the values of life, and shows us the correct path to be followed. He gave the message of a€?Nishkama Karmaa€?, that is to perform our duties without any thought of reward.
After greeting Lord Krishna as Bal Gopal at 12 a.m during the midnight, they consume the Prasad as a€?blessed fooda€?. You can also exchange Lord Krishnaa€™s photos and idols with your friends and relatives for giving the good wishes of Janmashtami 2015. It states that there is no month like Kartik, no Yuga like Satyuga, no scripture like Veda and no pilgrimage like Ganga. It is said that the result of bathing in Prayag during Kumbha can also be fetched by bathing in a pious river during the month of Kartik. In Kartik month, during Brahma-muhurat, there is a ritual of worshipping God after taking bath at some river, lake, canal or pond.
Throughout this month, there is a ritual of taking bath, donation, earthen lamp donation, Tulsi Vivaah, listening Kartik Katha and other allied practices.
After rainy season, when sky becomes clear and Sun rays fall on Earth directly, the environment becomes compatible to human body. Long Mercury finger is showing his good communication skills and business related thinking.
Heart line is average length and it is ending in Saturn area, showing commitment for his work, targets and specially for family.
Hand type is rectangular that is showing his hard working nature and fingers are average length showing energy and control.
He has achieved huge success, fame and money with his acting talents and his mental ability.
Venus gave him interest and success in glamour world and venus is responsible for his grand life style. Now line analysis, his luck line is very prominent and it is coming from the venus area and its orientation showing a successful career. Vivasvat Saptami , also known as Viwaswat Saptami, is a festival that comes in the Hindu month of Ashadh.
It is interesting to note that not many people understand the science of Astrology but when it comes on worshipping Peepal tree then almost everyone has the knowledge and inclination.
The greatness of the worship of this tree lies in the fact that whosoever worships the Peepal tree gets reward of worshipping Lord Shiva. So, in a sense worshipping the Peepal tree yields quick and better results than any other form of worship.

As per the Hindu religion our ancestors are an important part of our life and therefore should not be forgotten. Janmashtami not only celebrates birthday of Lord Krishna, it also marks a new beginning, full of positivity. Therefore, Krishna Janamashtami or Krishnashtami is celebrated around the world on a very large scale. As per beliefs, Lord Krishna has a total of 108 names, such as: Balgopal, Kanha, Govinda, Mohan, Keshava, Shyam, Vasudev, Devesh, Krishna, Devkinandan and many more. We are sure that with this article you will celebrate Janmashtmi 2015 in a more delightful manner. As Gokulashtami is about to come, so start preparing to transform this Krishna Janmashtami into a grand festival of 2015. At 12 a.m in the midnight, people welcome Balgopal with devotional songs, chants, and dance. People of South India will celebrate Krishna Janmashtami in 2015 by following the same rituals. It is believed that, fast is a mode of getting closer to Lord Krishna, and he fulfills the wishes of his devotees.
This practice of fasting and worshipping Lord Krishna or Govinda on Srikrishna Jayanti increases their spiritual values and purify souls. These dishes are presented to him as Bhog, and then consumed by the family as Prasad (blessed food). We hope that this article have helped in understanding more about the festival of Shri Krishna Janmashtami or Govinda.
Fast observer should first remember Ganga, Vishnu, Shiva as well as Surya, and then enter the water of lake or pond. We are analyzing his hand and showing the key features present in his hand that made him a super star. According to Hindu calendar, it is observed on the seventh day of bright half (Shukla Paksha) of Ashadha.
Among various names, Vivaswat is also one important name of Lord Surya in ancient Vedic texts. The father of humanity, Manu, is also known as Vaivaswat because he is considered son of Lord Vivavasvat. It is believed that performing Pitra Puja on Somvati Amavasya soothes the soul of onea€™s dead ancestors. The Pandit told him that only a washerwoman who lived on an island called Singhal could solve their problem. Balgopal represents the phase when he was a notorious kid, whereas Kanha represents the phase when he used to play pranks with the Gopis. The priests of the temples offer traditional bath or Abhishek to Balgopal with Panchamrut, made from milk, curd, honey, Ghee and sugar. Dahi Handi is a very famous ritual of Krishna Janamashtami, which is enjoyed by one and all.
People who cannot continue fast for two long days can break their fast after the sunrise of next day.
It is said that worshipping and fasting in this month can fetch you equal blessings that you can get from a spiritual trip. After that, merging their half of the body in water (till navel) and standing, they should take bath precisely. Other key feature is Head line that smooth and going downwards leading his interest in business related works.
If the woman applied vermilion (Sindoor) on the forehead of the fateful girl, her fate will change. You may find the description of the significance of this month in Skand Puran, Naarad Puran, Padma Puran and other allied scriptures.
Fast observer should then come out of water and wear pious clothes to perform the worship ritual of Lord Vishnu precisely. Peepal tree worship turns a strong Jupiter into an auspicious one and weak Jupiter into a stronger one. It is believed that the offerings made to the ancestors on Somvati Amavasya reaches them directly. Also, the Pandit suggested the girl to observe a fast on the sacred day of Somvati Amavasya. The whole area echos with the sounds of Govinda Ala Re Ala (Govinda has come), while performing Dahi Handi. Dona€™t miss out visiting Lord Krishnaa€™s temple for some real Janmashtami 2015 celebrations.
Sesame seeds as well as Amla should not be used on Saptami, new moon day, Navami, Dwitiya, Dashami and Triyodashi.

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