The wallpapers are based on the iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 banners that went up a few days ago at Moscone West, the venue where WWDC will be held from June 2-6. The iOS 8 banner that went up at Moscone is very minimal, with the figure 8 printed in a thin font on what seems to be a background showing the ocean. To set these images as your Lock Screen or Home Screen wallpaper, head over to this article on your iOS device and download the image by tapping on the links above.
DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc.
O iOS 7 nao precisou de muito tempo para ser desbloqueado pelo grupo evad3rs que ja liberaram uma ferramenta para fazer o jailbreak no sistema.
Nao se esqueca de fazer um backup com todos os seus dados, tanto para o iCloud quanto para o seu computador atraves do iTunes. Uma vez feito, o Evasi0n ira te informar que voce precisa desbloquear o seu dispositivo e clicar no icone ‘evasi0n 7’ que aparece na sua tela inicial (homescreen).
The tips in this setup guide include important settings to configure, apps to install, accessories to get and customization tips. Turn off the Control Center access from the lock screen to keep people from accessing Control Center features. Set up Do Not Disturb schedules so that the iPad won’t annoy anyone during the night or while at work. Auto-Lock time – the default 2 minutes turns off the screen too quickly for some so lengthen in here. If you didn’t during initial setup, add a Passcode and create a Touch ID (iPad Air 2 only) profile with your fingerprints. Make sure your proper Apple ID email address shows up at the top of the iTunes & App Store settings page on the right.
Change app settings – the pre-installed Apple apps put some of their settings in the Settings app.
One of the other things to do right after the initial setup is to get the latest version of iOS 8 installed. The iPad will verify the proper information with Google servers and offer to sync the various types of information available. Use the first option, unless you’re upgrading from a previous iPad with apps and settings configured the way you want the new one setup.
Windows users will need to get do a few more things to configure their Windows PC to work with iCloud.
For calendar, contacts and mail syncing between the computer and the iPad, install Microsoft Outlook 2007 or later. The user can sync content like photos, files, contacts, calendars and email between their Mac or their Windows PC. Explore – collections of apps grouped by category and popular apps from people who live nearby, if the user allows the App Store to use their location.
The App Store user-interface includes tabs across the bottom and a search box (#3) at the top.
Tap on the share button in the upper right corner of any app’s screen and then tap on the Add to Wish List button.
We also really like Adobe’s new iPad apps for creative types and the new photo editor Pixelmator (see above) for touching up photos. The iPad design looks like a beautiful piece of engineering, but it still needs a case to protect it from drops and dings.
Bumper or Snap On Case – This kind of case only protects the back and edges of the case. Keyboard Cases – this kind of case includes a keyboard that connects via Bluetooth, or in some rare cases via the Lightning connector (see above). Stand Cases – many of the other cases in this list also include the ability to prop the iPad up to use it for work or entertainment in stand mode like the brown and iPad Air Smart Covers in the image below.

The Nodus Collection Access case for iPad Air is a good example of a high quality folio style case.
Simple enough, but remember this will also hide any other music stored in iCloud that are not currently located on the device.
If for whatever reason you want to *permanently* delete the free U2 album from your iTunes account, Apple has created a free utility that does just that. From there, tap and hold on the image until you get a browser pop up and be sure to tap “Save Image”.
Felizmente o metodo disponibilizado e untethered, isso quer dizer que se o seu dispositivo for reiniciado ou desligar por qualquer motivo, nao perdera o desbloqueio.
Aperte sobre o icone e mantenha seu dispositivo conectado, ele ira reiniciar automaticamente. Depois que a reinicializacao for completada, o Evasi0n ira continuar seu progresso e pedira que desbloqueie o dispositivo novamente.
The process will take fifteen to thirty minutes, depending on how many of these steps you follow. For example, I don’t use the built-in iOS 8 Calendar app, so I turn the notifications off for that app. For more on Control Center see our guide which applies to iOS 7 but is still relevant for iOS 8. Tap on Scheduled on the Do Not Disturb screen and set the time frame by tapping on the times.
Some people turn off automatic updates off because sometimes a newly updated app will remove features or break working features and people want to wait to update their apps till they know the new version works properly. If you need to use this on an Exchange account, get the information from your service provider to enter here.
This turns the iPad into a Wi-Fi access point so users can get online with their computer or another device. Music will let the user sync from their music library, unless they have Music Match turned on. Make sure iCloud’s turned on in Settings on the iPad and do the same for the Mac in Settings. They can export to Microsoft Office file format and sync with the Mac versions of these apps. Make sure the case fits snugly with the iPad Air or iPad Air 2 and comes with the magnetic feature that wakes the screen when the user opens the cover of the folio case (see second image below).
People who don’t carry their iPad out of their home or office, or who always put it in a computer bag, can get one of these. Many manufacturers make similarly designed cases for less and occasionally the third-party versions cost more. We recommend avoiding the cheapest cases which seldom last, but also avoid very expensive cases which aren’t worth the money unless they offers some special feature or look amazing (see below).
People who want an elegant leather folio style case should pay a little extra because this folio style case looks beautiful.
Though part of a promotion from Apple and the band U2, which was a hit with U2 fans, this also caused a fair amount of confusion, as some people thought it was a bug or their Apple ID was hacked, of course neither being the intention of Apple. The songs won’t download to the device unless you choose to download it locally by tapping on the little cloud icons alongside either the album or song names. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
It should automatically save to your camera roll and you can set your wallpaper from there, or head to the Settings app under the “Brightness and Wallpaper” section. Assim que voce deslizar o dedo e desbloquear, ele ira reiniciar novamente, seguido pela mensagem "Done".
Make sure the iPad’s still connected to Wi-Fi, and the battery shows at least 50% charge, then open the Settings app.

Tap on Done and then tap on the toggle switch next to Personal Hotspot at the top of the screen.
We’ll show users how to do this on a Mac, but it works almost the same on the Windows version of iTunes.
The second option finds a previous backup and saves that to the iPad with all the settings and apps applied. Click on the Apps item from the left hand column and notice the images that look like the Home Screens on the iPad Air or iPad Air 2 (see below). The App Store icon looks like a letter A inside a white circle on a blue background (see above).
Setting it up works a lot like setting up the feature on a Mac, which users can do by following our guide for sending and receiving text messages in OS X Yosemite. If you want to hide the U2 album from your iOS device, you can do that quickly in one of two ways, we’ll show you both. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. Following these tips will help new owners become more efficient with their excellent new iPad Air or iPad Air 2. We’ll go down the list of the settings found listed along the left side of the Settings. If you already set up iCloud, then that account will already show up under the Accounts section on the right.
There’s a drop down box that shows a list of available backups if iTunes finds a previous iPad backup. For apps, find the app to install in the list and click on the Install button in the center column. There’s a button that reads Add to Wish List with a magic wand icon on the button (see below).
You can do other things, like get used the iOS 8 user interface, while the update downloads. For other media, click on the media item and then click on the Sync check box at the top of the iTunes screen (see below). Now, click and hold on an app icon and drag it on top of another icon to create a folder with those two icons. Instead of snapping on or sliding into a part that grabs the edges, the case comes with some super sticky adhesive that doesn’t lose its stick. Select each item, or click on the check box that reads Automatically include X movies where X stands for the items from the drop down box. Pour arriver ici, rien de plus simple, les internautes ont recherche une reference de telephone, par exemple notre offre IPHONE 6 PLUS GRIS SIDERAL 16GO.
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