So here's a layperson's guide to switching off iCloud, so your naked photos don't stay stuck in cyberspace where hackers can guess your password.
If you've used Dropbox or Google Drive, you probably don't have any difficulty figuring out "where" your stuff is online. You delete apps from your iPhone but when you go to iTunes on your laptop, there they all are, undeleted. Nonetheless, you probably want to check that iCloud isn't hanging on to stuff you thought you deleted, and you want to make sure that iCloud isn't backing up your photos the next time you start drunk-texting your booty call. You may have noticed that when you take a photo on your iPhone, it saves a copy of the photo in your camera album and also a copy of the photo appears in your "Photo Stream." The photo stream is gathering your photos and preparing to send them to iCloud. But the problem with mass upload backups is that users aren't as diligent about going through them all and deleting the ones they don't want stored forever. In this tutorial we are going to talk about iCloud, one of the new features introduced in iOS 5. Key-value storage for discrete values, such as preferences, settings, and simple app state.
Document storage for user-visible file-based information such as word processing documents, drawings, and complex app state. Depending on the type of data you’re working with, you should pick the right kind of storage. Assuming you have an iOS developer account, we’ll first create the App ID with iCloud feature enabled.
To enable the iCloud feature, simply check the option Enable for iCloud and click the Done button. In the next screen, enter TamNote as the project and set com.appcoda in the company identifier field. Entitlements are key-value pairs that request specific capabilities or security permissions for your app. To use the iCloud key-value storage, first enable entitlements in the Xcode target editor, then select the use store with identifier, it will set automatically the bundle identifier of the app in the input box. The next thing we need to do is to create the Storyboard that defines the views of our app. What we are doing here is to add an Edit button in the navigator bar for users to delete certain note.

To ensure we start off with the latest available notes, we also call up the synchronize method to obtain a fresh copy of key-value pair from the iCloud. You can configure your iThings to automatically Sync with a Mac and that does back up some data, but not a full back up.
To fully back up your iThing to your Mac, tether it via USB and in iTunes > Summary, click Back Up Now. You can see when the last full iCloud and Mac back ups happened in iTunes > Summary (red circle). After spending months building up his collection, OriginalGuy suddenly decided to use the nuclear option. KYLIE Jenner has given sister Kim Kardashian a run for her money in the booty department after stripping off to reveal her own impressive backside. You can delete your photos from your iPhone, but they stay inside iCloud, clogging up space.
As an iPhone user you probably think that the reason your Android friends don't get your texts is because their phones are cheap rubbish.
And Apple also says it has fixed the password security flaw in Find My iPhone that can give hackers access to your iCloud photos.
The company recommends that you go to Settings > iCloud, then tap to off iCloud features (see image at right). It's no good just deleting the naked selfie from your camera album a€” you have to delete it from Photo Stream too. Now go through all these buttons and menus, and turn off anything you don't want living in the cloud. From user’s perspective, iCloud is a simple feature that allows the access of personal information from all devices wirelessly and automatically via an Apple ID. The main purpose is to let users easily put their data, whether it’s a file or document, so that they can access the data on any of their iOS devices.
When you adopt iCloud, you do not need to know how to interact with the cloud server or upload data to iCloud. In this tutorial we’ll just cover the key-value storage and show you how to build a simple app that saves notes using iCloud. When the system grants your app entitlements, your app gain access to its iCloud key-value storage.

We also add an observer to the controller so we can get notification when the data on the cloud was changed.
We first retrieve the note newly created by user and add it to the local array, then upload the array to the iCloud.
You should be very familiar with this section if you have read through the UITableView tutorial. Yes, but there is a catch a€” only the iCloud will be a full and automatic back up while backing up to your Mac will be strictly manual. You can also choose to back to your Mac (this computer), but you will need to remember to tether it periodically a€” automatic back up is always best. My heart is broken for the women who were violated."Every person is entitled to their own privacy. When you're in the consumer electronics market, those two conditions lead to the same result. Do the same thing a€” turn "off" any type of media that you don't want living in the cloud. While you can use other cloud services for saving file or data, the core idea behind iCloud is to eliminate explicit synchronization between devices. Any device running the app can upload the key-value changes to the user’s iCloud account. As we have already retrieved the note saved in iCloud, the rest of the implementation is to display the notes in the table view. It's because iMessage is flawed a€” it's trying to find your friends in iCloud first before giving up and then a€” maybe a€” sending the text on to your friend's phone number. But note that the photos setting is at the bottom and has a different button a€” turn that off too! When there is any update, we simply retrieve latest available note from iCloud again, save it locally and reload the table view to display the notes.
And that meant the world."Rumours have suggested that if the photos are fake, they contain original Maroney images doctored with an unknown person.

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