This old iCloud logo could be due for an upgrade at the hands of Apple's graphic designers.
Apple may have found a name for its widely-rumored cloud-based music service, which would allow users to store their music online and stream it from iDevices, subscribe to a catalog of millions of songs for $5 (on computers) or $10 (on portables) per month (the going rates), or both.
Despite the vaporous nature of this information, the story is taking the tech world by storm this morning, which if nothing else, speaks to the level of interest surrounding Apple’s putative cloud music service.
Amazon may have been first out of the gate (with several key advantages), but Apple often takes its time in order to deliver something that simply works better. Una delle esigenze di chi come noi utilizza indistintamente mobile devices di Apple e di Google e quella di non perdere alcuna funzionalita passando da un prodotto ad un altro.
One of the first things I noticed about using the Apple Watch was that pressing the digital crown on my left wrist required a fairly awkward position of the index finger on my right hand.
Luckily, I had spent some time digging around in the settings in the Apple Watch app and remembered seeing some odd settings in General > Watch Orientation. While I agree with Hockenberry that it is a little awkward to use the index finger to press the digital crown, and it seems a lot more natural to use the thumb, I have got used to it. But I can see why Hockenberry, and the fact that there is a setting available, suggests that some people at Apple also preferred the position of the Digital Crown reversed. It also goes without saying that you need to wear the watch with the Digital Crown on the left. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. There is no doubt that OneDrive is perhaps the best cloud storage service for a Windows 10 PC. On a previous article, Richard gave us a number of very good reasons why you should OneDrive. Of course, the purpose of OneDrive is to offer online storage, a place where we can safely sync files between devices – computers, tablets, or smartphones.
If you don't like to upload every file to OneDrive, or you simply forgot to upload specific files to the service, Microsoft has your back with the Fetch feature in OneDrive.
The Fetch feature is very impressive, as it allows you to download a copy of any files from anywhere, and you can also stream videos and view pictures remotely right from the web browser. That all you have to do, you don't have to configure your router or firewall -- it just works. Now, open your web browser sign-in to your Microsoft Account, and under PCs, click the name of your computer. It's a great feature that can save your day at any moment, but there are a few things to keep in mind. If you don't have an Office 365 subscription, or you're not paying to get more storage in OneDrive, or you don't want to keep all your files in one account, you probably have multiple OneDrive accounts. What you probably did not know is that the OneDrive app allows you to connect to a different account while staying logged in with your main Microsoft Account in the operating system. 5- Next, change the location to store the new OneDrive files or keep the same path, and click Next.

While this is a good feature, in my opinion, it would be nice if Microsoft had the option to access multiple OneDrive accounts without having to log out from your primary OneDrive account.
If you're using OneDrive to sync files between computers, you typically create, access, and delete your files through File Explorer.
Now according to Microsoft the files in the Recycle bin do not count as part of your storage.
If you want files to get permanently deleted right away, you will need to delete the file or files in questions. I could see Microsoft releasing additional tattoos in the future, and possibly an opportunity for third party developers to create tattoo packs. Una volta concluse le configurazioni su tutti i devices o i programmi che utilizziamo per leggere iCloud possiamo procedere a spostare le mail presenti nella precedente cartella di posta inviata e poi cancellare le due vecchie cartelle per evitare di fare confusione.
I came across this interesting article by Craig Hockenberry, developer of Twitterific, a popular Twitter client for iPhone and iPad, where he explains why he prefers the Digital Crown on the left side on his left wrist. While pressing on the crown without another finger to provide resistance, the strap twisted uncomfortably. The wrist selection is obvious enough, but being able to change the position of the digital crown had no obvious benefit.
After testing it out for a couple of days, I prefer the default position of the crown, which is on the right. Note, this feature is meant for left-handed users who want to wear the watch on the right hand. Yes, there are many different cloud storage services out there, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Apple's iCloud, Box, and others. Today, we're going to go through a few tips you can use to get the most out of the cloud storage service from Microsoft. However, what happens when you forget to upload the presentation you have created at home and you need it for the next meeting at work?
When you enable Fetch, you can have access to all your computer files on the OneDrive website. But remember, it all works as long you have your computer turned on and connected to the internet. Then, you should be able to see the location available to you, including Favorites, Libraries, and This PC.
If it doesn't work, right-click the OneDrive icon in the notification area, click Exit, and launch the app again from the Start menu. For example, Fetch is not supported on PCs running Windows 8.1, and you can use access files from Mac computer, but you can't access files on a Mac computer using OneDrive. However, because you're likely using your main Microsoft Account to sign-in to Windows 10, you only have access one OneDrive account at a time through File Explorer. Keep in mind that this process won't change your current profile settings, you'll be able to sign-in with your old credentials. Make also sure you understand that if you don't change the folder location, and the folder already exists, files will merge with OneDrive.

Or perhaps, you're main Microsoft Account doesn't have enough space, and then you can use that secondary account with more storage. If you delete a file from your OneDrive folder, a copy of the file goes to the Recycle Bin in Windows, and another copy goes to the OneDrive's Recycle bin.
However, if your Recycle bin hits the 10% of your allowed storage, then files will begin to get deleted from the oldest to the newest.
The service also provides some features to have access to your files no matter where they are located, even when they're not stored online.
To add them, hover the mouse in the lower right corner to pull up the charms bar or use the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + C. He also has contributed to other notable tech sites including InformationWeek and How-To Geek. Also, there seems to be a good opportunity for third party developers to create additional functionality. Nell’Android Market ci sono altri client di posta elettronica come K-7 e Mail Droid, estremamente configurabili, ma che non sono graficamente altrettanto accattivanti.
A questo punto, per non avere queste cartelle duplicate, sara necessario modificare nelle impostazioni di iCloud le due cartelle in oggetto selezionando per la posta inviata e per il cestino quelle create da Mail. Alla fine di questo processo, che e piu complesso a scriversi che a farsi, avremo una perfetta gestione della casella di iCloud da devices iOS e Android. When you try to get your thumb on the opposite side of the case to provide support, you either cover the face or resort to contortions.
Using the index finger to scroll also wasn’t as convenient as using it when the Digital Crown was on the right side. However, if we can move past the placeholder dilemma for some users, you'll see that OneDrive offers the best integration with Windows 10. Or you happen to need an application on another computer and the only installation files are located on your computer at home?
Even more interesting, you can also access network locations, such as those included in the libraries and mapped drives. The company also warns that files will get permanently deleted after a minimum of 3 days and max of 60 days. The other problem is that accessibility to the Side button isn’t great when it is above the Digital Crown because of the protruding crown. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners.

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