Earlier in November, Rovio had released Angry Birds Star Wars for iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, Mac, PC and Windows 8 devices.
For those not in the know, the game follows a plucky group of Rebel Birds in their fight against the evil Imperial Pigs. Concurrently with the game launch, Rovio and Lucasfilm had also introduced tie-in merchandise and a new cinematic trailer, which retold the classic Star Wars cantina scene with Angry Birds Star Wars characters in starring roles.
Late in November, less than a month after releasing the game, Rovio rolled out an update for Angry Birds Star Wars and these new levels are in the ice world of Hoth. With the Hoth expansion pack of Angry Birds Star Wars being a massive hit, we can hardly wait to see what new levels and characters Cloud City brings along with it!
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For the Angry Birds Star Wars version see Chuck Solo entry and Lando Calrissian entry in: Star Wars Characters.
For the Angry Birds Star Wars II version see Captain Panaka entry in: Star Wars II Characters.
Chuck, the Yellow Bird is a character in the Angry Birds series of games created by Rovio Entertainment. In the movie, Chuck is using his speed up ability after being slingshot and it was much faster than both his game and toons counterpart and he hits the part of Leonard's castle up until the stone wall but he got severely injured when he bumped so many obstacles such as reaching through the rings of fire as well as being hurt from a many cactus plants and throwing swords at him. Unlike the other birds, he is cone shaped, with a mop of black head feathers and red eyebrows. In Angry Birds Toons until Angry Birds 2, Chuck's appearance remains the same as the mop of black head feathers are now four instead of three on top of his head and the black feathers on his back are the same size as the mop of black feathers on his head. In his film design, Chuck appears as a yellow anthropomorphic Canary in a slim build with yellow arms, as he is shaped like a banana instead of a cone. In the animated game trailer, Red, Chuck, Blue Jay, and Bomb were the first to discover the Flock's eggs missing after severely attacking a butterfly for landing on their eggs.
When not fighting Pigs, Chuck is a practical joker and uses his jokes to liven up the Flock (which sometimes offends Bomb). Hobbies: Running, dancing, jumping, singing, hopping, skipping, fencing, spinning, and twirling!
What Makes You Angry?: I definitely do not like getting speed tickets, especially three tickets in one day. In the movie, he retains the same eccentric personality, has a similar voice to that of the toons, and is still crazy. Red is known to be Chuck's best friend in several different media, and this is shown in the toons episode Chuck Time where Chuck saves Red.
Chuck is often jealous of Bomb, and it is shown in the toons episode The Bird Who Cried Pig where Chuck tries to outstand Bomb by pretending to save the eggs. His original look, showing two top feathers and dark eyebrows, was similar to Red (and again exclaiming “#”) and was much smaller in size.

In the course of the battles with the Pigs, he has traveled to many different locations and environments, including the desert, underground caves and beaches.
At an indeterminate time later, the Flock was captured as rare birds and taken to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where they fought with Blu and Jewel and their friends against Nigel the cockatoo and Mauro and his marmosets. Not much information has been revealed, but the expansion pack is expected to be a feature filled one (hint: it contains a carbon frozen Angry Bird!). Along with the game, the company also released a new trailer and merchandise in select retailers worldwide. Angry Birds Star Wars merchandise, ranging from Hasbro toys to apparel to plush toys, are still available now from select retailers.
Evading the dreaded Imperial Starfleet, a group of freedom fighters has established a new secret base on the remote ice world of Hoth. Hub News Videos Features Tips & Walkthroughs Wallpapers Angry Birds Star Wars - How to find Boba Fett's 5 jetpacksTweet by Mark Brown The latest update to Angry Birds Star Wars doesn't just feature a bird-shaped Lando Calrissian and the wispy Cloud City. His game speed is much slower than his toons speed, as Chuck can move regular speed when time is slowed down almost completely. This is likely because Rovio made 3 characters to only be able to easily destroy 1 material: Bomb (stone) Chuck (wood) Blues (Glass).
He has also gotten hurt by attempting to go fast and accidentally lodging himself in a cannon held by Bomb. However, in the early cutscenes, he was the size of The Blues and had top feathers like Red. His chest is light yellow instead of white, the mop of black head feathers are long, the design of his beak is curly large and his black feathers at the back are longer and gains another black feather at the back and has orange feet. He is also known as Maching bird, a name that describes his penchant for jokes as well as his intense speed. Right now I'm speed reading a running manual, a crime novel, a biography of Mighty Eagle, and the Complete Encyclopedia of Tropical Birds!
He also is shown to sometimes get his way in a similar fashion to "Gate Crasher," and is also shown when he screams "I WASN'T READY!" shortly after being launched toward the pig castle. This was later changed to his final look with a mop of black hair-like feathers on the top of his head. The Pigs never rest in their quest to steal eggs and the Flock often has to retrieve their eggs on holidays and special occasions. He originally only had a lightning bolt tail, but it was removed and he was wearing a cape in the second Red Planet update. The pink bird makes an appearance and it wields a new power with which one can aim for a weak spot to completely destroy the AT-ATs. Unfortunately the evil Darth Vader discovers their hideout, and the desperate Rebel birds must escape the AT-ATs and Pigtroopers hot on their trail. It also includes ten bonus stages, starring everyone's favourite jetpack-toting bounty hunter, Boba Fett.

In his earlier cartoon version, Chuck appears as a large cone shaped bird and the mop black head feathers are large similar to a mohawk, his beak is also large and has large black feathers on his back.
He always wanted to be the best of the Flock, and is one of the most restless Birds in the Flock.
I also don't like slow-moving bird, slow eaters, birds who are late, or any bird who insults Mighty Eagle! In the game, Lazer Bird's abilities are similar to Chuck, with a slightly different control method.
Fett is not a playable character; he's actually a pig, who rockets up into the air when you slam into him.
In the opening scenes of Poached Eggs and Mighty Hoax, while The Flock examines the empty nest with question marks above their heads, Chuck exclaims a "#" sign after realizing that the Bad Piggies stole their eggs. Instead of the player tapping the screen to increase speed, tapping now chooses a directional target.
This offers up some interesting strategies where you can force Fett into knocking obstacles onto his fellow comrades. Lazer Bird will turn at a sharp angle and accelerate toward the chosen target, ignoring gravity until hitting something. In Photochucked, Matilda went into frustration when Chuck "photobomb" Matilda when trying to take a picture of her favorite flowers. So, just follow this simple tutorial, and you'll have access to ten more Angry Birds Star Wars stages in no time.Jetpack 1 - Tatooine (1-23) The first jetpack is in the deserts of Tatooine.
In level 1-23, send a Han Solo bird high into the sky, then shoot at the blue object on the right to collect your first jetpack.Jetpack 2 - Death Star (2-32) Out in space now.
Then, as Han, shoot away the wood and metal struts in the square beneath the jetpack - where the pig is resting. Just as he's exiting, swing your lightsaber to collect the jetpack.Jetpack 3 - Hoth (3-27) We're out in space again. Use Chewie to smash the giant asteroid, then fire Han high and blast the jetpack with a good shot. It's actually underneath the catapult, so fire a Han bird backwards, then shoot underneath the podium to get the jetpack.Jetpack 5 - Cloud City (4-19) Last one. Use Han and Leia to remove as much junk as possible from the stage, then fire Han up high and get a good shot at the jetpack.
Now, go buy yourself a Mars bar.TweetMark Brown 28 March 2013 Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

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