There are two ways to unlock Boba Fett Missions in Angry Birds Star Wars, collect 5 jetpacks or purchase it for $.99 through the In-App Purchase. Rovio has decided that its game Angry Birds Star Wars isn’t amazing enough, so they must update it. Other than the mentioned additions, various issues within the game have been resolved as well.
All in all, this looks like it will provide Angry Birds and Star Wars fans alike with several hours more of entertainment and nerdy joy. My favorite thing about computers would have to be the Internet, as I use it way too much to read about anything that tickles my fancy. Earn 3 stars in all levels of Angry Birds Star Wars, find all Golden Droids and Hidden Jetpacks and unlock all achievements. So, as you know if you’ve ever played Angry Birds Star Wars before, as you beat levels you unlock new playable characters.
He joined up with the rebel forces and is now offering his Imperial Pig-destroying services to help defeat Lard Vader and other such foes of the Angry Rebels.

I mean, how can you not think shooting three lasers at once isn’t completely amazing?
My name is Sarah-Claire and I love anything related to art, music, dance, writing, anything creative! Of course, I also use it to watch videos of cats, Bollywood films, read comics, check out new artwork, etc. Use the Force, wield your lightsaber, and blast away Pigtroopers on an intergalactic journey from the deserts of Tatooine to the depths of the Pig Star.
The update will be available for Android and iOS devices as well as many other platforms and will surely provide players with hours and hours of extended enjoyment. Basically, anything that was a mild annoyance with the original version will no longer be an issue.
These services consist of shooting three lasers at once, which can deal out a lot of damage in one move.
I can spend hours checking out bands or artists I?ve never heard of, or just listening to my music collection and drawing whatever comes into my head.

That’s one excellent thing about Rovio, they really seem to listen to what users are saying, even if it happens to be criticism.
This is something Angry Birds fans will surely be ecstatic about as it will make quick work of the Imperial Pigs. It’s a good thing he decided to switch sides as otherwise it would probably be close to impossible to deal with Lard Vader at the end of the new Cloud City levels.
After defeating him, with the help of Lando Bird of course, you will have defeated all of the Cloud City levels and will be able to move on to other parts of the planet Bespin.
It may be made up mostly of gas, but trust me, there are some more things out there to explore.

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