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This stage can be complicated, however with our guide you will obtain the three star mastery quite easily.
This shot should be able to kill all the pigs except for the ones still left in the picture. Games-maker Rovio has announced that it will be releasing an update for its Angry Birds Star Wars game to be called Cloud City - which will bring a range of new levels and the ability to unlock a very special character from the Star Wars films. Now MTV can exclusively reveal new footage from the forthcoming game - which showcases everyone's favourite Bounty Hunter, Boba Fett.
With 20 new levels plus 2 bonus droid levels, players will experience unique gameplay featuring steam and smoke mechanics in all new environments. Although Ravio have yet to set a release date we can confirm that Angry Birds Star Wars - Cloud City is coming soon.

Las clasificaciones te ayudan a conocer el tipo de contenido de una aplicacion o juego, para que sepas si son apropiados para ti o tu familia. En las clasificaciones se describe la edad minima para la que consideramos que los contenidos son apropiados.
Si una aplicacion o un juego no tiene ninguna clasificacion, es porque aun no ha sido valorada por nadie, o lo ha sido pero aun no hemos actualizado la pagina.
You will earn your three star mastery once all the pigs are dead with your single bird launch. Launch with a low angle into the window blower, you want to get blown and destroy the flying platform marked in the picture. The angle of pulling can vary, however you must kill both of the pigs under the wind blower.
Estas no indican si la aplicacion esta concebida especificamente para esa edad, ni si requiere un determinado nivel para jugar al juego o utilizar la aplicacion.

Simon Walker 17 August, 20132 CommentRecent80%Zipbuds Slide Review: is the Slide still as much of a novelty without the zip? Esa podria ser la historia de Angry Birds Star Wars. Angry Birds Star Wars es la version del popular juego Angry Birds ambientada en el universo de La Guerra de las Galaxias. Founded in February 2006, OrNsoft made it a point to hire great people, continuously refine its project management processes, and invest in the ongoing development of technologies and expertise. Y si ademas te gusta La Guerra de las Galaxias, Angry Birds Star Wars se convertira en uno de tus juegos favoritos.

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