The nxtab site successfully promotes sales of their tablet, phones and accessories all around the world earning a few pounds. Sure, we could argue that trying to get the page view count is a case of vanity, or trying to squeeze money out of readers is greedy, but for me it’s all part and parcel of the challenge of running a site. There is always the danger that it might push sites in the wrong direction, perhaps I would be motivated to promote paid for apps more often than free ones?
With all these different areas it would be a clear incentive to invest much more time into building up content and promoting Android as a platform. Given how hot the competition is right now, you would think that actually an affiliate program would be a relatively cheap marketing spend for Google.
But since it’s it has been a year ago since you posted this article and still there is no such thing, i have my doubts it will come any time soon.
It’s a shame, the number and quality of Apple fans sites has always seemed higher to me and whilst this may well be due to the passion of Apple fans I have always wondered if the lack of an affiliate scheme has something to do with it.

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However the stats show that most people coming to the site are going on to the Google Play store having read my articles and one suspects this is where most people are making purchases. I want it to be the best site it can possibly be and these are just some of the measures we can use to monitor progress.
The addition of a new revenue stream would clearly motivate original content writers and the traditional hobby blogger bedroom affiliate.

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