If you frequently transfer lots of files between your Android device and PC or MAC, chances are there are huge recovered corrupted files in your LOST.dir folder. A common issue experienced by many android users is that their pictures and videos folder (DCIM) increases in size by itself i.e. You might also want to install Quickpic and use it instead of default gallery to browse and view pictures.
Cleanmaster is a really nice app which will clean your system cache, residual files from apps previously uninstalled or deleted and also delete your unwanted search histories, call logs etc.
Link2SD is a simple application which will allow your rooted Android to force move apps to external storage or SDcard, This will save you lots of internal storage. As you can see, I managed to free more than 4GB of space by following these methods to clean unwanted files eating up my android’s internal storage.
But I noticed that in the app settings…Google search had about 300 mb data…what if I touch clear data??
This feature allows a preferably new  or existing MicroSD card can be configured as internal storage which will add up to the existing internal storage to install Apps in addition to the media storage.
There is no need of moving Apps to the external SD card from Android 6.0 Marshmallow onwards. While upgrading or setting up your Android 6.0 device first time it will ask for the SD card configuration to continue with.
If you are starting with a new SD card, then Android 6.0 M device will prompt to choose the Storage option as Internal or Portable by bypassing all the above steps and you can continue with Format with the following steps. After you select Format as Internal, the next screen will show you a warning message to backup the SD card to avoid data loss.
Now the device will format SD card and create necessary folders to work as internal storage.
You can add your media or other files to the SD card as usual and is accessible via USB to the PC.  If you want to see the USB options for transferring files please check this. You can always reformat the SD card according to your choice but the data stored in one format will not be readable to other format unless you are using any external methods and eventually will overwrite hence losing the data. One of the main advantages of rooting an Android device is that you can load it up with a custom recovery like TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) or CWM (ClockworkMod) and enjoy lots of extra system features that you do not get with the stock Android recovery in a phone.
This is also called Nandroid backup and restore which was first introduced back in the ClockworkMod Recovery. Like we said above, we love TWRP and that’s the custom recovery we will be using in this guide.
Step 2 – Once in TWRP, you will see a similar screen as shown below in the screenshot.
Step 5 – Wait till the entire process is completed and you see a similar screen as shown below.
Just reboot your phone and everything will be back to how it was — with a backup of your entire Android system safely stored in your internal storage. Bio: Someone who lives on everything Android -- countless devices, apps and games to play with everyday. You can backup locally (on the device), copy to a PC, or upload to a cloud storage service like Google Play. Download Helium on your Android device and download the Heliumn Desktop Installer to your PC, Mac, or Linux machine. Unless you have a lot of apps you don’t use anymore, your first backup should be a full backup. Helium is a great app for backups because it saves the most important files that other backup apps seem to ignore.
Before you do a backup, clean up your Android device by detecting malicious apps that eat your battery-life up.
Thanks for sharing, Coolmuster Android File Manager could also help, we can use it to backup almost everything from android phone to computer, and it also has some other functions, have a try! Step-by-step guide on using micro SD card as internal storage in Android Marshmallow, and convert micro SD card from portable storage to internal storage. Adoptable storage, using micro SD card as internal storage, is one of the most welcomed new features in Android Marshmallow.
This guide will show you detailed steps to use micro SD card as internal storage in  Android Marshmallow.
Step 0:  decide whether you want to use micro SD card as internal storage in Android Marshmallow.
Although you can switch back and forth between using SD card as internal storage and as portable storage at any time, it may take some time to back up files on it. So, you’d better think about your need carefully whether the phone internal storage will be an issue for you in next 12 months. If your phone only has less than 16GB storage and you need install some games, you probably should consider to use SD card as internal storage to expand internal storage. After you update your phone to Android Marshmallow or after you insert the SD card first time, you will get a notification like below. In this guide, I assume this feature (using micro SD card as internal storage) is not disabled by the manufacturer. This warning is clearly stated in the page after you select to use micro SD card as internal storage as shown above(SanDisk micro SD is used as an example. After the micro SD card is formatted, you are given the option to move some files to micro SD card. Please note, when you choose to use micro SD card as internal storage, you cannot control which files are saved in SD card, and which files are saved in the phone storage.
It will be always decided by the system based on many factors, for example, available phone storage and file type. As mentioned, the files to be moved to SD card are determined by some algorithms in Android Marshmallow. Before moving data to micro SD card, the system will estimated the size of files to be moved. When your actual phone storage is too low, some apps will be moved to SD card automatically.
And again, you cannot specify file saving locations as SD card or phone storage in any apps.

If you currently use micro SD card as portable storage, you can easily convert to use the micro SD card as internal storage. Then you will go through the similar procedure to format the micro SD card as internal storage as mentioned above. If you have any questions or problems on how to use micro SD card as internal storage in Android Marshmallow device, or to convert from portable storage to internal storage, please let us know in the comment box below.
For any questions or problems with Android Marshmallow, please check our Android Marshmallow Guide page.
I bought a LG K8 and went with portable memory at first but now i want to use my SD as internal . As I know, LG (just like its Korean buddy Samsung) disabled the internal storage option for SD card in all of their Marshmallow devices.
Yesterday everything was fine until I managed somehow to get my SIM card PUK’d meaning locked. Since I was having memory problems I decided to do a factory reset on my phone after i backed it up, installed marshmellow and its not giving me the option to change from portable storage to internal storage. Samsung doesn’t support the feature of using SD card as internal storage in Marshmallow. Samsung doesn’t support the feature of using micro SD card as internal storage on Marshmallow.
Does anyone know WHY Samsung does not support the feature of using micro SD card as internal storage on Marshmallo ? My phone internal memory is 2 GB but I have android marshmallow to use this option I bought 32 gb class 10 memory card. If the internal storage is already low before you set card as internal storage, you should reset the phone before setting the SD card.
You can try to backup the phone, reset the phone, set the SD card, then install apps from play store again.
I got a Samsung J5-2016, especially because it has Android 6 and I want the option to use the SD card as internal memory. In Marshmallow, you can manually move some apps to SD card in Samsung phones although you cannot use SD card as internal storage. Nooow you don’t need Android 6 for that, previous versions did it as well, besides only very few apps allow themselves to be moved to SD. Here I’ll recommend you an Android data recovery can help you get access the internal memory of your Android phone and retrieve those deleted photos, videos, contacts, and more.
Then the program will go to the window as follows, informing you to click Start button for analyzing the data on your phone. It may takes you quite a long time to scan out all pictures you accidentally deleted on your Android phone.
As you see on the scanning result of the program, you can also recover almost all deleted files, including contacts, text messages, videos, photos, audios and more. Helium is an ultimate app that is  developed by the very popular and well known developer – Koushik Dutta. First you must download the Compatible Desktop Application of Helium which is designed to run on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (You can download Helium Desktop Application by clicking the link below).
Helium has a cool feature which every will take advantage of while using Helium, is it that it allows you to ONLY backup your App Data alone instead of backup the whole App for your Android Apps. If you don’t want your Phone SD card or Internal Memory to be filled with the data then you can try to Backup on the Cloud with the Cloud Storage option. If you are free to go with the Helium Premium, then you will additionally experience and get Premium feature like Backing up & Restoring the Data from Google Drive, Drop box and your favorite cloud service. Mohammed Siadath Ali is a computer geek who has a good knowledge on programming & Codes and is the Designer And creator of His Blog - TechBuzzes. Mohammed Siadath Ali is a Passionate Technology blogger, who has been blogging on Software's And Technology as a hobby since months. Yes have tired the G Cloud App lately,Its an another best alternative for Titanium and Carbon. Removing the the App from your Device and the Desktop Application, and re-install it again on both of the corresponding devices.
Because the App does the Export to SD card perfectly with out asking for any encryption code. That’s a lot of space and you are thinking it will be more than enough for your apps, music and videos. Quickpic gallery loads up very fast, has a clean interface and is currently the best gallery replacement for your Android. They are just corrupted files in your SDCard and It will be a headache to extract them anyway. One of the important new feature in Android 6.0 is the option to use SD card as internal storage. To configure the MicroSD card as internal storage, we need to format the card according to our usage as internal or portable. You can see the Apps or media stored in the SD card from the screen once you open each folder inside it. If you are getting any error due to normal slow SD cards, then retry to finish the process. This is one of the best feature from google with Android 6.0 Marshmallow that addressed one of the most common problem that face by the customers who has low storage device. We have done a complete guide on how to backup Android phone system and we will be using Team Win Recovery Project. We love to experiment with new mods from time to time, and to make sure our phones run smoothly without issues, we keep regular backups. The problem with these apps is that they either take a snapshot of the device, saving all the apps and settings, or only save individual APKs and not the user files. Cloud storage requires Helium Premium, but it’s a worthwhile investment because you can automate backup schedules and Android to Android sync. Once it’s installed, Helium on Android will ask you to connect the Android device to the computer to enable Helium on Android.
Even though there are options for Google Drive and other cloud storage accounts, they are not activated.

If you want to save the Android Helium folder on your desktop, connect the Android device to the computer, and copy the file. I recommend the full version because of the cloud storage support, but you can get around that by copying the Helium folder off your Android device to a computer, and then uploading that to the cloud. A  Sometimes when we update our phone to a newer version or when we try to flash a custom rom,A we might need to have backup copies of our SMS.
For example, in Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, you can only use micro SD card as portable storage. So, the micro SD card, after formatted as internal storage, cannot be used on any other devices until you format it again. But in Android Marshmallow, normally media files and app data are actually saved in the SD card. The bottom line is that you should not worry about insufficient phone storage as long as your micro SD card have space.
All files on it will be erased, and you cannot use the micro SD on other device unless you format it again. Can you convert from portable storage to internal storage for the micro SD card in Android Marshmallow device?
THe problem is that when i go to storage and USB , i tap the SD – settings , i have only eject and format .
If the phone doesn’t support using SD card as internal storage, you are limited to the phone storage. When I remove then put it back in it tells me “SD card Checking” after its run it tells me “Not inserted”.
I would love to be able to have my apps download straight to the memory card instead of on internal storage (which is almost completely full with just apps & system data), but I am night quite brave enough to root my phone. Whether you accidentally deleted photos, or corrupted your OS through a software update or ROM flashing, it can save your memory memories.
Just wonder with this excellent feature how much Time and Space you can save while backing up your device. Where you can backup your data for free, but restoring your data from cloud storage requires Helium (Premium) which is a paid version. Cloud Storage on Helium is an extremely helpful feature that allows you to restore all your Data easily without any need to connect your device to a PC when you purchase a new Phone and without an SD card. You can easily make backup of all your Android Apps on your Device and restore all those Android Apps directly on your Mobile. He is an MCA(Master Of Computer Applications) Graduate From Esteemed University in Chennai.. It appears that overtime large thumbnail files are created by your default gallery and have sizes that are far greater than the actual images. I struggled with the critically low internal storage error that prompted me to clear the temporary files from applications.
Though your data may not be erased immediately by changing this format, it will not be accessible to Android anymore if you are changing an existing SD card with files containing. Once it is finished you will get the message and your storage memory will add to the amount of your SD card storage. The older files that were available before the format need to be moved to the corresponding folders from your backup to access within the device. It allows you to make a complete copy of your Android ROM system and then later restore it whenever you want on the same phone. Whenever we run into issues or a major bug, TWRP allows us to easily roll back within minutes.
A  In this tutorial, Ia€™ll be explaining the easiest method to backup your SMS, and root isn’t required to do this.
What’s the best way to back up my SD card before re-formatting it to make sure I don’t lose the 8 GB of stuff on my SD card? It perfectly works on device with Android 4.0 or higher by backing up their Applications and the data inside the app. Then wait for some seconds, and Helium App will fully process and allow you to make back of all your Apps and App data’s. Think of a scenario: where you only wanted to have backup of Subway Surfers – World Tour Rome data, if you swipe-up to the bottom tab in the app, you can see a Check Box appearing with an option of App Data Only, and it does extract only the data within that app and not the larger size apk App file. You can easily restore all your Android Apps that have been backup on your SD card or internal Memory of your Phone. And that is one of the main reason behind starting his Technology Blog TechBuzzes - where he has started blogging about the Latest Technology on Software's and providing high information to the Users. For example- I use Pulse reader and once your news are loaded in the app, you can view them without network connection later. I had to go through this for each text I wanted to send, and sometimes couldn’t even take a photo. Google recommends to always eject your SD card before removing from the phone especially when it is formatted as internal storage. We all know how boring it is to setup your phone from scratch after you need to wipe out everything. This Android app will backup individual app files like game saves and user information from installed apps. If you are restoring after wiping your device, you’re going to have to install all the APKs for your apps again.
Afterwards everything was work fine, until this morning when I went to use it to listen to an Audible book the app was gone and when I went to look at storage it told me that the “SD card is “not inserted”.
Now Backup Your Android Apps and App Data with Helium and get hold to your favorite data from losing it. However, if important files such as Clockword Recovery files are corrupted, chances are that they have ended in Lost.dir, you might want to try and recover them using Recuva or other similar software. Basic recovery software does not detect the mobile as they only look for physical external drives.

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