You can tell that much thought and attention has been given to the customizability of the UI when you move multiple apps across screens. A Lite Mode can be enabled for those who want something easy to use, the UI looks and feels pretty similar to Huawei's Simple Mode, but Xiaomi's version isn't just a skin, there are changes to the UI including larger fonts and disabling the drop down menu.Unlike the Hongmi version sold in China, the Redmi will come with Google Mobile Services, which includes all the Google apps including Gmail, Play Store and Maps. Camera and video While most budget handsets would settle for a 5-megapixel rear camera or even less, the Redmi comes packing an 8-megapixel shooter that wouldn't be out of place in a mid- or high-end handset.
Conclusion Price at an unbelievably low $133 (S$169), Xiaomi's Redmi is easily delivers twice the value in features. On November 11, Epic Games had the great pleasure of announcing the release and immediate availability for download of its brand new Unreal Engine 4.10 game engine software. The Blueprint Node Alignment Routines feature has been injected into the editor, an optional launch screen for Android projects has been implemented, the Refraction on Mobile feature has been enabled for iPhone 5s or later devices, and there are Visible and Hidden Mesh optimizations for optimized rendering of head-mounted VR displays. Moreover, the Material Quality Level Scalability System for Mobile has been added to allow scaling of mobile games to low-end devices while keeping the same quality level, the Motion Controller Component and Landscape Mirror Tool have received updates, and there are new rendering optimizations for VR games.

Instead of having to move them one by one, you can group app icons together before moving them together to another screen.The handset's Mi Cloud (left) and battery indicator options.
Swift Key Pro comes pre-installed for users, though I still prefer the default Android keyboard.
Unlike what you'd expect from low-end devices, there's no shutter lag, and there are plenty of software options such as panorama and HDR.The performance of the camera is surprisingly good, as good as what you'd expect from a high-end smartphone. It's quite possibly the best budget handset I've seen, and with its affordable accessories, makes this the best low-cost smartphone you can get today.
Based in Singapore, he loves playing Dota 2 when he can spare the time and is also the owner-minion of two adorable cats. Then, there's also support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, Xcode project overhaul, as well as for multiple new gamepads for the Android platform, including Samsung Game Pad EI-GP20, Amazon Fire Game Controller, Amazon Fire TV remote, and Nvidia Shield Controller. Experienced and aspiring game developers alike can get Unreal Engine 4.10 right now and start creating some of the most awesome titles for Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems, as well as for Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Xiaomi has its own cloud service, which allows you to send cloud-based SMSes through the phone as well as your PC to other Xiaomi handsets, as well as backup features for your SMS and pictures.Checking out the apps (left) and dial pad on the Redmi's user interface. On Asphalt 8, there's a noticeable lag that prevents you from properly controlling the car, but it's still playable as long as you don't expect to ace every race since you won't be able to steer smoothly.Calls were crisp and clear, and I like the volume and clarity of the rear speaker.
The Xiaomi will be available online for those in Singapore on Friday, February 21, from Xiaomi's Web site, as well as from partnering telcos. As expected, the software fixes many of the annoying issues reported by users since the previous maintenance release of the game engine, Unreal Engine 4.9. I still prefer having front-facing speakers like the HTC One, however, as that makes a lot more sense.Packing a 2,000mAh battery, the Redmi lasted me a day and a half of moderate to heavy use.

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