Quillen S3 Backup – Provides a very efficient chunking system which minimizes the amount of data that has to be transferred between successive versions of a file.
JungleDisk – An excellent, rock-solid solution which works well on Linux and Windows platforms.
S3Drive – S3Drive is a Windows application that lets you access the Amazon web space as a local network drive. S3Fox Firefox browser extension – Works very well just like an FTP client with 2 panes to operate with. S3 Browser – is a server-side PHP application that lets you manage your S3 storage and data in it using a web browser.
BucketExplorer – A very well designed Java based Application with extensive auditing options for your S3 buckets.
Amazon S3 plugin for WordPress – Allows you to easily use Amazon S3 with your WordPress blog. FlickR to S3 backup Tool – This is a minimal Python script to backup your FlickR photos to your Amazon S3 account. One thing to consider before you select your Amazon S3 Tool is the Integrity and Format of your data. Recently i came across a very good tool called CloudBuddy – A true cloud platform for Amazon S3.
Amazon has taken another big step towards in providing a virtual data storage option for retrieving any amount of data on a ColdFusion website with the launch of Amazon S3. For those of CF developers, who have been on the fence as to choose which web-scale computing will be much easier and affordable, Amazon AWS is going to be a lot more attractive service than any other.

The AWS allows to transfer more sensitive workloads into the cloud — all you just need to do is address your compliance and regulatory requirements. In addition to their exciting service Amazon S3, the Amazon web service is offering a free tier service plan for a period of one month and later the fee is automatically applied to the regular bill. AmazonS3 storage is an online storage system and service provided by Amazon, theoretically, S3 is a global storage area networks (SAN), it showed a large hard drive, in which you can store and retrieve digital assets. However, technically, there are some differences in the architecture of Amazon. Inside you find AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service) , a mass storage service, fully transparent, which allows us to hang all our data in the Data Center of Amazon without worrying about any limit. If you want to have a scalable, high availability and inexpensive storage service, Amazon S3 is a good choice. Alone marketing cannot convince you, and then there are seven reasons to choose Amazon S3 as enterprise storage.
It needs to be noted that if you choose this area of Northern California and Tokyo, you spend will be significantly increased. The cost differences may arise from the real estate prices and regional data center electricity costs and many other factors.
Demand for DR and emergency backup to the Amazon processing, you need to compare to do so and to create your own DR site, the price difference between the maintenance and verification of backup hardware. The price of a few cents per gigabyte will allow you to give up the latter.
You need to talk in terms of APIs with Amazon S3. Many have found this to be a great business opportunity and created many Amazon S3 Storage Tools. The Virtual File System is realized atop a cache which makes life lot easier on slower bandwidth connections. Just wanted to highlight the fact that Bucket Explorer uses Jets3t library for EVERY S3 operation which has an impact on data integrity. However, the thing I’ve noticed about most S3 clients is that they use a proprietary file-system within the buckets. Interestingly it provides Client, MS- Office plug-ins, SDKs (we can extend to our own), Plug-in Framework where we can write our own modules.

S3 is an abbreviation for Simple Storage Solution, as the name suggests, this web service acts as the real-time space for storing large amounts of large files and access to it at anytime from anywhere on the web. Fastening its advanced turn, the Amazon has announced facility to upload gigabytes worth of videos, audios or image files of your website on the web at ridiculously affordable prices.
To know more about the storage and bandwidth size that a tire cover, browse their main website. West (Northern California), EU (Ireland), Asia Pacific (Singapore) and Asia Pacific (Tokyo) to choose.
In amazon S3 these is concept of bucket, object and key, through with only authorize people have access to resources. Jeremy Zawodny have done a good job of listing them, but I found a few more tools during my research and here they are – categorized.
Choose a tool or setup a mechanism yourself to encrypt your private data before you store them on S3.
However, the SDK for Java API can also be used for various platforms by instantiating the Java object. After researching for quite some time I have finally signed-up for an Amazon S3 based Grid Storage Service. Don’t worry there are plenty of ways to do so, such as instantiating the required aspects using the objects and methods available in the AWS SDK for Java.

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