You probably hear about “the cloud” all the time, and how it’s fundamentally and rapidly changing the way internet technology is conceived and developed. In reality, “cloud” is just a generic term for an abstract pool of computing resources that you can use in virtual chunks. A central starting point to find documentation, code samples, release notes, and other information to help you create innovative applications with AWS.
AWS Config Developer Guide.Accessing Amazon VPCAmazon VPC provides a web-based user interface, the Amazon VPC console.
To get started, see AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell User Guide.Amazon VPC provides a Query API.

Pricing.Amazon VPC LimitsThere are limits to the number of Amazon VPC components that you can provision. But what does it mean for you, the tech entrepreneur with a tight budget, perhaps little or no technical skills, and limited runway?
These chunks might be a virtual machine to run application servers, virtual storage areas for data, or even an individual virtual process to execute a task. Resource Description Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Connectivity OptionsA whitepaper that provides an overview of the options for network connectivity. Google, Amazon and Microsoft all have huge capacity clouds that provide some services to the unwashed masses, but even non-internet companies with large infrastructure footprints are migrating to their own private clouds (either with their own hardware or hosted by cloud providers like Savvis or Amazon) to reduce friction in hardware provisioning and decommissioning and making their capacity more elastic.

Bandwidth is certainly scalable, but like physical servers, it’s expensive and costs the same whether 90% or 20% utilized. So, scaling horizontally generally meant adding and removing physical servers and megabit sized chunks of capacity and capital (that takes 5 years to fully depreciate, no less).

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