Many of the top companies providing Cloud Storage services and offering limited free storage with paid options to opt more storage. All cloud storage companies trying to provide access of files across devices by providing comprehensive software or applications. Available for : Web Browser, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Fire OS. Google Drive approach is different from others, it offers 15 GB cloud storage along with rich editing options and also have integration with other Google services like gMail, Google+ etc. Google Drive allows to edit documents, spreadsheets, power point slides on-line using Google docs, and it supports online editing of most commonly used formats.
Box is popular cloud storage option for business, it offers 10 GB free storage for personal usage. Available for : Web Browser, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Chrome and Firefox extensions.
Amazon Cloud Drive is Amazon contribution for cloud services to compete with big players like Google and Microsoft, it offers 5 GB free cloud storage.
Como alternativa en el mundo de hoy, el almacen en la nube o “cloud computing storage” ofrece un servicio de almacenaje virtual, de tal manera que puede accederlo a traves de la Internet, desde cualquier dispositivo u ordenador y se guardan en un solo lugar en la red. Nilda Asistente Virtual busca los programas en la nube que mas se adapten a las necesidades de los clientes.
De todos modos, recomiendo que, aparte de usar archivos en la nube, mantenga copias de resguardo en medios de almacenamiento fisico.  Considere que cuando se almacena en la nube, hay que conectarse a la Internet (vital para el asistente virtual).
Microsoft has chosen to integrate CloudLink Technologies’ SecureVM solution into its Microsoft Azure Key Vault. SecureVM, initially integrated with Microsoft Azure in July 2014, allowed Azure customers to manage the encryption of Windows and Linux-based virtual machines.
Now with Azure Key Vault integration, SecureVM will give users control over their own encryption keys, with the cloud provider responsible for key generation and storage. It is then up to the customer, as the owner of the data, to control the security policy and that regulates the encryption key access and use. CloudLink, a Canadian firm formerly known as Afore, already provide security products for private cloud alongside Amazon Web Services and VMWare’s powered public cloud. CloudLink CEO’s, Alex Berlin, said that the solution will give customers confidence that root of trust master keys are never exposed outside of the Microsoft Azure Key Vault. Each customer, as the data owner, has complete and singular control of the security policy that regulates encryption key management, and therefore access to data, at all times. Seamless integration between CloudLink and Microsoft Azure Key Vault provides ease of deployment and ease of use. Ben covers web and technology giants such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft and their impact on the cloud computing industry, whilst also writing about data centre players and their increasing importance in Europe. He also covers future technologies such as drones, aerospace, science, and the effect of technology on the environment.

In terms of the sheer number of topics both have to understand, being a CEO is a lot like being Secretary of State. As more and more enterprises adopt a ?cloud-like? infrastructure, a shift in work culture and practices -- known as DevOps -- is also occurring. The Docker application container technology that is emerging as a new method of packing and running applications on top of Linux servers has gotten another important blessing as it moves from an interesting project to a production-grade tool that can be used by enterprises. Elastic Beanstalk is a load balancing and provisioning system that runs atop Amazon's EC2 compute cloud that automates these procedures rather than having such tasks performed by people. For those of you not familiar with software containers in general or Docker in particular, Docker is an application repository and change management system that runs in conjunction with Linux containers. There are so many different software stacks, and variations of these on top of that, running across disparate physical and virtual servers, both inside the enterprise and outside in the clouds, that programmers and system administrators are spending more time tracking changes than they are doing useful work. Docker implements what used to be called a virtual private server for Windows and Linux machines and what Sun Microsystems used to call a zone or container with its Solaris Unix variant. The interesting thing about Docker is that it allows for modifying applications running inside of containers. The Docker project was started by dotCloud, a platform cloud provider frustrated by application portability issues. It will be interesting to see what Microsoft does for Windows Server and the Azure cloud to create an analog for Docker.
In simple words, Cloud Storage is just storing of your data in a centralized location and gives you full access anywhere and at any time. There are plenty of options for free or paid cloud storage options, here we are going to see some of the trusted options. It has restriction to upload larger than 250 MB files, it is the main drawback for Box service, but we can create Google docs from box itself and it will allow you to edit the created files. There is no way to increase free storage but 50 GB huge space is good if you compare with others. Copy provides 15 GB of free cloud storage and additional whooping 5GB for referral, more friends more storage typically you can get unlimited storage.
He loves to write about Big Data and the Internet of Things, and explore how these technologies are evolving and helping businesses to become more agile.
Giving the data owner the ability to define and control security policy that regulates encryption keys provides the customer flexibility to benefit from the cloud-based key management offered by Azure,” said Berlin. Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information.
Amazon Web Services is now allowing for Docker containers to run on top of its Elastic Beanstalk service. It is a supplemental service for EC2 and other infrastructure cloud components and as such it is something that delineates AWS from other public clouds and it is also something that helps drive revenues for AWS. The Elastic Beanstalk service was meant to provide a slightly higher level of abstraction, as Amazon CTO Werner Vogels explains in a blog post, and started out three years ago supporting Java applications on top of the Tomcat server.

It solves a complex matrix problem that the shipping container similarly solves for moving manufactured goods around the world.
With Docker, the idea is to create a software analog of a shipping container, whereby the application developer only worries about what goes inside of the container and has an automated means of controlling and distributing changes to the code that runs inside groups of containers and the system administrator only worries about the outside of the container and making sure that the machines, virtual or physical, provide what is necessary for running that Docker container. IBM called it a workload partition with its AIX Unix variant and Hewlett-Packard called it a HP-UX Containers for its Unix flavor. So, for instance, you can package up the application code as well as Linux binaries and libraries and ship those around as a unit. At the moment, Docker is in beta testing and is only at the 0.10 release level so it is definitely not production grade.
Companies definitely want a lighter-weight virtualization layer for some of their applications and companies operating at extreme scale most certainly want a better mechanism for distributing code changes across their infrastructure. It offers a lot of features and benefits like data availability on all of our devices at any time and anywhere on any device, backup, syncing, security, sharing and much more.
Many of us very concern about storing data across the oceans, it leads a questions about security even though companies boosting their precautions to secure the data.
For PC’s and for MAC, appropriate  client software available to sync files directly and instantly in simple way.
It offers unique features like sharing of big files or folders so, no size limits, and no viewing bandwidth restrictions. Before joining SiliconANGLE, Mike was an editor at Argophilia Travel News, an occassional contributer to The Epoch Times, and has also dabbled in SEO and social media marketing. Before the multi-modal shipping container was invented, manufacturers had to consider how different items might affect each other, how they needed to be lifted and moved, and how they might be packed into ships or trucks. He usually bases himself in Bangkok, Thailand, though he can often be found roaming through the jungles or chilling on a beach. A few weeks ago, Amazon announced that its homegrown variant of Linux allowed for Docker containers to be loaded up on top of it when running inside of Xen partitions on the EC2 compute cloud. Once the shipping container was standardized, products could be isolated from each other – for instance, food and industrial machinery – and yet be put on the same ship or stacked up in the same port. Instead of putting a heavy-weight hypervisor on a machine and then carving it up into virtual machine partitions, each with their own full operating system and application stack, containers take a single operating system kernel and file system and carve it up into logical runtimes that look and feel like a full, complete instance of the operating system as far as the applications and security settings of each container are concerned.
You can also modify an application and package up the changes to that application and its binaries and libraries and distribute just those changes to existing Docker containers to update code.
Moreover, containers could be hauled around on ships or lugged around by trucks, providing quicker and more efficient portability of manufactured goods.
The other important thing is that if a developer creates code that runs on a Linux instance, that means it can run on any KVM or Xen virtual machine, LXC container, or bare-metal Linux that has the right binaries and libraries installed, and Docker is the means to make sure they are, in fact, installed.

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