Microsoft is offering Windows Azure customers the facility of transferring their data offline to and from Azure storage accounts using hard disk drives. The company launched Monday a preview of the import and export service that provides built-in support for BitLocker disk encryption, which enables users to encrypt data on the hard drives before they send it. The service provides an efficient solution for importing large amounts of on-premise data into Windows Azure Blobs or exporting Windows Azure Blobs, the company said in a post.
Users dona€™t have to worry if the disks are lost or stolen in transit because only users will have the key to the encrypted data, wrote Scott Guthrie, a Microsoft corporate vice president in the companya€™s server and tools business, in a blog post. Once the hard drives reach a Windows Azure data center through FedEx, they will be uploaded to a storage account. Offline import and export is faster, helps cut costs and reduces dependence on network bandwidth for massive amounts of data, Guthrie wrote.
Microsofta€™s competitors like Google and Amazon Web Services already offer similar services. The service from Microsoft is currently offered at $40 per storage device under a 50 percent discount during the preview period.
Microsoft announced last week the general availability release of Windows Azure HDInsight, which it described as a fully compatible Hadoop service that allows users to provision and manage Hadoop clusters for big data processing in Windows Azure.
This week, Windows Azure also introduced more features such as a Virtual Machine gallery that can be used to create new VMs in the cloud and the free use of Web Sockets with Windows Azure websites. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.
StableBit CloudDrive beta ($34.95) is an interesting tool which creates a secure virtual drive on your PC, and stores the data on your choice of local, network or cloud storage.
The program currently supports Amazon S3, Box, Dropbox, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, OneDrive and OneDrive for Business accounts. StableBit CloudDrive emulates a real SCSI hard drive, ensuring it shows up in Explorer -- and just about any other software you might install -- as another local drive. One immediate advantage is that CloudDrive can protect your data with AES-256 encryption, keeping it safe from snoopers. Whether this suits your needs depends very much on your network and internet connection speeds, and your particular cloud storage account (some just aren’t designed to support this kind of heavy use). Fortunately CloudDrive has a fully functional 30-day trial version, so there’s plenty of time to test the product and see how well it works for you. How secure are dropbox microsoft onedrive google drive How secure are dropbox microsoft onedrive google drive and apple icloud cloud storage services data in transit is encrypted using secure sockets layer How secure are dropbox microsoft onedrive google drive. Did you know trusteer endpoint protection windows 10 has become the hottest topics in this category? Porticor Ltd., a cloud data security company delivering cloud-based key management and data encryption solution that infuses trust into the cloud and keeps cloud data confidential, announced that its Virtual Private Data (VPD) release supports the OpenStack cloud OS, securing datacenter information across compute, storage, and networking resources. The VPD system is a solution combining patented split-key encryption and homomorphic key management technologies with data encryption to protect critical data in public, private and hybrid cloud environments. With this announcement, OpenStack customers can leverage Porticor for disk encryption, database encryption and application level encryption. In addition to OpenStack and existing AWS support, the new Porticor version includes enhancements for VMware customers by more closely integrating with the VMware platform, including adding the ability to bring up additional Porticor Virtual Appliances, or create encrypted volumes directly from the Porticor user interface.

Porticor has also expanded the HA of its virtual key management service further, leveraging its availability across multiple regions and availability zones, to provide a SLA for availability of 99.99%. Unlike traditional data encryption solutions, which are complicated and expensive to deploy and manage, Porticor's split-key encryption and homomorphic key management system is offered as a cloud data protection service delivering confidentiality of data in the cloud by ensuring customer encryption keys are not exposed.
While other solutions require encryption keys to be manually managed for every disk, distributed storage or database record, or to be owned by a cloud provider, Porticor's homomorphic split-key encryption technology eliminates complexity and compromises.
Porticor protects the entire data layer stack, including virtual disks, distributed storage, databases, and applications. Iperius allows you to integrate the MySQL backup with many useful options: in fact, you can automatically transfer the backup files to any mass storage device (like NAS or tape drives) or you can make remote backups to FTP servers, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Azure Storage, etc. Iperius Backup is the most affordable software to back up MySQL databases and MariaDB, because in a single, lightweight and portable software you have unlimited possibilities in backup configuration, and you have no limitation in the number of databases or servers. Iperius is not a simple database backup program, since it comes with many additional and useful features, like zip compression, advanced verification, AES encryption, and the possibility to keep multiple backup copies of each database. Home Cloud Service & Provider Reviews ZipCloud Service – good or bad for businesses? ZipCloud service is a cloud storage service supports businesses to store and share important datas. ZipCloud service is an automatic cloud backup service to help you keep your improtant files even when they are loss. Excluding some standard features that other cloud backup storage have also provide, the combination of these features into one convenient plan is the most considerable benefit of ZipCloud service that makes it be different.
Secure customer’s data is the top priority taken into consederation of ZipCloud service. The website collects the NEWS and useful data about cloud services so that the user can update information daily. Windows Azure Blob storage is a service for storing large amounts of unstructured data that can be accessed via HTTP or HTTPS.
The company is shipping a drive preparation tool to make it easier to set up the encryption on the hard drives, he added.
The company does not charge a data transfer charge between the device and Azure storage within the same data center.
Hard drives above 4TB are not supported during the preview, and no more than 10 drives can be processed per job, the company said.
It also introduced a new billing alert service that sends email alerts when the customera€™s bill crosses a certain predefined level.
Choose a provider, log in, then click Create, optionally tweak a few settings and you’re done. This starts with a customizable local cache, which detects your most-used files and stores them on a local drive, for speedier access.
Pin the drive indexes and you’re able to browse folder contents without having to download anything.
This looks out for sequential file access, such as media streaming, and downloads data you’re about to access before you need it.
Customers can define encryption policies using a UI or a RESTful API for fine grained encryption on any level of their data stack.

Also part of the new release are usability enhancements for enterprise customers, including upgrade tools and more support for multiple geographical regions. It restores key ownership to customers while automatically managing customer encryption keys with maximum security.
It dynamically encrypts and decrypts virtual data whenever the application needs access, and delivers a key management system that is hosted in the cloud, yet offers the confidentiality, security and trust of a system that is hosted inside the datacenter.
Thanks to these powerful features, together with the possibility to keep multiple copies of your backups, Iperius is one of the most flexible and complete software to protect MySQL databases.
The backups files created by Iperius are in the standard format of MySQL, hence perfectly readable by any other program and always compatible. In addition, you have detailed email notification options, to be always informed about the backup result. ZipCloud service creats an online backup copy so that you can restore in case your devices have been lost or damaged. However, the speed is quickly improved to be faster with ZipCloud service by using progressive backup that uploads only files recently changed from the priors. Import and export jobs can be set up and managed using the Windows Azure management portal or the REST interface. We got this image from the web we feel would be one of the most representative pictures for short white curtains. We took this picture on the net that we consider would be probably the most representative pictures for trusteer endpoint protection windows 10. We got this image on the internet that we consider would be probably the most representative pics for jax teller blue flannel. With homomorphic key management, the keys are protected at all times - even while they are in use.
Within minutes, customers can encrypt their entire data layer with the proven AES 256-bit encryption algorithm.
Iperius is extremely easy to use, and with a single license you can back up an unlimited number of servers and databases (local or remote), without needing any prerequisite. Because of its automatic characteristics, ZipCloud allows users to set up their backup schedule whenever they want. There are also helpful FAQs, video tutorials and community for support which provides you the suitable answers for many problems.
The feature of syncing and sharing files in every ZipCloud plan is also really useful.  These services allow users not only to restore their datas but to make them accessible to anyone who wants or needs them. You are also asked for a login name and password for permissions with datas in ZipCloud service.

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