This publication has been classified as 'Restricted', which means it may contain mature content. TweetChina Mobile has unveiled plans that will see TD-LTE widely deployed across the country. China Mobile president, Li Yu, said TD-LTE had now moved into a new phase after trials in six Chinese cities had proved positive. Li Yu added that its cellular operations in Hong Kong, which has access to TDD and FDD bands, will launch this year as an early example of a converged LTE service in the region. In 2012, more than 1.7 million jobs in the field of cloud computing remained unoccupied, according to analysts firm IDC. Cloud marketing has the ability to drastically change the ways in which they reach and engage their audience, particularly with regard to distributing and storing mission-critical data. More and more companies encourage their employees to work on their devices, thus reducing the cost of computer equipment, but also increase the cost to maintain licenses and safety. Despite the inclination to wait until all of the cloud’s kinks have been worked out, holding off on cloud initiatives until the industry matures won’t guarantee success. The software industry is undergoing major changes by trends such as cloud, SaaS, mobile technology and the “consumerization of IT”. TweetIn a very controversial move, Google has recently demoted the search engine result positions of sites that are accused of copyright infringement cases, which garnered praise from the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) but earned the ire of many Internet freedom advocates as it raises concerns about fairness and the right of the suspected violators to defend themselves. It’s common knowledge that Google makes periodic changes to their search engine algorithms in order to provide the most relevant results while preventing unscrupulous webmasters from gaming or cheating their way to the top of the SERPs. The recent developments are certainly surprising, especially since Google has long been criticized by Hollywood for their seemingly neutral approach towards copyright infringement, with notable Hollywood exec Ari Emanuel publicly denouncing the search engine company for not filtering copyright infringing content even though they have the technology to do so, citing Google’s ability to filter child pornography out of its results as proof.

Another point of interest is that Google is one of the major IT companies who stood up to the Hollywood-backed SOPA bill that was proposed back in January, voicing their protest by blacking out their logo and informing the users that they can tell the congress not to censor the web. In a recent feature about the tech legislation going on in the world, PCWorld emphasized that the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which is the law signed in 1998 responsible for the staggering amount of copyright infringement notices that Google receives, is more conducive to abuse, and is actually being used against consumers, scientists, and legitimate competitors. The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) also voices their concern with Google’s recent changes to their search algorithm, citing that the false positives could be a problem, as evidenced by the government frequently targeting sites that have a right to post the alleged infringing material in question. People are also criticizing the fact that Google products have some sort of exception to the new search engine algorithm, since products that are in YouTube or Blogger have to be visited first and reported through their respective systems’ special takedown forms.
If you want to get an idea of which sites are most often reported as in violation of copyright laws as well as the organizations reporting them, you can visit Google’s own Transparency Report page here. The company said that over 20,000 TD-LTE base stations will be in operation by the end of this year, growing to 200,000 by 2013. In line with this, Google has recently announced that they will be introducing changes that will downgrade the SERPs of sites with large numbers of copyright infringement notices. It’s certainly a surprise that Google is now looking to appease groups like the MPAA and RIAA.
Google, however, denies this theory and states that they only got involved in demoting sites that violate copyright laws because of the sheer amount of notices they receive. According to digital rights group Public Knowledge, Google’s system can be abused by bad faith artists who want to suppress or ruin the internet presence of their rivals and competitors, easily by sending notices to Google. Google themselves admits to this as they stated back in 2009 that half of the removal notices they received due to the DMCA came from businesses who were unfairly targeting their competitors, and a third of the notices were not even valid copyright claims. They will still show up on top of search results even if they have copyright infringing content.

They reportedly now receive and process more copyright removal notices in a single day than they did in the entirety of 2009. What’s worse, sites that are targeted will have no way of knowing, much less challenging the notices sent to Google. Elle concurrence meme les geants sur le marche comme l'iPad de la marque Apple.Amazon a souvent ete critique pour les conditions de travail imposees a ses employes, notamment aux interimaires embauches en masse lors des fetes de fin d'annee ou l'activite connait un surcroit considerable. En effet, ces conditions jugees difficiles ont ete denoncees par des journalistes ce qui a nuit a l'image de la marque notamment en Grande-Bretagne et en France. Un ouvrage a meme ete sorti suite a ces affaires, En Amazonie, de Jean-Baptiste Malet.Amazon France a connu un proces mediatique contre le Syndicat de la librairie francaise (SLF) concernant les frais de ports. Amazon a perdu ce proces et a ete contraint de verser verser des dommages et interets et de changer ses conditions generales de ventes. Le groupe defendait la gratuite des frais de port pour les clients, neanmoins, selon les professionnels du livre, cette gratuite n'etait rendue possible qu'au detriment des libraires. Il ne convient donc qu'a des personnes experimentees ayant les moyens financiers d’assumer un tel risque. Les videos et les articles de ce site n’ont qu’une portee pedagogique et informative, ce ne sont pas des conseils en investissement ni une incitation quelconque a acheter ou vendre des instruments financiers.

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