I tried opening the webplayer on my iPad and it warned me that I’ve got the wrong kind of browser. I wrote a column last week about the new Amazon AppStore and how this signaled a start to some more direct and aggressive competition between Amazon and Apple as the elite seller of digital content and as the Great and Powerful Oz of your mobile experience.
I think Andy has gone a bit Scoble on this one; a nice shiny new distraction caught in the right beam of sunshine will apparently change worlds. Sure, iPod, Kinect and iPad all were examples of successfully stella products overcoming so many pre-release doubts, but each of those were very natural and offered clear Everyman benefits from the moment you saw or touched one for the first time. You’re at a friends house and have a sudden urge to share some album or song with them.
Personally I think that is a much greater boon than streaming to my iphone (well theoretically streaming to my iPhone), particularly given the bandwidth caps so many have already brought up. That said the current 5 gigs of free space is clearly not sufficient for the scenario I just mentioned but with competition storage will only get cheaper and larger and quality will only get better.
For those who mention the iPod classic, I happen to own a 160 gig model and yes, my entire library fits on it, but there are so many times when I purchase new music and I don’t think to sync the iPod right away. Second, so you’re in the other room of your house, or mowing your lawn and want to stream something? Third, most people with large music library tend to meticulously categorize, rate, organize, etc. It appears that Amazon is simply *blocking* MobileSafari from using Cloud Player, which should probably be pointed out since it’s certainly something Apple would get called out on.
2) There is no API that us developers can use to make the system work on say iOS, or OS X (the browser interface for uploading 1000 files does not cut it), linux, chrome, google docs, ford, honda, etc etc. The DNS-327L includes smart library applications that allows you to organise your music and photos effortlessly.
This enclosure supports 2 x internal SATA HDDs up to 4TB capacity (please refer hard disk compatibility list in the download section for more information) and installing them is as simple as popping the top and sliding them in. Back up your digital media files to the ShareCenter™+ for safekeeping, and enjoy the benefits of the built-in DLNA Certified UPnP AV media server.
Four different hard drive configuration modes are available (Standard, JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 1), which allow users to choose the configuration best suited to their needs. Hot-Swap feature enables replacing a failed hard drive without having to power down or reboot. The GPL code and LGPL code used in this product is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY and is subject to the copyrights of one or more authors. SwiftStack is a storage company, founded on 2011 and based in San Francisco, CA, build with the idea to create a large scale object storage infrastructure in customer’s own data center (so specific for private cloud). Now thay have announced SwiftStack 4.0, the latest version of its object storage software with new customer-driven capabilities that deliver scale and metadata search as well as plans for file native access and cloud synchronization. The object synchronization can with any Amazon S3-based public cloud, making it easier for applications, users and their customers to access data regardless of where it is created, where applications, users, and customers need it.
Combined with the SwiftStack Drive this mean a complete unified and distribuited access to your data, also from your desktop so you can read and write files as you would with any drive. Dropbox has garnered much acclaim in the past few years as a quality, Cloud-based file storage system for individual users looking for an alternative to similar services from Apple, Microsoft, or Amazon. In addition to its Cloud-based file storage, Dropbox offers other features that add convenience for its business users. Security is paramount with Dropbox, as it provides 256-bit encryption for storage and all file transfers occur over an SSL (secure sockets layer) Internet connection.
A centralized administration dashboard for management in addition to live online and phone support are two other good reasons to check out business-class Dropbox. Dropbox for Business comes with a free trial, which makes sense if you just want to try out its features to see if your business benefits from them. The team management and collaboration features combined with extra security provided by Cloud-based storage makes Dropbox for Business worth considering for your small business. BandwidthPlace is the online destination for all things broadband – starting with a Speed Test to measure and manage your bandwidth performance. Last year, Kim Dotcom unveiled a new cloud storage company called MEGA from the ashes of his now-defunct Megaupload – the popular file sharing service that made headlines after a forced shutdown by authorities due to copyright infringement. Being in beta, MEGASync can be considered work in progress for now, but despite that, it works like a charm at syncing all types of files between your computer and your MEGA cloud drive.

When installed, a wizard guides you through the process of setting MEGASync up, starting with signing in using your Mega account, or signing up for a new one if you don’t have one already.
After setting up your account, MEGASync begins running in the background and adds an icon to the system tray to let you access its settings console.
What makes MEGASync outsmart the competition is its ability to synchronize multiple folders in your MEGA cloud storage with different locations on your local storage via linking each folder to a specific cloud drive nodes. MEGASync works great even in its current beta state, and I didn’t run into any issue other than the sign up problem mentioned earlier.
AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. Today, Amazon enabled two new features to their site: Amazon Cloud Player and Amazon Cloud Drive.
Annnnd everything you purchase via Amazon MP3 (from now on, anyway) is automatically added to your Cloud Drive and doesn’t count towards your storage limit. The player loads up, I can see my music, I can tap a Play button, it selects the track…but nothing happens. It’s a much simpler and more robust way to cloud-stream your online music purchases than anything else going at the moment. Also it is worth noting, at least for the first 5 gigs this is completely free, particularly relevant to amazon MP3 purchases from hear on out. Uploading a couple of PDF files (from my Mac using Safari), it stripped the names and left me with the .pdf extension only!
These tools allow third parties the ability to upload and download from an S3 account (with your permission) things like archived emails, tweets, image services, etc etc.
It indexes and creates nice previews to create a desktop like experience on the Mac, iOS and Web. I’m hoping that Apple has something similar in the works, however what I wNt is a little different from streaming alone. Experience the full benefits of managing your files with the built-in applications such as My Music, My Files, My Photos and P2P downloads.
Conveniently access your NAS applications - My Music, My Files, My Photos, P2P downloads via mydlink™ from anywhere.
Push the latch button to access the drive bays, then just slide your drives into place and you’re ready. Stream digital content to compatible media players such as the PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, or directly to a smart TV. For details, see the GPL code and the LGPL code for this product and the terms of the GPL and LGPL. These new features are designed to further simplify and accelerate customer journeys from traditional file systems to more flexible, scalable cloud infrastructures.
The company recently added a Dropbox for Business service tier which promises to make enterprise-class features available to your business — no matter its size.
The initial storage amount is 1,000 GB, which should be more than enough for most businesses, unless you are involved in video production; this allocation also grows on demand at no additional cost. If your business has more than one employee, collaboration and easy file sharing, role-based security through Active Directory, and team activity reporting allow you to incorporate enterprise-class workflow management practices. Many businesses are currently using the product, including Bleacher Report, Foursquare, ESPN, Rockstar Energy Drink, and the Houston Public Schools. This industry trends and perspective cloud conversation is the first (looking at EBS) in a three-part series companion to the AWS EBS optimized post found here. The installation is simple and hassle-free, and also allows you to select your local and MEGA folders to keep in sync through the advanced installation option. During testing, I noticed that the Sign Up option doesn’t work yet in this beta, which means new users will have to use the service’s website to sign up for a new account for now. Nodes are basically folders on MEGA, and you can link any of your local folders for synchronization with any node. The app works on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8, and you can download it via the link provided below.
We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. But good news if you have an Android phone: the Amazon MP3 app will stream alllllll of your content just great.

I too have all the music I need on my iPhone, so that even in the 3G void I can still hear my tunes.
Public WiFi is often so over crowded I cannot tell you how often the bandwidth is often constricted to something slower than old dial-up speeds, less than 56k. The NAS mobile app, allows you to access your files and stream music, video and photo content to your smartphone or tablet from anywhere around the world. You can manage your P2P downloads, view your photos, stream music, and enjoy the versatile remote accessibility ShareCenter ™+ delivers.
A convenient USB port on the back of the ShareCenter™+ can be used to either share a USB printer with an entire home or office, or attach an external USB storage drive for easy one-touch backup. The new SwiftStack 4.0 software features dramatically increase operations at scale and provide analytics-ready search integration, fulfilling object storage’s full potential.
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The storage also comes with full versioning and fast file recovery, adding a measure of peace of mind should one of your hard drives crash in the office. Join them if you feel your business’s workflow needs an upgrade in addition to the secure file storage. Part II is here (closer look at S3) and part III is here (tying it all together).For those not familiar, Simple Storage Services (S3), Glacier and Elastic Block Storage (EBS) are part of the AWS cloud storage portfolio of services.
Besides its intuitive web-based dashboard, MEGA also has an official Android client that lets you sync files directly from your smartphone or tablet to your online storage. If you are already using Dropbox or SkyDrive, you won’t feel much of a difference in usage between MEGASync and the former two cloud options; they add a folder on your computer, which is kept in sync with your cloud storage on the service automatically by the app itself. Folders and nodes can be added directly from the Syncs tab, and all you have to do is specify offline (local folder) and online (node folder) locations for your desired files to kep kept in sync. This is two evenly-matched fighters and the outcome of their battle can only benefit consumers.
Streaming services seem so much less worthy of another subscription payment than cloud backup. And everyone else has already mentioned the better model for home use, with fast assumedly faster broadband and wifi- local streaming could not help but be faster. The integrated add-on interface enables users to customise their ShareCenter™ NAS with an extensive range of add-on applications including audio streaming and aMule for file sharing.
You can also connect an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to monitor power levels and ensure the safety of your data in the event of a power failure. There are several other storage and data related service for little data database (SQL and NoSql based) other offerings include compute, data management, application and networking for different needs shown in the following image. However, when it comes to Windows, the company has stayed tight-lipped about any details pertaining to whether a desktop app is being developed or not. All the basic options like account linking and unlinking, checking remaining storage and limiting bandwidth usage are available in MEGASync. It’s almost here, but cloud drive looks, at least for now to be a step in the wrong direction.
In other words you could store your files on some LAN connected drive (like a Drobo) that would act as the server. RAID 1 creates a copy of your data on both drives, providing maximum protection; if one drive fails, the unaffected drive continues to function as a single drive until the failed drive is replaced.
All that changes now, as the beta release of a MEGA client for Windows has finally emerged in the form of MEGASync, though there seems to be no official word regarding it from MEGA itself so far. And you’ll have to pay a yearly fee for all the extra storage it would take to house your entire music catalogue.
Then add to this being able to automatically back up your collection to the cloud, with iTunes purchases automatically being transferred when bought.
When you’re on the road, you could connect to this cloud library through home sharing as well. Even the 5 free gigs, while nice, basically amount to having an iPod nano with me at all times.

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