Amazon has continued to roll out its Cloud Player application with the release of Amazon Cloud Player for Mac 2.0 (despite the version number, this is the first release on the Mac platform). Amazon Cloud Player, also available for iOS and Android, allows Amazon users to access all music stored in its Cloud Player service. Cloud Player works in conjunction with the user’s Amazon account to give them online access to music they’ve previously purchased through Amazon, either as a MP3 or selected physical purchases where AutoRip is supported, which provides the user with digital copies of the physical CD or vinyl album in question.
Amazon Cloud Player for Mac works in identical fashion to the Windows build, in providing users with access to music stored in the cloud as well as supported local libraries (including iTunes and Windows Media Player) via a dedicated app as opposed to their web browser. One feature missing from the app is the ability to import locally stored songs into the user’s cloud account; instead, the option simply redirects the user to their web browser to select songs for uploading.
Kolay kullan?m:Program?n en guzel yanlar?ndan birisi de her seviyeden bilgisayar kullan?c?s? taraf?ndan kolayca kullan?labilecek olmas?d?r. Basit oynatma deneyimi:Tamamen basit bir muzik dinleme ve oynatma deneyimi icin tasarlanm?s olan program yard?m?yla hesab?n?z uzerinden sark? indirmek ve yerel klasorleri tan?mlamak cok kolayd?r. Als Mindestanforderungen nennt Amazon Windows 7 (32 und 64 Bit), Windows Vista (32 und 64 Bit) oder Windows XP SP3.
UmfrageWahlen Sie von folgenden Anforderungen drei aus, die fur ein professionell genutztes Smartphone fur Sie am wichtigsten sind? Ultrabook, Celeron, Celeron Inside, Core Inside, Intel, Intel Logo, Intel Atom, Intel Atom Inside, Intel Core, Intel Inside, Intel Inside Logo, Intel vPro, Itanium, Itanium Inside, Pentium, Pentium Inside, vPro Inside, Xeon, Xeon Phi, und Xeon Inside sind Marken der Intel Corporation in den USA und anderen Landern. Mittlerweile strengt sich auch Amazon etwas an, um die eigene Cloud dem Kunden schmackhaft zu machen. Songs lassen sich streamen oder auch fur den Offline-Zugriff herunterladen, ebenfalls ist ein Abgleich mit lokalen Ordnern moglich. The Mac version of Amazon's Cloud Player app has a few nice features, but is ultimately disappointing and poorly implemented. As an Amazon Cloud Player Premium subscriber Ia€™ve been, shall we say, less than thrilled with its Web- and Adobe AIR-based tools on the Mac. I love that it offers similar functionality to iTunes Match, for the same price, and with 10 times the storage.
Thankfully, potential help has arrived in the form of an Amazon Cloud Player for Mac, which joins the Windows version as a native desktop client for enjoying your Cloud Player account. After a first launch during which it syncs up a list of your music (but doesna€™t attempt to download all your tracks) and your playlists, youa€™ll see everything from your Cloud Player. The interface is exactly like the the Windows versiona€”enough so that it looks to be ported over from that version. You can create and listen to playlists, play entire albums, or double-click a song to start it playinga€”most of the time. You can initiate a live search by simply beginning to type while the app is in the foreground, which is pretty cool, but it shows the same results regardless of which view youa€™re in at the time.
One problem Ia€™ve had with Cloud Player is that Ia€™ve amassed many duplicates, thanks to running the uploader app on multiple Macs and it not being smart enough to know those songs were already uploaded. Unfortunately, uploading new content to your account still requires the horrendous AIR uploader app.
The app has an integrated version of Amazona€™s MP3 store, but doesna€™t show you if youa€™ve already bought something like the Web store (top) does. Although Ia€™m glad to see Amazon bring its desktop app to the Mac, in many ways ita€™s less functional and more difficult to use than the Web-based interface.
9:37 am May 14, 2013 By Conner Flynn Today Amazon released a standalone Cloud Player app for the PC, that makes it easy to play music purchased from or stored on Amazon.
You don’t even need a web browser to listen to tracks from Amazon and it has offline support.

Amazon Cloud Player is a software product rolled out by Amazon for helping you organize your music collection from the comfort of your desktop. Plus, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you get access to unlimited songs and preset playlists created for different activities. The application reveals a clean and intuitive environment that gives you the possibility to skip songs, repeat favorite tracks, as well as access a wide range of Internet radio stations.
Plus, you get access to all your albums, songs, and playlists on your computer and in the cloud.
Amazon Cloud Player is able to automatically add music from iTunes, Amazon, and Windows Media Player. What’s more, you are allowed to export your Amazon music purchases to iTunes and Windows Media Player. Tests have pointed out that Amazon Cloud Player carries out a task quickly and without errors. All in all, Amazon Cloud Player makes it really easy for you to shop, listen to, manage, and download all your music. It’s basically a music player with additional management capabilities -- users can build cloud playlists, download tracks to the computer for offline listening and browse for music through the Amazon store. Bunun d?s?nda bilgisayar?n?zda bulunan muzik dosyalar?n? da yine Amazon Cloud Player arac?l?g?yla kolayca dinleyebilirsiniz.
Varsay?lan olarak gelen arayuz uzerinde daha once sat?n alm?s oldugumuz tum albumler listelenir. Herhangi bir ekolayz?r veya gelismis ayarlar olmad?g? icin odaklanacag?n?z tek nokta muzik dinlemek olacakt?r. Sie gibt den Nutzern per Streaming oder Download Zugriff auf bei Amazon gekaufte oder in dessen Cloud-Schlie?fach deponierte MP3-Dateien. Die iOS-Version lasst sich seit Kurzem auch in Ford-Autos verwenden, die die Software Ford Sync AppLink einsetzen. Editorial items appearing on that were originally published on other editions of ZDNet are the copyright property of CBS Interactive, Inc.
So hat man mittlerweile nicht nur jede Menge mobile Apps fur Musik und Fotos auf den Markt gebracht, auch Synchronisations-Software fur Mac und Windows fehlt nicht.
5 GB Speicher gibt es bei Amazon in der Cloud kostenlos, bei Amazon gekaufte Musik wird nicht auf den Speicher angerechnet. Daddy von Max, Dortmunder im Norden, BVB-Getaufter, Gerne-Griller und Grunder dieses Blogs. But what good is the ability to store, stream, and download up to 250,000 tracks when the experience of using it is so bad?
In a column on the left, you can choose to view content in the cloud or on your computer locally, and then drill down by playlists, artists, albums, songs, or genres. In other words, it displays (in order) artists, albums, and songs, regardless of how you were viewing you music. In the desktop app you select File > Import Music To Cloud Library, click OK to be taken to your Amazon account, click the Import this music button to launch the AIR application, and then pick and upload your music. Click the Store button in the upper right corner and the UI shifts to one in which you can browse and buy music. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. You can access all albums, songs and playlists that have been added to an account through the Cloud Player for PC app.
The Amazon Cloud Player app can also be configured to download MP3s or to add any new songs to the library from in the cloud.

The app even has an “instant search” mode to look up a song and you can play a song directly from the search results. Music collection refers to both albums bought via Amazon and songs stored on your computer.
You may download Amazon digital music purchases to listen to them in an offline mode, perform searches to quickly identify artists or songs, and play the songs directly from the search results. This one looks quite minimalistic and allows you to make use of basic playback controls, such as play or pause the current song, and jump to the next or previous item in the playlist. The library content is automatically updated regardless if you buy music from iTunes or rip a CD. In case you buy an AutoRip CD from Amazon, you get a free digital copy of the album to your Amazon library.
Ayr?ca sat?n ald?g?n?z sark?lar? bilgisayar?n?za indirmek isterseniz, bu islemi yine Amazon Cloud Player arac?l?g?yla kolayca gerceklestirebilirsiniz.
Tek yapmam?z gereken istedigimiz sanatc?ya ait olan albumu ve dinlemek istedigimiz sark?s?n? secmektir. Bisher gab es von Windows- wie auch Mac-Systemen nur per Browser-App Zugriff auf die Cloud-Storage bei Amazon. Bei Amazon gekaufte Musik landet auch kostenfrei in der Cloud und mit der Veroffentlichung des Amazon Cloud Players fur Windows kann man seine bei Amazon gekaufte Musik nun bequem verwalten. And on a second launch of the app, nearly 15,000 of those tracks were gone and had to re-synca€”very, very slowly and with intermittent bursts of visual feedback. In the middle you see your selected content and can sort by various headers, although you cana€™t choose which ones you want displayed. Alas, therea€™s no feature to locate dupes, but it is somewhat easier to select and delete multiple items in the desktop app. One problem I noticed, though, was that it doesna€™t indicate whether or not youa€™ve purchased something previously. Her ne kadar gelismis calma secenekleri bulunmasa da s?k ve sade arayuzu sayesinde bircok kullan?c?n?n severek kullanabilecegi bir program olarak dikkat cekiyor. And after installing on several different Macs, the behavior with loading up cloud tracks was wildly inconsistent. Also, the names of the headers and even their relative positions arena€™t the same as on the Web. For example, I bought Mozart: Complete Symphonies (The VoxBox Edition) but wouldna€™t know it from looking. Amazon bietet gegen eine Jahresgebuhr auch mehr Speicherplatz an, beispielsweise 20 GByte fur 8 Euro oder 100 GByte fur 40 Euro. On the right is a handy (and hideable) sidebar that lets you drag and drop to add tracks to playlists, or to download songs or albums to your computer. Thata€™s a big improvement over the downloader app required before Amazon launched its desktop player for the Mac.
When you quit the app and relaunch, it remembers where you were, but not what you were playing.

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