Amazon Cloud Drive gives you 5GB of storage for free when you sign up, with the ability to obtain more storage if you opt for one of their paid plans. Amazon's new Cloud Drive Desktop App for Mac cooperates nicely with iPhotos, so you'll be able to upload your iPhoto albums directly to Cloud Drive in just a couple of clicks.
The company also announced the launch of Amazon Cloud Drive in Italy and Spain, which follows recent launches in the UK, Germany, and France. US users are getting the ability to easily share files with friends and family, as well as a new desktop app for Mac that's available for users in both the US and Europe.

They start at 20GB for $10 a year and go all the way up to 100GB of storage for $500 a year.
Just select the iPhoto events you want to upload and the desktop app will upload the photos without any hassle. European users also get the same 5GB of free storage initially, with paid plans starting at ?6 or €8 a year.
It might not be the best deal around when it comes to cloud storage, but you can't beat Amazon's seamless mp3 integration.

From there, you can view them through the web browser or through the company's Kindle Fire tablets.

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