Moving your digital music files from your old computer to your phone to your laptop to your new computer used to be a lengthy and annoying process, especially for consumers with thousands of tracks from different music sources. But for most consumers, the concept of cloud storage and music “matching” services are still confusing, even as these services aim to streamline your music-listening experience.
For this week’s review, I tested Amazon’s Cloud Player, a Web and mobile app that automatically recognizes the music files you’ve already purchased, adds those same tracks to your Amazon cloud account, and then lets you stream those files on up to 10 devices, even if you got the music from iTunes, from a CD, or some other source.
Amazon is able to do this in part because it recently obtained the music rights from the four major record labels in the U.S. The Cloud Player will also store and play the music you’ve purchased via Amazon, and consumers might be surprised to know that some newer, popular songs that cost $1.29 in iTunes are only 99 cents on Amazon. I found Amazon’s Cloud Player easy to use, despite the fact that I admittedly didn’t “get” scan-and-match services before.
A third player worth noting here is Google Play, which lets you keep up to 20,000 songs in a Google cloud “locker” for no charge. Amazon’s Cloud Player app is free to download, and users can buy or upload up to 250 songs from their computers to the Cloud Player at no charge. These two services are able to automatically scan and match your songs for you, but only if the songs can actually be matched within their libraries. With that basic understanding of how it works, I downloaded and used the Amazon Cloud Player on three devices: On my iPhone, on an Android-based Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone, and on the Web. Using it on the Web involved scanning my computer for music files and importing them into the Cloud Player. While the Web-based Cloud Player could use a design refresh, I liked the look and feel of the mobile app.
Within the mobile app I opted to auto-download Amazon MP3 purchases, so the app would constantly update with new files I purchased — just like it did in the Cloud Player Web site. Even with the auto-upload feature activated, I would still have to go into my list of songs and press a little orange arrow to download and play the purchased song through the Cloud Player. But once you’ve downloaded the purchased songs into your Cloud Player app, you can listen to them later, even if you don’t have a network connection.
I could easily buy Amazon MP3s from the Web and through the Cloud Player app on Android devices, including the Kindle Fire. Despite that restriction, I found Amazon’s Cloud Player to be a worthwhile, easy-to-use cloud service and music-playing app, one I’ll likely continue to use even if I purchase and acquire music elsewhere.
Just as the atom bomb was the weapon that was supposed to render war obsolete, the Internet seems like capitalism’s ultimate feat of self-destructive genius, an economic doomsday device rendering it impossible for anyone to ever make a profit off anything again. annonce aujourd’hui le lancement de Amazon Cloud Player, son service de stockage musical sur le Cloud disponible depuis un certain moment aux US et concurrent de Google Play Music. Amazon Cloud Player est compatible avec les navigateurs internet : Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari pour Mac ainsi que Chrome, mais aussi sous Android et iOS via une application dediee ainsi que sur les Kindle Fire et Kindle Fire HD.
Google anuncio hoy al Nexus Player, el primer dispositivo que utiliza la plataforma Android TV, fabricado en conjunto con Asus.
El Nexus Player es una pequena caja con Wi-Fi 802.11ac y procesador quad-core Intel Atom que no solo soporta streaming de musica y peliculas sino que puede actuar como consola de juegos, con un controlador disponible  y vendido por separado por 39 dolares. El Nexus Player posee ademas 8GB de almacenamiento y estara disponible por 99 dolares a partir del 3 de Noviembre. Avec son lancement Amazon faisait un beau pied de nez a Google et Apple dont les services sont prevus respectivement pour les mois de mai et juin, il semblerait cependant que la precipitation leur coute quelques poursuites judiciaires.
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So many accounts in so many places, and CloudMagic can help you search through every single one of them.
As much as we'd prefer to have all of our data, documents, conversations and contacts in a single service that makes it easy to find what you need, that just isn't going to happen.
CloudMagic is hoping to remedy this issue somewhat by linking every account to one app, and making the contents of each universally searchable.

Across services like Box, Dropbox, Gmail, Facebook, SkyDrive, Evernote and others it just gets difficult to know where that one thing is. After connecting accounts and performing a few searches, it's easy to see why CloudMagic can be useful. Email gets special actions at the bottom to reply, reply all and forward -- touching any of which bring you to the Gmail app to perform. The app looks and performs extremely well, so you won't be completely surprised when we say there is a monthly subscription cost associated with CloudMagic.
You created your account 2-3 hours ago, along with that other fake one who said he liked it about an hour and a half ago. And yes, I did spam all of your spam with this exact reply so others wouldn't have to research as I did.
Edit: Yes, I said your name in my comments, but with the space there, you won't get any Google Rank bumps from it.
The Nexus Player was one of the first Android TV based devices to break cover in the market. In addition to the price mentioned above, customers will also be eligible for a $25 Google Play Store credit, which can buy you apps or any other content from the Play Store. This is by far the best deal you can find on the Nexus Player anywhere right now, so we suggest you hop on board right away if you’re interested. Support Us If you have enjoyed our free help please support us by liking us on Facebook and signup for our weekly newsletter.
Disclaimer Disclaimer: we are not affiliated with the device manufacturers or phone carriers we mention in any way, all suggestions are based on our own experience and research, you may use our advice at your own discretion.
Mit der Premium-Version zum Preis von rund 25 Euro pro Jahr steht Nutzern Speicherplatz fur bis zu 250.000 Songs zur Verfugung. Der Cloud Player durchsucht die Musikverzeichnisse von iTunes und Windows Media Player und gleicht die Songs mit den uber 20 Millionen Titeln im  Musikkatalog von Amazon ab. Amazons Musikdienst steht als Amazon Cloud Player fur Web, Android, iPhone und iPod touch sowie Kindle Fire und Kindle Fire HD zur Verfugung. Now, with tech companies offering “cloud,” or Web server-based, storage solutions for music, you can theoretically access files from any device with an Internet connection. The service is now more comparable to iTunes Match, Apple’s cloud-based service, which similarly scans and matches non-iTunes music files on up to 10 devices.
I liked the user interface of the Amazon Cloud Player mobile app, and after more than a week of testing, I was regularly using it as an alternative app to iTunes on my iPhone. But Google Play requires you to upload all of the songs to this digital locker yourself, since Google doesn’t yet have the rights to scan and create a match of your library for you, so I didn’t thoroughly test this service. The Amazon MP3 store sells more than 20 million songs, compared with the iTunes catalog of 28 million songs, though some of that music may not be available to match, due to license agreements. I also downloaded the Cloud Player app onto Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet, and from there was able to wirelessly stream music to a Sonos speaker. When I was in a place without a strong Internet connection, like the lower level of my gym, this could take awhile, or not work at all. To test this, I occasionally put my iPhone on Airplane mode, and I was still able to listen to songs.
Not surprisingly, though, I wasn’t able to purchase music from the Cloud Player app on my iPhone, my primary device.
El Nexus Player es un intento mas para dominar las TVs de los hogares, luego de un par de intentos fallidos y un exitoso antecedente con Chromecast.
Fundado en el 2004, smartGSM cubre todas las noticias y novedades sobre telefonia movil y provee caracteristicas de telefonos celulares. As new services come along, we all seem to follow a bit of a "junk drawer" mentality of just tossing accounts onto our phones that don't talk to each other. If you're willing to grant CloudMagic access to these accounts, it creates a centralized place to search across each account and find what you need.

A simple search for "Android" reveals Gmail threads including the word, Google Contacts who have Android Central email addresses and pictures in Dropbox in an Android folder. Other things like Google Docs get a simple "open" button, where you can be taken to either a browser or the Docs app if you have it installed.
When adding an account, you're clearly shown what information the app will be able to see -- in this case basically everything. It is free to download and set up, and you can use it for free as well provided you don't "preview" more than 50 docs, emails, contacts, etc. This might be the ideal way to start off your Nexus Player experience by investing in some paid applications or even games. A previous deal where the price was $81 suggested that it would only be applicable until the 3rd of May, so we suggest you hurry before the pricing goes back to its normal state. Bei Amazon gekaufte Songs reduzieren das Speicherplatzlimit von 250 oder 250.000 Songs nicht und werden kostenlos in beiden Versionen des Cloud Player gespeichert.
Alle Songs, inklusive Musik, die uber iTunes erworben oder von CDs ubertragen wurde, sind sofort uber den Cloud Player abspielbar.
Der Cloud Player fur Web unterstutzt Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Safari fur Mac sowie Chrome.
The paid version of Cloud Player offers storage for up to 250,000 non-Amazon-purchased songs, whereas Apple’s iTunes Match has a limit of 25,000 songs. The Cloud songs were the ones uploaded to my Amazon Cloud Player account, and the Device songs were the ones that Amazon recognized from the iTunes on my iPhone, which are stored on my device. So when I was on the go and really wanted to download a song, I’d default to iTunes, even if some songs were cheaper on Amazon. It is a fusion of different media styles, different topics, different formats and different sources.
Tous les titres achetes sur Amazon, et les premiers 250 morceaux que des utilisateurs de la version gratuite importent, sont stockes gratuitement.
Vous pouvez vous tenir au courant des dernieres nouveautes publiees sur ce blog via le flux RSS et le compte Twitter. As you can see in the screenshot above (the list scrolls down even farther), it pretty much covers any modern service that you would have.
It's not perfect, but data is displayed and moved around between apps a whole lot smoother than you would expect considering the number of sources CloudMagic has to handle. Mit der Gratis-Version konnen Kunden bei Amazon gekaufte MP3-Titel kostenfrei speichern und zusatzlich bis zu 250 Songs von ihrem PC oder Mac ohne Aufpreis hochladen.
Amazons Cloud Player fur Android ist bereits in die neueste Version der Amazon MP3-App integriert. It's not just cloud "storage" though, but also things like Evernote, Google Docs, Gmail and Facebook. Once you find a piece of information you want to see more about -- no matter the source -- you can tap it and be taken to a full view. Now the idea of this app having access to these accounts doesn't freak us out too much, but it should be noted that in order for the service to work it really needs broad access to each account. The gaming controller bundle isn’t available from Amazon at the moment as the listing only has the console on offer. I also experienced some delays in song starts when trying to play matched iTunes songs from the Cloud side of the Amazon app.
The integrated viewer will show threaded emails properly as well as things like Google Docs fully formatted. That's not to say that it isn't useful -- it certainly is -- but for $4.99 per month you might have to consider just doing the extra work and opening a few separate apps to find what you need.

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