Amazon became a serious player in the tablet wars yesterday with the unveiling of the Kindle Fire, a $199 device that many expect to be the first to seriously take on Apple’s iPad, which still leads the sector.
The Kindle Fire features a touch screen, Wi-Fi capability and access to Amazon’s content library of e-books, movies, TV shows and music. Wharton operations and information management professor Eric Clemons takes a slightly different view. Creating a lower-priced suite of Kindles represents a change in Amazon’s strategy, according to Clemons.
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AstroLabs, a Dubai-based startup hub and training academy that has partnered with Google, has had more than 400 technology startups apply since its soft launch in 2015.
A company’s investment in digital transformation will pay for itself and the return should come quickly, according to Rajeev Sawhney, president of strategic business at Mphasis.
Hear what CEOs, Wharton faculty, and other commentators have to say about the latest business trends, breaking news and market research in their own words. It will become the anchor of Amazon’s hardware offerings, which are expanding to include a $149 Kindle with touch screen and 3G capabilities, a $99 Wi-Fi-only touch screen version and a $79 classic Kindle. But will the Fire’s combination of price and performance be enough to succeed where others have failed?  Hewlett-Packard recently unloaded its remaining TouchPad tablets at fire sale prices after deciding to discontinue the device.

Clemons notes that the Fire is targeted toward entertainment, such as games or streaming movies.
Meanwhile, Research in Motion’s shipments of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet during the most recent quarter was half of what Wall Street expected.

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