The Amazon Cloud drive service is a free storage locker for music and other files which offers 5GB of storage for free. Setup is straightforward, requiring you to enter your Amazon credentials and pick a drive letter for your Amazon Cloud Drive. Gladinet Cloud Connector is free, but there is a limit to the amount of times you can use the service to upload and download files. Amazon's Cloud Drive desktop storage apps were released today for both Windows and Mac, but are they worth your time? You still access and manage files at the Cloud Drive Web site, but uploading has never been easier. Click the icon to bring up a menu for quick access to the Web site, upload status, and a few other options.
After a fairly easy setup (requiring my Amazon account log-in info), a cloud-shaped icon was placed in my system tray (in the menu bar on the Mac) for easy access. There's little in the way of interface for the new app on either platform beyond a few options in the pop-up menu from the cloud icon.
The free Amazon Cloud Drive service, which has been out for some time, comes with 5GB of storage space, but you can upgrade to get more space with several tiered packages, with each tier working out to a dollar a gigabyte.
In my tests, I drag-and-dropped files to the icon and also tried the right-click to upload method, and both uploaded files quickly and easily. You can access the Amazon Cloud service from your browser, but if you are on a Windows notebook you can can map Amazon Cloud Drive as a Network Drive, giving it a drive letter and access it through your Windows Explorer for drag and drop uploads. Once you do that, you’ll be connected and ready to manage your files from within Windows Explorer just like an external hard drive. The Gladinet version¬†without¬†restrictions is $49.99, but may be worth it if you need to connect to a multitude of cloud services.

Amazon surprisingly tied Microsoft for first place in the 20 Gigabyte extra space field, beating Google in the process.And it is Amazon that just released a cloud drive desktop app for Windows and Mac.
The service was already available at the Amazon Cloud Drive Web site, but with a dedicated app you get easy access for storing just about any type of file on the fly.
Upon first launch, Amazon gives you a quick four-step tour for how to use the Cloud Drive storage app. Managing and moving files to appropriate folders will still take place on the Web site, but you can access the site easily from the pop-up menu as well. You can choose from 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, or 1,000GB (so a 200GB-per-year subscription will run you $200, working out to $16.75 per month). The only improvement I might like to see is the ability to view files already on the Cloud Drive from the contextual menu, but with the Web site only a click away, it's hard to be annoyed that this feature has been left out. If you want to keep files in the cloud so you have easy access from an icon on your computer desktop wherever you are, Amazon Cloud Drive couldn't be easier to use.
He is the Senior Editor in charge iOS software and has become an expert reviewer of the software that runs on each new Apple device. Nachdem Skydrive Desktop Clients bekam, Google Drive startete und Dropbox neue Features bekommt meldet sich auch Amazon zu Wort. It shows how to store documents, photos, and videos by either right-clicking a file and choosing "Upload to Cloud Drive" or by dragging and dropping the file to the icon.
Most people will probably be able to get away with using the free version, but it will require strict file management the closer you get to your cap. It's true the Cloud Drive Web site is easily accessible, but for the convenience of drag-and-drop and contextual menu file uploads, grabbing the free desktop app is a no-brainer. Your changes will be synced to the cloud so that you can access them from Cloud Drive and the Amazon Cloud Player.

I found that the "Upload to Cloud Drive" contextual menu option worked only on Windows right away.
On the site, the interface is highly intuitive so you shouldn't have much trouble navigating to files and moving them to appropriate folders. Seine S3 Cloud ist zum Beispiel die technische Grundlage fA?r Dropbox welches seine Files dort ablegt. The software's biggest disadvantages are the lack of a synchronization option, and that all downloads are handled via the service's web site and not locally. On my Mac, the icon showed up in the menu bar, and I could drag-and-drop files, but I was only able to use the right-click contextual menu item once I restarted my Mac.
Seit einem Jahr bietet Amazon aber mit dem Cloud Drive auch eine eigene Cloud SpeicherlA¶sung an. Perhaps this is how they, and the government, would prefer things be - as client controlled encryption keys would make our cloud data actually secure. I love Google Drive, like how it integrates with everything else Google I use, and do realize that adding an encryption key to my Cloud data *would* make ease of use a bit more painful.
Mag alles rund um Apfelzeugs, Tech Gadgets aller Art sowie mobilen Kram der uns das Leben leichter macht. However, this is a *necessary pre-requisite* before I ever store anything sensitive on the cloud.
Reply Daniel May 3, 2012 at 6:11 pm # Perhaps Amazon will soon update the desktop app with the implement of synchronization capacity.

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