Handelsriese Amazon aktualisiert seine Desktop-App Cloud Drive und fugt ein neues Feature zur Dateisynchronisation hinzu.
Als Alternative zu Dropbox und Google Drive ist Amazon mit seinem Dienst Cloud Drive vor rund zwei Jahren ins Rennen gegangen. In this post, we explain how to get started with Amazon Cloud Drive account and register it with CloudBerry Backup, a powerful solution that allows you to automatically backup your data to the cloud and effortlessly restore it anytime.
You can select or create a new Amazon Cloud Drive account in Backup Wizard when creating a new backup plan.
Click Files button to start Backup Wizard and select your new Amazon Cloud Drive account from the list of registered accounts. Once your Amazon Cloud Drive account is selected, click Next and complete the rest of the Backup Wizard steps to create and customize your backup plan! Now you are ready to enjoy Amazon Cloud Drive with CloudBerry Backup. You can create Backup Plans, copy files to Amazon Cloud Drive and schedule the backup process! This entry was posted in CloudBerry Backup Blog, How-To Guides, News, Products Blog, Storage Providers and tagged Amazon, Amazon Cloud Drive, CloudBerry Backup, Drive, sign-up on August 31, 2015 by admin.
Let’s see some free PowerPoint templates and backgrounds that you can use for cloud computing presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint.
To join the cloud buzz, here we will show you some free cloud PowerPoint templates that you can use if you plan to make a cloud PowerPoint presentation or cloud PPT. This is a very simple cloud PowerPoint template with cloud image in the slide design and clean light blue background. This is another simple but elegant cloud PPT template design for presentations based on cloud computing services and solutions.
This is another simple template with a Windows Live look and feel but that is very suitable for presentations on the cloud. Als gebruiker van Gmail en Google Drive kun je voortaan zelf bepalen hoe je de gratis opslagruimte gebruikt. Goed nieuws voor Gmail- en Google Drive-gebruikers die niet willen betalen voor extra opslagruimte. Alhoewel Google geen exacte lanceringsdatum heeft aangehaald, verwachten we dat de uitrol de komende weken al gaat plaatsvinden. Amazon Prime Music, part of Amazon’s Prime delivery service, launched just over a year ago in the US and it has finally made its way to the UK.

When Prime Music debuted in the US last June, its slim catalogue of 1m tracks meant it was immediately compared (unfavourably) to the 30m+ tracks on Spotify, Rdio, Deezer and others.
At end of 2014, the retailer revealed that over 10m customers had used Prime – but trying it (free for 30 days) and paying for it (?79 a year) are two very different things. Its music feature has a huge selection of pre-created playlists that including such enticing tiles as “Work Christmas Party”, “Walking The Dog”, “Songs About Animals”, “Rock To Wallow To”, “Rock For Cleaning” and “Introspective Walk”. Where it fits into a rich UK streaming market that has seen Apple Music recently added alongside Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, Napster and more is unclear.
In part two of sandbox’s investigation into bands, brands and digital marketing, we look at the role that labels can play in securing the right partnership deals, as well as looking at some of the best and worst brand marriages.
Was bislang fehlte, war die Moglichkeit, Dokumente, Fotos, Videos und anderen digitalen Dateien automatisch in der Cloud zu speichern und so von verschiedenen Rechnern via Internet auf die Daten zuzugreifen. Dokumente, die auf dem Cloud Drive gespeichert sind, werden auch automatisch in der Dokumente-Bibliothek des Kindle Fire beziehungsweise Fire HD zur Verfugung gestellt.
CloudBerry Backup compresses and encrypts data before it leaves your laptop or desktop computer, and securely transfers it to the cloud on schedule or in real time.
Launch CloudBerry Backup, click on the Menu Icon in the upper-left corner of the screen and click Add New Account. You will be prompted to login to your Amazon Cloud Drive account with your Amazon credentials. If you have not registered your Amazon Cloud Drive account with CloudBerry Backup yet, just click on the Add New Account button in the upper-right of the dialog to register it.
Lot of different businesses are completely based on the cloud and even Pinterest achieved its great hype and success to Amazon Web Services that allow small and medium businesses and startups to run applications on the cloud and scale. There is space for the presentation title at the top left corner and also a subtitle in the bottom of the cloud slide design. You can download this free cloud PPT template with clouds in the PowerPoint background and space for presentation title. You can download this template for free especially if you need to make presentations about cloud computing on Windows 8 and Windows Server environment at enterprise level.
You are welcome to download these templates for free and share them in Twitter or like it in Facebook.
De internetgigant heeft de opslagcapaciteiten voor Gmail (10 GB) en Google Drive (5 GB) gecombineerd.

It is offering a catalogue of 1m tracks for free streaming (including storage for offline playback) and download for those signing up. That triggered a defensive interview with VP of digital Steve Boom in TechCrunch at the time.
Earlier this year, a number of consumer sites began reporting on cases where some Amazon customers had “accidentally” signed up for Prime and informed them how to get refunds. It will certainly not poach any of their existing users – not with a thin catalogue of 1m songs, anyway.
But with the steady march of digital, these deals can include anything from app sponsorship to VR. Amazon hat nun nachgelegt: Mit der Cloud Drive Desktop-App konnen Anwender nun Dateien auf mehreren Computern verwalten, sofern die App auf dem jeweiligen Rechner installiert ist. This is just to identify this storage account in CloudBerry Backup so you can go ahead and specify any name you want. Hierdoor kun je zelf bepalen hoe je de 15 GB binnen Gmail, Google Drive en Google+ Photos gebruikt.
De andere heeft misschien voldoende aan 2 GB Gmail-ruimte maar wil meer bestanden opslaan in Google Drive. Amazon, to its credit, seemed to go above and beyond in refunding customers who were signed up and paying but not actually using it. It may, however, be an important stepping-stone for some of its customers as they move into streaming for the first time. Sie werden in die jeweilige Foto-Bibliothek des Kindle Fire sowie in Cloud Drive Fotos fur Android ubertragen. Alternatively, you can use the specific Amazon Cloud Drive credentials that you can define by following our sign up article. But that begs the question about what Amazon will do to hold them there once they see rival services offer considerably more choice. Mit der Android-App kann man von jedem Android-Telefon oder -Tablet auf die Alben zugreifen und vice versa Fotos in der Cloud sichern.

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