Amazon started its cloud storage service almost a year ago and offers a free storage 5 gigabytes for all the Amazon account holders.
Once you have logged into your Cloud Drive account, you can start uploading or downloading files and folders. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop a file or folder on to the Amazon Cloud Drive icon in the system tray (notification area) of Windows. Unlike the Windows desktop apps for Google Cloud Drive or Microsoft Skydrive, Amazon Cloud Drive app does not sync your data between your cloud storage and a local folder on your hard disk. Aplikasi Amazon Cloud Drive dapat di register atau unregister.Dapat upload file atau foto dari browser. Last year, Kim Dotcom unveiled a new cloud storage company called MEGA from the ashes of his now-defunct Megaupload – the popular file sharing service that made headlines after a forced shutdown by authorities due to copyright infringement.
Being in beta, MEGASync can be considered work in progress for now, but despite that, it works like a charm at syncing all types of files between your computer and your MEGA cloud drive. When installed, a wizard guides you through the process of setting MEGASync up, starting with signing in using your Mega account, or signing up for a new one if you don’t have one already.
After setting up your account, MEGASync begins running in the background and adds an icon to the system tray to let you access its settings console. What makes MEGASync outsmart the competition is its ability to synchronize multiple folders in your MEGA cloud storage with different locations on your local storage via linking each folder to a specific cloud drive nodes. MEGASync works great even in its current beta state, and I didn’t run into any issue other than the sign up problem mentioned earlier. AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems.
Free Content gets hurt by enabled Ad Blockers Please consider unblocking us or Subscribe in support of our great non-gated content. The Cloud service syncs a local folder from your computer to the Web, and across other PCs and mobile devices that you connect to the service. Until now you could access your files on the Amazon cloud storage using only a web browser. If you are already an Amazon customer, then you already have an Amazon account and can just visit the Amazon Cloud Drive page to start your cloud storage account.
It adds a shell extension in Windows Explorer that makes it very easy for you to upload any file to your Amazon Cloud Drive. You can also upgrade your cloud storage service starting from 20 GB for US$20 per year to 1000 GB for US$1000 a year.
The software combines the integration of cloud storage with backup and file synchronization options. Amazon surprisingly tied Microsoft for first place in the 20 Gigabyte extra space field, beating Google in the process.And it is Amazon that just released a cloud drive desktop app for Windows and Mac.

The installation is simple and hassle-free, and also allows you to select your local and MEGA folders to keep in sync through the advanced installation option. During testing, I noticed that the Sign Up option doesn’t work yet in this beta, which means new users will have to use the service’s website to sign up for a new account for now. Nodes are basically folders on MEGA, and you can link any of your local folders for synchronization with any node.
The app works on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8, and you can download it via the link provided below. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Amazon offers Cloud Drive for Windows and Mac to plug-in to the service, and Cloud Drive Photos for Android and iOS to sync photos from mobile devices. But now after the introduction of desktop apps for both Google Cloud and Microsoft Skydrive, Amazon has also come up with a desktop application for Windows and Mac. If you are not a customer, then you can sign up for an Amazon account for free and claim your 5 gigabytes of free cloud storage account. Just right-click on a file or folder and choose Send to → Amazon Cloud Drive from the context menu.
If you right-click on this notification area icon, you would see a context-menu which serves the purpose of allowing you to access the Amazon Cloud Drive using your web browser. The MP3 songs that you purchase through Amazon do not count towards your cloud storage limit. Cloud Desktop supports many different cloud based storage services, from Google Docs and Google Apps over Microsoft's Windows Live SkyDrive to network resources, ftp servers and various Amazon services.One of the latest addition to the list of support cloud based storage providers is Amazon Cloud Drive which was introduced by Amazon a few days ago. Besides its intuitive web-based dashboard, MEGA also has an official Android client that lets you sync files directly from your smartphone or tablet to your online storage.
If you are already using Dropbox or SkyDrive, you won’t feel much of a difference in usage between MEGASync and the former two cloud options; they add a folder on your computer, which is kept in sync with your cloud storage on the service automatically by the app itself.
Folders and nodes can be added directly from the Syncs tab, and all you have to do is specify offline (local folder) and online (node folder) locations for your desired files to kep kept in sync. This desktop app for Amazon Cloud Drive integrates with Windows Explorer and makes it easy to upload, download and manage your files on the cloud storage.
After you have created your Amazon account, you can visit the Amazon Cloud Drive App webpage to download its Windows Desktop app.
You can also open or change the download folder for your web browser using this context menu. If you do not need to sync your folders and files between your computer and your cloud storage, then the desktop app for Amazon Cloud Drive is going to satisfy your needs. Bila aplikasi sedang aktif dan secara tidak sengaja menghapus file dari computer, maka file di server Amazon secara otomatis juga dihapus.Bila aplikasi baru di install, dan diaktifkan pada computer.

However, when it comes to Windows, the company has stayed tight-lipped about any details pertaining to whether a desktop app is being developed or not.
All the basic options like account linking and unlinking, checking remaining storage and limiting bandwidth usage are available in MEGASync. The software's biggest disadvantages are the lack of a synchronization option, and that all downloads are handled via the service's web site and not locally. All that changes now, as the beta release of a MEGA client for Windows has finally emerged in the form of MEGASync, though there seems to be no official word regarding it from MEGA itself so far.
After the installation, you would see a window where you can login to Amazon Cloud Drive using your Amazon credentials. Amazon customers who have signed up for Cloud Drive can now integrate the storage as a virtual drive and directory on the local computer system.Here is how it works. It also gives you options to recover your forgotten password and create a new Amazon account. Memakan bandwidth dan waktu untuk mendownload seluruh file ke computer.Bila anda sudah melakukan sync data dari computer ke server Amazon Cloud drive, lalu tidak ingin mengunakan aplikasi dari PC dan ingin membuang file dari folder. Aplikasi yang baru bisa mengupload secara otomatis.Folder yang dipakai dan akan di backup secara otomatis adalah drive C. Baru di delete dari data harddisk local.Fitur auto Sync sangat berguna bagi mereka yang menyimpan file antara computer serta storage virtual. Dan dapat mengambil file melalui website Amazon sewaktu waktu tanpa perlu membawa computer pribadi, dan dapat di buka di computer lain.
The free version has several limitations which are outlined at the product comparison page. The most limiting feature in terms of mapping and file operations is the 1000 file limit per task. Perhaps this is how they, and the government, would prefer things be - as client controlled encryption keys would make our cloud data actually secure. You are however not limited in the number of tasks.Most users should never hit that limit anyway, and those who do need to divide the file operations into multiple tasks to transfer all the files. I love Google Drive, like how it integrates with everything else Google I use, and do realize that adding an encryption key to my Cloud data *would* make ease of use a bit more painful.
However, this is a *necessary pre-requisite* before I ever store anything sensitive on the cloud. Reply Daniel May 3, 2012 at 6:11 pm # Perhaps Amazon will soon update the desktop app with the implement of synchronization capacity.

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