If using the computer based application, you first just need to sign in with your Amazon Prime account. Drag and drop photos or folders full of photos here and you’ll immediately start backing things up. So you might be wondering at this point if there are ways to manage the files you’ve uploaded.
The two files I’ve highlighted in the image below need to be moved from the root into a different folder. Sharing, Deleting, and renaming all work in the same manner (just check the little box beside whatever you want to modify, then tell the interface what you want to do).
If you want to grab the entire contents of your Amazon Cloud Drive, there’s a button in the desktop application just for that purpose.
Hit that button and you’ll be prompted to select a folder to restore the entire contents of your Amazon Cloud Drive. The web interface behaves the exact same way if I drill into a particular folder and select multiple files for download.
I’ve been discussing how to incorporate Amazon Cloud Drive into my photography workflow with my friend and fellow photographer Gabe Dewitt. I’m hoping Amazon adds an option to their desktop application that allows you to sync your photos to your Amazon Cloud drive, similar to Dropbox or Google Drive. Using the workflow I described above, I can optionally have my Lightroom catalog stored in my Google Drive folder (which backs up regularly) and my edits would then be backed up as well.
It seems that if you use the desktop app instead of the web interface it loads everything to the root and then you need to move it manually to where you want it. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. My new coloring book, "A Transforming Lens: Sketches from Photographs" is available now ! My current position is as a multimedia specialist at DOE's National Energy Technology Laboratory. No matter how larger a capacity your Android’s overall storage has, if you are a die-hard music fan, you will probably never be able to contain the entire music collection on just a SD card.
If you are an Android user, you may download Amazon MP3 from the link given below or by scanning the provided QR code to stream or download music files from your cloud drive on your Android device. And that’s not all; you can upload all sorts of files to your cloud storage through the easy and efficient web interface of Amazon Cloud Drive that allows you to select and upload multiple files at a time. AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems.
All Google accounts get 15GB of free space when they use Drive, but all of the other tiers have been lowered in price. I’ve barely used Google Drive, but use Dropbox extensively–could someone explain to me the pros and cons of each? I still have 50gb free from Dropbox from the S3 days, if I grab the S5 I’ll likely get another free 50gbs.
I put all of my college work in there, and then all of my pictures and videos from all of my Android phones since 2010. More interesting is the people who validated the pixel purchase because the 1TB free was worth it in and of itself. I wish they would tell current customers there options instead of new ones and what it does now.. Then I must have done something wrong, though to be honest I’m not close yet to my 200 GB and not thrilled with temporary storage.
I just never found Drive to be as polished or feature rich as Dropbox, plus there are lots of third party programs that have great cloud syncing with Dropbox.

Right click Google Drive photo on my computer, click share adjust access settings, copy link.. This is very handy for embedding images in forums, or simply sending a direct link to a friend real quick. I think I messed up; I use G+ for my Google photo storage (used to use Picasa, but that got turned over to G+).
Well, not all my photos are on Plus, as a lot of them aren’t taken from a smartphone. Gebruik je naast Google Drive ook Google+, dan is er een erg gemakkelijke manier om foto’s die op je Google Drive staan, te delen op Google+.
Shooting in RAW format is the preferred method when it comes to taking photos, but as I’m sure you are well aware, these files eat up drive space quickly. You can use the web based interface or you can download and install the application for your computer. Fortunately it’s pretty easy, whether you want to restore the entire backup or even an individual file.
You can see that the download will be packaged as a zip file, which I can later unzip to the folder of my choosing. We’ve both come to the conclusion that we are going to upload every photography project to Amazon Cloud. I currently have 100 GB available in my Google Drive, so if my Lightroom catalog exceeds that…well, it might be time to start a new catalog. But if it works (I am not sure about the performance) with Amazon prime, I don’t have to do the local backups anymore.
Because when you delete your local copies they will be deleted in the Crashplan backup, too.
It’s the only online service that has a reasonable price for the amount of images I have. Maybe you do not need to spend too heavily on a large capacity SD card, or worry about getting your device’s limited space consumed by just a handful of albums anyway, because of all the various online music streaming and storage services that are available these days. If you already have one, simply log in and launch Amazon Cloud Player to begin uploading, downloading and streaming music to and from your cloud drive. The upload progress of each selected file can be monitored and managed by clicking on the see upload details on the global upload progress bar that appears.
We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. If you haven’t signed up yet, hit the link below to get more storage space in your life. I emailed the ad to DropBox and offered to continue being a customer if they competed just a little. I would rather have that stuff in the cloud instead of on my device in case my phone is stolen or I have a hard drive failure.
I’m sure you’re not using anything from Dropbox, Apple, Mozilla, Microsoft, or anything else on the internet, then? Don’t need more then that, especially when I have 50GB at Box and however much at Dropbox for free. While Im OK with it because I have fairly good coverage anywhere I go (Thanks Verizon), I can see how those with less than stellar coverage can be affected by not having an SD card and having to rely on the Cloud for their storage needs.
I just tried the same image and it doesn’t work from Drive (downloaded it from G+ and then uploaded it to Drive).
I also have to navigate to the website, and find the photo instead of using the file system on my PC (synced with the cloud) this can be a big deal if you are working with a lot of files, or you are modifying them. Meld je aan bij Google+ en klik op het camerapictogram rechts van de sharebox (met de tekst Deel je laatste nieuws).

At some point you are going to need to either buy more drive space or start backing up all those massive RAW files.
Or maybe you can use the storage as a place to store all the RAW files once you are finished editing, keeping only the processed hi-res jpg files locally.
You can also upload entire folders by dragging and dropping (though this does not work when using Firefox at the time of this writing). Individual files will retain their file names, while multiple selections or entire folders will be downloaded as zip files.
We both use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for processing, and as you are probably already aware Lightroom never modifies the RAW files. I may also invest in Crashplan – I think having two (or more) backups is a great idea.
Talking of cloud services, Amazon has just recently launched its very own online streaming and storage service for the web and Android devices. Today the company announced that it is decreasing the price of having your cloud storage through its service.
I like keeping my old e-mails but don’t want to pay $24 a year for…the rest of my life!
Go ahead and hit up the link to sign up, choose a plan, and then you’ll see what your expiration date is for your account.
That drive might die any day now or might not, but having my crap in the cloud makes losing it far less likely.
What if there was a place to back up all of those photo online, and it had unlimited storage capability?
The Amazon Cloud Drive service allows you to upload music, videos and documents to your personal Cloud Drive and in conjunction with Amazon Cloud Player, lets you stream your music library on your computer via the web or on your Android device via Amazon MP3. I currently have 50 GB for $2.50 a month but with this new plan I can use double for half the price so I can put more stuff to save space on my hard drives! That means that as soon as we return from a photo shoot and have transferred the RAW files from our camera to our computers, we can also upload those files right to Amazon Cloud. I’ve seen a lot of backup services that advertise how they allow you to backup one computer, with additional computers costing extra. New users receive 5 GB of free cloud storage, which can be upgraded to 20 GB for a year if you purchase an MP3 album from the Store before the 31st of December, 2011 or for an annual payment of $20.
Mind you most these pics are from my BlackBerry Tour days and I just transferred them when I got my first Android phone.. Klik op alle gewenste foto’s, bevestig met Selecteren, geef aan met welke kringen je de plaatjes wilt delen en klik op Delen. Once we finish processing the photos, we can upload the hi-res JPG, TIF or even PSD files to Amazon Cloud as well.
With the Amazon Cloud Drive, I can install the application on any number of computers, login, and just start throwing photos at it.
There are currently no sync options, so any changes to files will need to be manually re-uploaded. I’ve also seen some backup services that require you to plug any backed up external drives in at least once a month or they will delete any data associated with that particular drive!
It also seems to randomly tell me that certain files have not been uploaded when in fact they have been.
And if we are truly done with all of the editing, we can delete the RAW files from our computers and save valuable hard drive space in the process.

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