The green movement has only been growing stronger in the recent years, and big companies have joined in on the fun. Microsoft is not new to this, for it has been involved in its own green initiatives for some time now. Early this year, Microsoft also announced that its zero-carbon data center in Cheyenne, Wyoming is just about ready. Now, Microsoft racks up more green points as it looks beyond its data centers to add to its green initiative.
This basically means we are probably going to see Microsoft products wrapped in different packaging soon.

Now, how responsible is a corporation that will be the direct cause of who knows how many tons of e-waste in out landfills? USA Cycling is the official governing body for all disciplines of competitive cycling in the United States. Whether they truly are behind the ideals of green living, or they are taking advantage of the positive publicity, we may not really know, but I think giving them the benefit of a doubt is in order. A good HIPS should keep XP safe, but Linux Mint and such should be able to run most tasks without too much hassle. They have many alternatives, not just installing Linux (Linux Mint, Zorin, Ubuntu, etc); But also sending those devices to reclamation centers.

Memiliki antusias dalam hal sejarah manusia (ibn Katsir) dan software engineering, termasuk di dalamnya agile development (kanban), programming (PHP, JS, RoR, XCode, Titanium), dan cloud services. It committed more than $300 million to make the data center more energy efficient – less water and electricity use as well as lower building costs. Which, in the end, if they upgrade to newer hardware, it’ll be RoHS compliant, and use less resources to run.

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