Les membres du programme Amazon Premium (49€ par an) beneficient desormais d’un stockage illimite de leurs photos sur l’espace Amazon Cloud Drive. Dropbox is an online service that allows you to store your personal documents and able to access them from anywhere in the world. Once Dropbox is installed on your device, it will create a folder (by default this folder will be created on your desktop but you can choose to move the folder somewhere else) where you can save all your files in there. Currently Dropbox offers their users both free and paid services with the only difference in service is the amount of storage.
The software combines the integration of cloud storage with backup and file synchronization options.
Feldman Leave a CommentAlthough many consumers think of Amazon as an online book store, it is also a leader is cloud storage for businesses. Vous pouvez ainsi stocker en toute securite vos collections de photos existantes, telecharger automatiquement les nouvelles photos et y acceder partout sans surcout (web, desktop et mobile). With this service you will no longer need to have CDs or flash drives to have your files backed up on.

Let’s just say you forgot your flash drive at home and you have to have a specific document from your flash drive. Surprisingly, Dropbox offers a free account where users get 2GB of space this can be boosted up to a 10GB account by referring others to the service. Cloud Desktop supports many different cloud based storage services, from Google Docs and Google Apps over Microsoft's Windows Live SkyDrive to network resources, ftp servers and various Amazon services.One of the latest addition to the list of support cloud based storage providers is Amazon Cloud Drive which was introduced by Amazon a few days ago.
For every user that registers through your referral, you will get an extra 250MB of storage. If you had an account you would be able to log on to their website and simply download your document.
If the paid option is the way you want to go then there are a couple of different storage options you can go with. You can also let specific people see your Dropbox files at the same time you can control what those specific people can see and what their access to the files are. Their options for the paid accounts are between 50GB and 100GB ranging from $10 – $20 per month.

Amazon customers who have signed up for Cloud Drive can now integrate the storage as a virtual drive and directory on the local computer system.Here is how it works. The free version has several limitations which are outlined at the product comparison page. The most limiting feature in terms of mapping and file operations is the 1000 file limit per task.
You are however not limited in the number of tasks.Most users should never hit that limit anyway, and those who do need to divide the file operations into multiple tasks to transfer all the files.

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