Amazon has released the Cloud Drive desktop application for even easier access to your files and music that are stored on their cloud servers. Also keep in mind that if you do buy storage from Amazon, you get all of your MP3 storage for free.
Nice to see a major corporation that uses Linux to make a boatload of cash shun Linux desktop users.
I did the same but I believe the 20GB for buying the album is only good for a year then you have to re-up. This is correct; the free 20 GB was good for a year, then they downgrade you to the free 5 GB plan.
About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. New Seagate Plus 8TB Hard Drive now is available to Pre-Order on Amazon, this portable hard disk will be released on January 16, 2015. I don`t believe this external hard drive will gain great popularity, but people who know the Seagate great standarts and quality, and who need a lot of capacity, should buy this one!
On January 23, 2015, Seagate will release another new gadget - Seagate Wireless Mobile Portable Hard Drive Storage with 500gb capacity (STDC500401), it`s price will be only 129.99$. The new cloud service called Google Drive will be launched in the near future with its own cloud storage service by Google A and will be geared towards easy access across multiple types of portable and desktop devices.
The idea of a Google cloud storage service has apparently been in the works for years, with a project internally known as G Drive doing the rounds in 2007.
Google apparently hopes to compete with DropBox and other mobile-accessible cloud storage services, by offering much cheaper paid storage, leveraging its massive server farms.

Drive will allow users to keep their files on Google’s servers and be able to access them via any device connected to the internet, the Wall Journal reports a source saying.
Photos, documents and videos can also be shared with other users, according to people familiar with the new service.
For example if someone with a smartphone wants to show others a video he has made he can upload it onto the internet and share it through a direct link instead of having to send it via a huge file. This move is seen as the latest attempt by the search giant to compete in exciting new areas of the internet.
With the desktop client (available for both PC and Mac), you can simply drag and drop your files onto the desktop icon for instant uploading to the cloud, then have access to them from any of your mobile devices that have a web connection.
If You are searching for something smaller and cheaper i recommend - Seagate Back-Up Plus Slim and Seagate Expansion.
Since that time, a lot of services have been catering to the rapidly growing demand for cloud storage, and Google is definitely a big player missing from the market. Drive is due to launch in the near future and will be free to use for the majority of customers but Google will charge those who want to store huge amounts of data.
I believe they have extended the free subscription by a bit — at least, when they released the desktop application they sent me an email saying my free subscription, which was due to expire soon, had been extended until July. If you think this resource contain inappropriate content, please report to webmaster.The Amazon Cloud Drive AppAfter coming back from an extensive holiday, we had load of images and videos to stack up. Storage of 8TB, well that should be enough for anyone who want to safely store photos, videos, documents and other files.
In this Web app creating folders for organizing your stuff, renaming the file names, moving them to other places are effortless.

One thing to remember in this, is, after uploading all your video files and while seeing them in list view, some might not appear to be playable, but actually they are.
All you have to do is to open a left-side collapsible menu, click on Photos & Video, when the videos would appear as tiles, as well as your photos, they become playable.One of the major caveat in this app is that, the Documents get the lowest amount of importance in the Amazon Cloud Drive.
After installing the Mac desktop app I found it to be very limited, and same happened with the Windows application as well.
It is only worth downloading the Web app entirely and better not to install the desktop apps. Winding UpTo round it up, Amazon Cloud Drive is a good online storage service option for your data, where the emphasis is purely on photos and videos.
It can be treated mainly as a tool especially crafted to save your memorable moments rather than saving your digital space for other documents. That is one of the reasons it could not catch up with its competitors well as they do it all with much more advanced features and facilities. So if you are specially addicted and dependent on Amazon, you can pick up the option to upgrade your membership into a Prime one to avail all the benefits. But for the non-members of Amazon, it won't be of great use unless you are ready to shell out that $11.99 per year.

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