In this article, we will take a lot at some alternatives to the popular storage service Dropbox. Google Drive offers 5GB of free storage expandable for a fee (€2 per month to about 25 GB total).
We could not miss the service of “synchronizing to the cloud”, the Redmond software house provides you with 7 GB free space, thus beating off competition.
In Italy, the service is provided in partnership with Libero, and therefore you have to have a free mail account to access the service.
Cloud Me differs from Dropbox and other services because in addition to the usual client for file synchronization, you can also use Cloud top which is a real desktop environment with customizable apps to suit your needs.
Finally, I want to report an increasingly popular new application that allows you to get a “private cloud” without the cloud! Es durfte heutzutage nur noch wenige Einsatzbereiche fur Software geben, die den im Web verfugbaren Speicher als Laufwerk in das System mounten. Hat man Bedarf an solcher Software, so mag der Preis ok wirken, kosten doch andere Losungen teils mehr (Mountain Duck, WebDrive oder Expand Drive).
Most of you know and use Dropbox as a service backup and synchronization between your mobile devices. In fact, the files are encrypted before it’s passed out to the server, even if you are still on the computer. The strengths of the service are better integration with Windows(8) and with Microsoft Office 2013.
In 2012, they also won the Award in IT Security confirmation of the safety standards, which makes it one of the best alternatives to Dropbox.

It is as if you have a virtual machine, accessible at any time via the Internet, which uses Cloud Me as a hard drive. In fact, Bit torrent Sync is a very lightweight application that allows you to share a folder between multiple devices connected to a network, be it local or public (like the Internet). Verschiedene Losungen gibt es da auf dem Mac, mit gro?erem Leistungsumfang ausnahmslos kostenpflichtig. Umsteiger dieser Software konnen auf der Webseite von CloudMounter einen Rabatt beantragen, 50 Prozent gunstiger wird CloudMounter dann.
Daddy von Max, Dortmunder im Norden, BVB-Getaufter, Gerne-Griller und Grunder dieses Blogs. Once these are sent to the server encrypted, you will only have access to them through Wuala. It starts with 2GB of space for up to 10 GB with the mechanism of referrals (by inviting other people).
The basic package offers you 5GB free, which can be increased by purchasing additional space or inviting new people to join the service. The synchronization application file is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS and android. For each account, you can connect up to eight devices and you cannot make the content public.
The application is installed on the server side and is a little more complicated than any CMS. Sie holen Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP und Co als echtes Laufwerk ins Dateisystem und erlauben so diverse Operationen, ohne dass der Client des eigentlichen Dienstes benotigt wird.

Of course, being a multi-platform service it allows you to share your data between devices like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, etc. By counting the number of users of Free Mail, I think it may be a good alternative to Dropbox for many. It can be very interesting for small and medium-sized enterprises that can use the server version to add to its network resources provided by the cloud. CloudMounter hei?t eine relative frische Software, die ebenfalls bezahlt werden will – und dies nicht zu knapp.
Ich kann aber irgendwie Mitte 2016 schwer begreifen, dass eine Lizenz an einen einzelnen Rechner gebunden ist. It is available for Linux ex client for Linux and unfortunately, the Italian language is not yet available. Ist die Software einmalig aktiviert, so kann der Nutzer sie nur auf dem einen Rechner nutzen, fur einen etwaig vorhandenen zweiten Rechner wurde eine separate Lizenz fallig. If we share the code with someone we cannot, in fact, do anything to avoid doing it without our permission. Sind die jeweiligen Zugange eingerichtet, so kann man diese direkt ins Dateisystem einbinden.

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