Wow only a year or so ago Clouds were just that, today however we seem to encountering a thunderstorm of Cloud options. Amazon – They have matched if not beaten everyone on price and storage, they are definitely entering the market with enough of a hook to capture those not yet signed up.
Google Drive – This is another Google service which promises the world, delivers, but somehow misses the Wow factor or Standard usability that all other clouds (Bar iCloud) deliver. SkyDrive – I have completely switched over to Skydrive, partly because I am running Windows 8 everywhere now and party because they have given me HUGE amounts of storage.
I used to be a Die Hard Dropbox fan but slowly over time I have completely swung to SkyDrive.
On a final note, if you are in the need of slow moving storage then perhaps Amazon Glacier is what you need? Michael has over 13 Years of leading Technical teams & Programme Management in the UK Real Estate sector. Also, if you’re counting music as a factor, you have to take Google Music into account since you can upload 20,000 songs and play them anywhere in your browser or with the Android app.
This short guide will outline what each service has to offer, making you a more informed cloud storage user. OneDrive organizes your files by file type, supposedly making it easier to find your uploads. The Android, iOS, and Windows Phone apps all have the ability to automatically upload any photo you take to your cloud account. Microsoft hopes to one day make OneDrive so sophisticated that it will be able to know what pictures are most important to you and sort them accordingly while deleting the unimportant ones.
OneDrive is likely best suited for people who want their files stored quickly while putting in minimal effort.
Dropbox is a well-known contender in the cloud storage arena, mostly because of its reliability, easy-to-use interface, and fast setup.
Dropbox won’t sort anything for you, so it’s up to you to determine how you want to organize your files.
All in all, Dropbox is great for people looking for a clean, easy-to-use place to store their data and need to access it with different kinds of devices. Google has a whole suite of office tools that are basically a dumbed down version of Microsoft Office. If you have a Chromebook, then Drive is your best cloud storage option, being that it’s built into the operating system. Box caters to the business and IT crowd, although you can create a free individual account.
While Box doesn’t have the same full suite that Google Drive has, you can use it to create basic text documents. The other cool thing about Box is that you can integrate it with other apps like Salesforce and NetSuite, allowing you to easily pass documents back and forth.
Box may feel a bit overwhelming for the casual cloud user, but for business people working with complex processes and data, it’s one of the best. Amazon entered the cloud storage game a couple years ago and has stepped up significantly since then with its Unlimited Photo plan and Unlimited Everything plan. The Unlimited Everything plan gives you exactly what you’d hope: storage for an unlimited number of files of any type. A major difference with the Amazon Cloud Drive app is that it doesn’t allow you to view your files from a folder on your computer.
When using the app with your mobile device, you can set it to automatically upload any videos and photos immediately after you take them. While it does have its drawbacks (only allowing you to view and manage files on the Cloud Drive website being the major one), you still get an unlimited amount of space store to small to medium sized files. For instance, if you have a 50GB folder shared amongst five people, you can section off the folder to give each person using it an equal 10GB of space. CudaDrive has a bunch of different pricing options, every one of them allowing for unlimited users, no maximum file size limit, file revision history and recovery. Both Copy and CudaDrive are impressive alternatives to the mainstream cloud servicers out there.
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Amazon Cloud Drive es el servicio de almacenamiento online de Amazon, un disco virtual para guardar hasta 5GB de archivos de cualquier clase -documentos, imagenes, videos o canciones- y accesibles desde cualquier equipo. Con Amazon Cloud Drive podras subir archivos a tu espacio Amazon de una forma rapida y sencilla. Utilizamos nuestras propias cookies y de terceros para mejorar nuestros servicios y su experiencia.
Cliccando sul pulsante "Accetto", scorrendo questa pagina, cliccando su un link o proseguendo la navigazione in altra maniera, acconsentirai all’uso dei cookie. Inniziamo, quindi, la carrellata dei migliori servizi alternativi a Dropbox disponibili in rete.
Il Dropbox della grande G che offre 5Gb di spazio gratuito aumentabile a pagamento (2€ al mese circa per 25Gb totali).
In Italia il servizio viene fornito in partnership con Libero (Infostrada), quindi bisogna possedere un account Libero Mail per accedere al servizio. Per segnalare altri servizi o condividere la tua esperienza scrivi un commento sarà utile a molti! Segnalo anche Copy che oltre a tutte le caratterisrtiche degli altri (condivisione, multipiattaforma, app ecc) offre attualmente 15GB di base gratuiti +5GB per invito! L'applicazione per dispositivi mobili tenta di effettuare la sincronizzazione in modo intelligente sulla base del tipo di rete a cui è collegato il tuo dispositivo.

Se il tuo dispositivo è collegato a una rete Wi-Fi, Dropbox scarica automaticamente gli aggiornamenti la prima volta che lanci l'applicazione, ogni volta che apri un file e ogni volta che selezioni la scheda Preferiti (se hai file contrassegnati come preferiti).
Se il tuo dispositivo è collegato a una rete cellulare, Dropbox scarica automaticamente gli aggiornamenti solo se hai contrassegnato i file come preferiti e se premi il pulsante Aggiorna tutti . Find out which cloud storage service provides you the highest amount of space for free, and the fees to increase the space limit. Micrsoft’s OneDrive is also going head to head with Google Drive by providing users 15GB of absolutely free space upon signing up. According to an announcement by OneDrive, if you are an Office 365 subscriber, you can get unlimited OneDrive storage.
Second highest allocation of free storage space comes from Box, which allows their users to use 10GB of free space upon signing up. Along with that, you can increase the space limit by using their app on some specific devices. They have just implemented 2 Factor Authentication… That’s a plus, other than that I am not sure where to go with this, they lose on price, functionality is matched by SkyDrive and other clouds and I cannot see a benefit of continuing with this service? BUT before you go racing off to use another Cloud, the Cloud you are in has a bit of a silver lining. Even if I had to pay for the storage I think they are still one of the most reasonable only comparable to Amazon. He has worked with agencies in multiple countries and cities from the UK, New York, Russia, France, Dubai to Australia and South Africa. If you use Windows 8, 8.1, or the new Windows 10, then you have it built into your operating system. Also, if you use Microsoft Office apps, you’ll be able to see a list of recent documents saved to OneDrive.
By downloading the app, you can integrate it with your filing system so you can easily move files in and out of the cloud. The design is almost too basic and doesn’t give you all that many options to view and organize your files. The 15GB storage space you get with it is shared between your Gmail, Google+, and any other files you create or upload. You can also download other Drive apps for Android and iOS to better view and manage your files on your phone. Apart from the basics you come to expect from any cloud storage service, Box has a list of additional features that allow you to share files with colleagues, assign tasks, leave comments on someone’s work, and get notifications when a file changes. You can decide who in the company can view and open specific files and folders, as well as who can edit and upload documents. You can also install plug-ins for Microsoft Office and Adobe Lightroom that will let you open and edit files saved on Box.
The only catch is that each file has to be under 2GB unless you use the Cloud Drive desktop apps.
You can upload files and download your entire library, but if you want to view them or make changes, you have to go to Amazon’s website. Included with your free account is a referral program where you can receive 5GB of free storage by getting someone else to sign up. This way only 10 GB of space is taken up by each person’s CudaDrive account, preventing the entire size of the folder from counting against each individual’s storage limit. Estas no indican si la aplicacion esta concebida especificamente para esa edad, ni si requiere un determinado nivel para jugar al juego o utilizar la aplicacion. Por un lado, haciendo clic con el boton derecho y seleccionando la opcion Upload to Cloud Drive. Mediante ellas personalizamos anuncios, proporcionamos funciones de las redes sociales y analizamos nuestro trafico. The new Cloud Drive Photos iOS app brings native support for iPads as well as support for video uploading.
Se vuoi saperne di piu consulta la cookie policy o per negare il consenso clicca sul pulsante "Non accetto" (tale scelta non ti permettera di fruire dei nostri contenuti). Tutti o quasi conoscono e utilizzano Dropbox come servizio di backup e sincronizzazione tra i propri dispositivi mobili e non, sfruttando i vantaggi di questo servizio cloud based. E’ un servizio non solo di sincronizzazione e backup, ma di gestione e condivisione completo.
Infatti i file vengono crittografati prima che avvenga l’invio al server, quando si trovano ancora sul pc. Come suggerisce il nome grazie a questa web app è possibile creare la propria cloud domestica!
Probabilmente è normale ma chiedo se non esiste un alternativa che non mi utilizzi i giga che ho disponibili.
La funzione Caricamento da fotocamera si avvia o riprende ogni volta che lanci l'applicazione.
La funzione Caricamento da fotocamera si avvia o riprende automaticamente solo se hai attivato l'opzione Usa dati cellulare nelle impostazioni dell'applicazione. Questo blog non rappresenta una testata giornalistica, in quanto viene aggiornato senza alcuna periodicità. But with growing users, the market is now teeming with services that offer you cloud space. However, this allocation comes only for personal use, and you cannot share the space with anyone else.
I cannot remember if I signed up to Microsoft’s LIVE Skydrive as it was formerly know or Dropbox first but those two kind of set the benchmark. I will probably look at syncing this with my Droid, although the 250 song limit on Amazon Cloud player is a bit shnoop.
If you are a Mac user then I still recommend this but hold on to that free 5gb iCloud storage and use it for your music only. With Office 365, you can open a document on OneDrive and collaborate on it in real time so you can see changes appear just as they happen.

You can pull and upload files using either the Dropbox website or the desktop and mobile app.
The service automatically syncs your files across all of your devices, so you can access them from anywhere.
The great thing about these tools is that you can use them to open other files, even if they were made in another program.
You can also password-protect individual files and set expiration dates for shared folders. Y el segundo metodo, arrastrando los archivos al simbolo de Cloud Drive en la barra de menu. Amazon Cloud Drive es accesible desde la web.
Tambien compartimos informacion sobre la manera en que usa nuestro sitio con nuestros socios de redes sociales, publicidad y analisis. Grazie ad una serie di funzionalità esclusive si merita il primo posto come alternativa a Dropbox. Inoltre, una volta inviati al server questi restano criptati, quindi neanche gli addetti ai lavori di Wuala potranno accedere ai vostri file. Inoltre mette a disposizione degli strumenti che permettono di lavorare in team sugli stessi file. Inoltre è possibile editare i file di office direttamente online grazie alle Office Web Apps. Si parte da 2Gb di spazio per arrivare fino a 10Gb con il meccanismo dei referral (invitando altre persone).
Si hanno a disposizione subito 5Gb gratuiti ed è supportata una dimensione massima del singolo file di ben 2Gb. In pratica è un vero e proprio cms come WordPress, Drupal o Joomla ma invece di gestire dei post gestisce dei file. While a few of them might ask for money in exchange for space, most of them have basic plans for free.
This 15GB includes your email storage as well, so if you tend to get a lot of emails, you might find your storage shrinking too fast. You can invite up to a total of 10 friends, and this will earn you a total of 5GB extra space. These two are by far the most popular plans, but there are other plans as well for people who want more space.
SkyDrive never really had a lot of features and was a bit…bleggh so I used Dropbox which had so many more sharing options and it encouraged me to share with my friends so I could get more space, after a lot of sharing I ended up with something like 58GB. I really do want to be missing something after all it is Dropbox, who doesn’t love Dropbox? But it’s when you go to the web interface that it all falls apart, its like navigating using a Command window or Win 3.11? My Office Documents all appear to be office documents so the visual reference is easy to make and it just works. This is a must if I am going to throw 100GB of data up there and keep it from syncing to my small SSD drives on portable devices. No file is too large for Dropbox (that is unless it goes over your allotted space) and upload time will depend on your connection speed. Ovviamente multi-piattaforma come il concorrente, permette di condividere i propri dati tra dispositivi Windows, Mac, linux, Android, ecc. In questo momento vengono offerti 5Gb gratis, che si possono aumentare acquistando spazio aggiuntivo o invitando nuova gente ad iscriversi al servizio. Per conoscere tutte le caratteristiche del servizio rapportate a quelle di Dropbox visitate questa pagina ufficiale.
Poi se in base alla tua esperienza vuoi proporre un’altra lista è sicuramente ben accetta da tutti! You can get Starter for $6 per month for 100GB and Business for $17 per month for unlimited storage. The first one gives you 1TB space with added features—such as remote wipe—for $9.99 per month. Si haces clic con el boton derecho sobre un archivo y seleccionas Enviar a, veras que aparece como opcion Amazon Cloud Drive. You can also upload your own personal photos, videos, documents, Photoshop files, and much more.
Calcolando il numero di utenti di Libero Mail, penso che possa essere una buona alternativa a Dropbox per molti. Può essere molto interessante anche per le piccole e medie imprese che possono utilizzare la versione server per aggiungere risorse al proprio network da aggiungere a quelle messe a disposizione dal cloud.
For you, we have listed some of the best cloud storage services that are indeed free, but provide the highest amount of storage. The second one gives you unlimited space for $15 per month (only for one user) and you also get added features. One major upside to Google Drive though is its security, Google have for a long time now used 2 Factor Authentication and whilst not 100% foolproof, this should be the standard for ALL Cloud Services everywhere.
But how you sync your music without physically connecting to your machine again will be a problem. As I said in the beginning, switching from iCloud is complicated, think about it carefully or just pay up.
Ottima per le piccole e medie realtà aziendali, assolutamente da provare per gli smanettoni! Desde ahi puedes gestionar tus archivos, asi como ampliar tu capacidad de almacenamiento (pagando). Aunque se echa de menos una carpeta compartida con la nube al estilo de Microsoft SkyDrive o Google Drive, lo cierto es que Amazon Cloud Drive ofrece una buena capacidad de almacenamiento (5 GB) y la sincronizacion es realmentemente rapida.

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