So, if we move to public cloud infrastructure, can we ditch the ITIL processes for capacity management? Just as conventional enterprise data centers and managed hosting providers tightly manage their capacity, so do public cloud providers. Going back to our example of only committing to pay for what you use, along with no term or volume commitment comes the highest hourly price.
By being smart about how you purchase public cloud infrastructure, you can greatly accelerate your savings, and free up huge chunks of infrastructure budget to use for more innovative IT initiatives.
There are dozens of different EC2 configurations to choose from, and each of your workloads might be optimal for a different configuration.
By understanding your past usage, you will quickly become comfortable committing to term and volume in exchange for lower pricing. If you’ve done a good job at minimizing your cost as described above, you very well may have unused capacity at certain times of the day, week, or month.
All of the options we’ve discussed so far involve the buyer committing to pay for resources, which requires the supplier to commit to provide those resources. Uh oh, bought too many reserved instances, and now you are stuck paying for resources you aren’t using?
As we’ve discovered, although capacity management in the cloud is not required to ensure availability of service, it is key to optimizing your cost. Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) comparison – which is better?Uncomplicating outsourcing.
How about a customizable, CMS driven, newsletter engine for making and sending marketing e-mail messages? Innovative solutions like Business center, Task master, or Social platform for when “off-the-shelf” products just won’t solve those complex problems. It takes more than few mobile pages or a basic mobile app to create a truly engaging mobile experience. Azure or AWS, cloud computing could be your opportunity to reduce operational expenses, improve innovation play, unlock new possibilities or it could just be your tool to regain your lost core business focus. Having experience in building engaging portals for small to fortune 100 companies in the US, we can help you build your enterprise platform for your employees and customers. Our testing service is one of main factors in helping us achieve desired quality on everything that we build. Mundrisoft delivers Outsourcing services that help you create more value for the business, improve efficiency through IT systems and reduce costs without compromising on quality.
We can help you transform individual applications, or your entire portfolio to take full business advantage of advances in enabling technologies like cloud, mobility and web. Over the long term, it allows an organization to continuously drive down costs, improve performance and gain global competitive advantages. Our teams have worked for customers like Microsoft and 3M in the US to tech startups in Dubai.
We are always looking for people who love to work on challenging problems, make a real impact and build something big.
Support: Azure has improved considerably in recent times and offer dev support for $29 per month. Overall: We’ve had multiple deployments at Azure in last 12 months and have seen it fairly reliable. In many ways, these cloud platforms have their dependencies, which differs for every implementation. Work with our Cloud Engineers to receive a complete assessment of how cloud technologies can help you save money, increase flexibility and improve reliability. Documentation collected and prepared during this phase will be assembled and delivered to you at the end of the assessment. The assessment is typically completed within one or two working sessions and is delivered in about three to five business days. Cloud service providers are clamoring to gain market share, with some companies receiving more attention than others. Since cloud solutions vary by company, understanding your own needs is the first step to finding the best provider for you. We’ve outlined some key differences Amazon Web Services (AWS) from Microsoft Azure and VMware Cloud services below. Amazon Web Services is known for its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering, which has been around since 2006. Opus Interactive’s OpusCloud is a VMware Cloud Services solution that was first deployed in 2006.

Both AWS and Azure offer a free usage tier that allows potential customers to test platforms with costs increasing as services are added.
Smaller VMware Cloud Services solutions like the OpusCloud haven’t hit Nasuni’s radar for potential cloud hosting leadership. The industry is new and the rush to migrate to the cloud has revealed, very publicly, that 100% uptime is impossible.
Uptime for VMware Cloud Services solutions like the OpusCloud can be favorable when delivered by smaller companies. Service is an area where you began to see the differences in companies, particularly when it comes to comparing large and small providers. Both Microsoft and Amazon provide a single point of contact by name for their customers on a limited basis. The OpusCloud, and other VMware cloud solutions services offered by smaller sized companies, deliver a high level of customer service. To conclude, the cloud service offerings are still differentiated enough that the right fit is based on the needs of each customer.
About Opus InteractiveFounded in 1994, Opus Interactive provides cloud hosting, managed services and colocation from Tier III+ data centers. Amazon compromised on several hardware features of its Kindle Fire to deliver the most affordable mainstream 7-inch media tablet.
Since the market also contains several other Android competitors, can Amazon claim the number two tablet spot? As previous reports indicated, the Kindle Fire looks a lot like the BlackBerry PlayBook because it was designed by the same company that helped Research In Motion build that tablet.
The screen on the Kindle Fire uses IPS technology (also found on the iPad), with a resolution of 1024 pixels by 600 pixels, which is in line with most current 7-inch Android tablets. In order to keep the price down, Amazon only bundled 8GB of on-board storage, the same amount found on the Nook Color or the Iconia Tab. Gone is the time when the iPad was the most affordable tablet, and Android manufacturers struggled to even match its price.
The lack of cameras, GPS, expandable storage or even Bluetooth clearly sets the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet apart as a media consumption-only tablet. You will be able to download various productivity apps from the bundled Amazon Appstore, but the main purpose of the tablet, given its low entry price, is to consume content from Amazon, whether ita€™s movies, books, magazines, music, or games. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. We devise different processes and systems for each engagement powered by great team for best customer experience. We believe that quality is important in serving our clients and responsible for large part of our overall success. A central digital repository and manager for your organization to search, sort and publish content. Success of a website or portal is not just based on state-of-the-art technologies but ability to engage. We have developed innovative, business-driven testing services for our clients and to help us release faster.
Mundrisoft is founded by a former Microsoft MVP and has strong foundation in various Microsoft technologies. With reduced cost of ownership and flexible options, small & midsized businesses are increasingly embracing it.
AWS turns out to be cheaper but the new Azure price matches AWS when you compare feature on feature. Features like auto-scaling and manage instances via scripting has been with AWS for long time now which is missing at Azure.
Factors these dependencies too even if the support tells you “it’s technology agnostic” – it never is. With reduced cost of ownership and flexible options, small & midsized businesses are increasingly embracing it.
Gartner predicts that from 2013 through 2016, $677 billion will be spent on cloud services worldwide.
Joining the cloud market later in 2010, Windows Azure quickly gained market share as the lead provider of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), based on its established market share in Microsoft equipment and services heavily adopted within the industry.
Both solutions provide cost-effective DIY virtual private data center services for standardized cloud offerings. While free trial usage tiers like those offered by both AWS and Azure don’t exist for the OpusCloud, they tout a level of service and hands-on approach that resonates with customers with specialized needs that require more complex approaches to migration.

This year it was Windows Azure who was rated as having the fastest response times out of five large cloud networks, beating those operated by Amazon Web Services, Google, HP and Rackspace.
Amazon experienced a 4 day outage in 2011 resulting from a standard networking change carried out incorrectly.
In the instance of uptime, it’s Opus Interactive’s size that gives them added security advantages. The SLA defines the responsibilities and expectations of provider and customer, expected uptime of cloud services and compensation arrangements should services fail for any reason. For companies who aren’t looking for the more hands-on feel, both cloud offerings will be a good fit. Whether you’re looking for a standardized IaaS, or a highly customized set of services, it pays to do the legwork to ensure that your company gets exactly what they need from a provider. Through close partnerships with industry leaders, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, the company has earned a reputation for building and managing customized, reliable hosting solutions that fit the needs of its customers. Arriving on November 15 for $199, the Kindle Fire will enter a crowded market dominated by Applea€™s iPad. The Fire is slightly thicker than the PlayBook, yet thinner than 7-inch Android tablets such as the Lenovo IdeaPad A1 or the Toshiba Thrive 7". The notable exception here is the Toshiba Thrive 7", which uses a higher-resolution display.
The Fire packs an unspecified dual-core processor (probably 1GHz), but therea€™s no word on the amount of RAM.
By removing all the above features, Amazon managed to keep the price of the Fire at $199--a remarkable feat when you consider that the closest competitor (in price, but not features), the Nook Color, costs $50 more. For that purpose, even with missing hardware features, Amazon has a very interesting proposition for casual customers as an alternative to the iPad. Do we need to worry about capacity management if we are using public cloud as our infrastructure?
While AWS is more feature-rich and flexible, Azure cloud services have some great value for Microsoft technology houses.
Understanding what differentiates cloud offerings between companies is critical in that next step. The Microsoft Azure pricing offering can be especially attractive for companies who have built an in-house Microsoft platform including integrated desktop OS and server management and where workloads can easily be moved to the cloud. Response times when reading, writing and deleting files to Windows Azure averaged a half-second, with Amazon dropping from first place to second, though still performing reasonably well. They specialize in a more hands-on approach geared towards enterprise level companies who have more a more customized set of needs.
Azure had a worldwide outage for 2 days in early February 2013 due to expired SSL Certificates. Their staff is familiar with the infrastructure as a whole and each customer as an individual and responds to potential uptime challenges quickly. What Amazon did skimp on are cameras--therea€™s no front or back camera, and there's no MicroSD card slot (Amazon is banking on cloud storage), no HDMI, GPS, or 3G capability. Lenovoa€™s tablet is also about $50 more expensive, but only packs a single core processor, although for your extra bucks you do get dual cameras, GPS, and 16GB of storage. It’s not just about the overall cost of ownership but also about other benefits like flexibility, resilience without redundancy, etc. If you have small-medium Apps, need SQL Server (PaaS) and more comfortable with Microsoft technologies – you’d want to go for Azure. Given the infrastructure investments projected across the board, next year could likely see a new leader in the Nasuni test. As the industry matures, we’ll likely hear less about outages as larger sized companies establish policies and procedures to prevent them from happening. Microsoft Azure beats out Amazon in a service performance test one day and then experiences a worldwide outage for the next two days due to expired SSL Certificates. Probably not a smart idea to use a spot instance as your SMTP gateway, but by getting creative you can use spot instances to further lower your infrastructure costs.
Amazon cloud stocks receive rave reviews one day and then the social media airways are filled with complaints that they’ve been down for four days.

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