Riverdale Cloud provides cloud based high quality solutions that are less expensive and delivered much faster than routine application development.
If you are new to Salesforce CRM, or an existing struggling customer waiting to see a return on business investment, we have a quick and fast CRM implementation package. After successful implementation, you can receive constant support from our dedicated salesforce support team, no matter where you are located. Chemdry AustraliaOur company has been working with Riverdale for some time now and are always very happy with the outcome!
Guardian BankI was impressed by the commitment displayed by the management to the social cause of helping to create a website for our NGO. I congratulate the management on the quality standards they have established and the social responsibility that is a part of their business ethic. Acadia Edge Group, Boston USA"Our company Acadia Edge Group of Boston develops cutting edge technology solutions for clients seeking transformational products in health care, financial services, social media and sustainability. Astute"I recently hired John to implement Salesforce in our business, migrating over from Sugar CRM. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a threat to almost all areas of IT and should be able to reach $24 billion (?15.78 billion) in revenue by 2022, according to a new report by seven Morgan Stanley analysts, led by Scott Devitt.
The report points to AWS’ application of “retail economics” to the IT sector as the reason the company is emerging as an “IT mega-vendor”. The company, which offers scalable Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) products for businesses on a subscription basis, has repeatedly dropped its prices in a price war with rivals such as Google, Microsoft and Dropbox. This “continual downward pressure”, as well as an ability to produce greater scale in computing tasks, have been key to the company’s success, Devitt suggests. The team believes AWS could impact between 3 and 17 per cent of traditional IT spending, by giving companies the ability to move back end tasks to the cloud. The traditional IT areas most likely to be swallowed up by AWS are compute, storage networking, and outsourcing, according to the researchers.

However, hardware vendors such as Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks appear to be safe at the moment, it was claimed.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Prior to joining ASUG as Senior Editor and Senior Research Analyst, Chris spent more than seven years covering the enterprise software industry at IDG News Service, with a particular focus on SAP and other major application vendors. As SAP customers, and even with help from ASUG, the changes we face over the next few years will be daunting. Now, here’s a deeper dive into the most important topics and questions raised today as well as some answers based on presentations and conversations with SAP executives, industry observers and some digging of our own. SAP plans to deliver quarterly upgrades for the cloud versions, while rolling up those updates for on-premises customers to apply about once a year. Meanwhile, as is custom with software vendors, not all of what SAP announced Tuesday is actually a reality. Every Monday you’ll receive an email containing news and information that every SAP customer and ASUG member needs to know.
It requires IT organizations to adjust current working processes along with established technologies. Reducing costs on computing, infrastructure and benefiting out of cloud based SaaS application, better accessibility and improved ease of use. Our integration experience spans to Salesforce and Amazon, Salesforce and Oracle, Salesforce and Google apps, Salesforce and Microsoft, Salesforce and payment gateway, salesforce and wordpress. Although the work was pro bono and in spite of their busy schedule, the employees were punctual, courteous and efficient ensuring that the work was completed and the experience was pleasant.
As such, the demands for rapidly learning new technology and deploying them in the market within a specific time window are very high. Unlike many other providers I have come across, Riverdale genuinely CARE ABOUT THE OUTCOME for our business.

However, no evidence exists that branded equipment is being replaced by white label, home grown switches,” the team said. He has nearly 20 years of journalism experience in all, including stints at newspapers in New England and New York.
But the world isn’t standing still, and we have the responsibility to move our businesses and the systems that run on them forward, to meet whatever challenges come up.
But Leukert’s pledge should play like beautiful music to the ears of ASUG members battle-scarred by the traditional SAP upgrade process.
This includes customizations, as Denecken mentions, along with compatibility at the UX layer, reporting and data model (the last via views).
Some 100 companies are now Simple Finance customers and in various stages of deployment on the application, Leukert says.
You name it and we can provide the worlds best Integration solutions between Salesforce and any cloud platforms.
Not only did John and Rivercloud represent excellent value, he also understood our requirements, our challenges and didn't try to sell us unnecessary 'bells and whistles'.
I am impressed at how steadily the company has grown both in size and maturity, its agility to adapt to changing business needs, along with a consistent focus on system and delivery. They are outstanding at coming up with new and innovative IT solutions to solve real business needs, desires and problems.
John's documentation and efficiency was excellent and his implementation of Salesforce from Sugar CRM has enabled Astute Payroll to be more agile and responsive in our approach to sales. In our latest project, requiring compex understanding of Facebook software in a dynamic environment, Riverdale engineers demonstrated tremendous can-do attitude and a strong sense of responsibility to launch our product on time.

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