Businesses that rely on cloud-based services are getting more options for falling back on another cloud if necessary.
On Tuesday, Nasuni introduced a cloud-to-cloud mirroring option to give customers extra assurance that their data will be available in case of a service outage.
Both Nasuni and Backupify provide backup services that operate on top of larger cloud storage operations such as Amazon S3. Cloud storage has proved pretty reliable, and using one cloud-based service as backup for another should make users safer, Peters said.
Nasuni gives enterprises access to their data through on-site hardware that looks and feels like a traditional storage controller while actually storing the contents on S3 or Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud.
The feature is designed to give customers more assurance that they will still be able to get to their data even if their primary cloud platform fails. Backupify backs up consumers' and enterprises' SaaS (software-as-a-service) data to Amazon S3 so they can maintain their own copy of the data from services such as Salesforce, Google Apps, Facebook and Twitter. Its customers will now have the option of having their data backed up to a different cloud, CEO Rob May said. As Backupify has moved upmarket from consumers to small businesses to large enterprises, it's started to find customers who already have their own cloud storage accounts, May said. Backupify will still use S3 to process those customers' content, but it won't keep the data in its own S3 bucket, May said. Customers who choose their own storage will be charged in a different way from users of the company's traditional service, which costs $3 per user, per month with unlimited data.
By choosing their own cloud storage provider, those customers will be able to pay for capacity on their own terms, which may be a better deal if they buy a lot of it, May said.
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Westcon Group NZ has developed a catalogue of Cloud delivered Services which provide customers with the opportunity to build a new line of business revenue, delivered by a select group of local and international vendors.
This range of Cloud Services is now available to New Zealand Resellers through standard Westcon distribution methods. As a rule of thumb, if it takes more than one week to upload your data to AWS using the spare capacity of your existing Internet connection, then you should consider using Snowball. Probably due to its name, I think of Snowball as a bus.  Conversely, I think of technologies such as Boomerang as a car.
If you’re looking to only migrate data to the cloud, and you have a lot of data, Snowball is great. The fiber optic networks connecting sites run at speeds that are more than 200,000 times faster than a typical home Internet connection, Google said.Watch a video tour of a Google Data center below or use Google Street View here.
The same day, cloud-to-cloud backup vendor Backupify added more choices for where users can have their data sent. Many businesses are looking to cloud services for storage, often to get away from buying and operating gear of their own, according to Enterprise Strategy Group analyst Mark Peters. On Tuesday, it's adding an optional feature to its service that will mirror the data on the primary cloud to a secondary one. Nasuni has never experienced a service outage and customers are already covered by service-level agreements, but Cloud Mirroring can give them one more layer of assurance, Nasuni said. That data is encrypted with a customer-specific key and stored in Backupify's storage bucket on S3.
Those who already have their own S3 bucket can have their data backed up to it, and other initial options include Rackspace Cloud Files and Google Cloud Storage. The new type of service should represent savings of 50 percent to 60 percent off that cost, May said.

Backupify's standard per-seat deal is priced to account for consumer and small-business customers as well as big enterprises, and the big customers may be able to get a better rate elsewhere because of volume discounts, he said. With training and marketing resources at their disposal, Westcon Group can help in delivering additional value and margin whilst transitioning end-customers to Cloud services at their own pace. These services are available immediately and can be ordered through the standard Westcon ordering process. For example, using the table below, if you had a 100mb connection that you could solely dedicate to transferring your data and needed to transfer 100TB of data, it would take over 100 days to complete. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Services that store many customers' data in many cases can do so more efficiently through scale, he said. With the Cloud Mirroring service, customers with S3 as their primary cloud would have their data mirrored to Azure, and vice versa, the company said.
The company said it will price Cloud Mirroring on a per-terabyte basis but didn't give any more information on pricing.
Additional choices, including Azure and a customer's own storage equipment, will be available later, he said.

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