If you spend time on a network such as Facebook you will see other online stores engaging there customers there. Taking steps to improve the sales performance of your Amazon store will require quality time on your part. Are you serious about improving the performance of your store by increasing traffic and conversion rate?
You can then write reviews on other high selling products that are related to your products and redirect the domain to your Amazon store.
Although it will require that you pay for the service, Google Adwords offer one of the best way to get targeted traffic to your store.

There are hundreds of stores out there in internet world plying their wares and trying to attract the attention of the millions of shoppers who flock the virtual space every day to make purchases.
The people who visit are Amazon mainly do so to shop so you can get your share of the customers there.
Targeted traffic guarantees a better quality of visitors as these will be people looking for the products you offer.
The competition among online stores to gain customers and increase their sales is just as hectic as it is in the real world. Amazon is one of the successful giants among online stores, but even as an affiliate store you may find that making the sales you desire is a difficult task.

In the same manner that you would engage your friends and relatives for your personal account, use your business page to gain and engage a targeted audience that will click back through to your online store and make purchases.

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