I was extremely fortunate to have the most amazing kindergarten teacher three times for each of my children. Our kindergarten teacher’s bookshelves were busting at the seams with piles and piles of every great picture book one could imagine. She also was sensitive to LGBT issues; often a child in her class would have two same-sex parents. Starting school makes most kids nervous and Kevin Henkes captures this anxiety in a way that kids can relate to, yet feel like they can overcome it just like Wemberly! When my oldest, Grasshopper and Sensei, was in kindergarten, she was befuddled that her classmate could have two moms. When I saw my kindergarten teacher at the school book fair and she asked me what I recommended, I said that this picture book is banned even though it’s a true story of two male penguins who raise a baby chick. The week my child was Star of the Week, a parent is allowed to visit the classroom to read a story to the class.
Halibut Jackson is so shy that he makes special ensembles that allow him to completely blend in with his surroundings. Tess hopes the rain will come to bring relief to the hot, sticky day and when it finally does, it’s a street wide celebration with moms and kids. In the most gentle of inner city adventures, a little boy sets off with his dog after a massive snow dump capturing the joy of No School Snow Days and the pleasures it brings including snow angels, snow ball fights, fort building and simply dragging a stick through the snow.
We love all of Tomie de Paola’s books and our love began with the first of the Strega Nona picture books. I also love that Cocca-Leffler lets the kids solve problem and depicts the children as a rainbow of diversity. It’s tough when you are different from your neighbors whose gardens are brimming with beautiful flowers rather than wriggled, weird and unrecognizable vegetables.
Getting on the wrong school bus was the young pig’s first error and the path through the forest is, unfortunately, inhabited by a wolf who grabs her and wants to make her into soup. My middle child, PickyKidPix, has a hearing impaired child thoughout most of her elementary school years. I think there might be a kid who grows up to become an animal rights activist as the result of exposure to books like this. A beautiful and haunting story about a Siberian girl who comes up with a plan to save hundreds of beluga whales trapped by ice. When my oldest was in preschool, her teacher went to the beach and brought back kelp for the water table. I have this picture book on my Top 10 Best Latin American Books for Kids and my Undocumented Immigrants in Children’s Literature.
A true story about a boy whose family are itinerant farm workers and the kindness of a librarian who introduces him to a whole new world of books. I am an Amazon affiliate which means if you buy anything through my blog, I get a very small kickback at no cost to you.

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Check out this deal that will give you Free Poise Ultra Thin Pads at Walgreens plus a little pocket change! I’ve picked some of my favorites and hope you will share some of yours by leaving a comment! Certainly my kids don’t think twice about that so I love this picture book to set up the year realizing that life is different for kids around the world.
His secret is special and wonderful surprise that he wants to divulge later that evening to his family (and has to do with literacy). She immediately scooped it up and said that she has kids with same-sex parents and wanted to add it to her library (even though it was a hard cover picture book and a little expensive!). I chose two books; one funny and one for the really shy girl I noticed the first day of school. It’s a strategy that works pretty well at the library and the grocery store but one day he gets an invitation to a party and his special outfit does not take into account that it’s a GARDEN PARTY!
It’s a message about honesty and having the courage to make the decision to be honest, even when your peers seem to be doing something different! But when it’s time to harvest, the ugly Chinese vegetables become the most tantalizing and delicious soup and everyone in the neighborhood wants to trade to get some. It resulted in her class learning some basic sign langauge including the alphabet and simple phrases.
My kindergartener teacher has all kinds of class pets that include hatching chicks at the end of the school year which she uses as the base to teach all kinds of things including math!
It’s a perfect marriage of words and illustrations depicting a gentle Great Depression story with an uplifting ending. She leaves her farm with a suitcase full of seeds to the big gray city when she keeps busy slowly transforming her space into a more cheerful atmosphere.
Her wonderful teacher wracks her brain to find a way to get the kids to be more accepting of raw fish and seaweed. I like that you include big ideas and issues that kindergartners can relate to and several I haven’t seen and want to check out! I was so lucky to have the best kindergarten teacher three times and she had an extensive library.

Several years ago, my husband and I found a way to work ourselves out of more than $35,000 in debt. His mothers suggested this book to help kids understand that families come in all different shapes and sizes. This picture book is a fun way for kids to get a sense of geography as a little girl travels from her house to the universe. When Strega Nona goes off over the mountain to visit Strega Amelia, her assistant, the bumbling Big Anthony thinks that he can conjure up magic with comedic results.
If he wants the soup to be delicious, she has some suggestions of ingredients for him to add. By the time her parents have found work and can send for her to return, she has a final surprise for her uncle. She comes up with the idea for International Food Day where each child has to try EVERYTHING! A sheet of stickers entitles them to the prize box but some days just don’t go well and my kids would come back without stickers either resolute in an outcome that they could live with though feeling like they were misunderstood or sometimes completely devastated. As a mom of a large family, I have learned how to pinch pennies and make them stretch as far as possible.
There was a special chart with the highlighted words for each book that she kept up in the classroom. My daughter was very accepting of this idea but when she made a new friend in middle school, again she was confused when this girl had FOUR moms! The visuals help to illustrate her place in the world as she travels higher and higher with a bird’s-eye view (or rocket ship view!). But beware of her Hog-Eye stare which will cause doom (and itchiness) to whoever crosses her! Whereas my kids might save money to buy a toy for themselves, Saruni is saving to buy something to help his mother. DeSoto won a Newbery honor is this really fun story of a husband and wife mice dental team that outwit a fox with a rotten bicuspid. But we all have those No Good Terrible Bad Days and Alexander’s version makes us all feel better that our day was not as bad as his!
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