You can get an original HQ version of this Trendy image (+++ thousands more) on our Pinterest account.
You can get an original HQ version of this Best image (+++ thousands more) on our Pinterest account.
During the course of the film Disney Descendants, Mal and Prince Ben slowly start falling for each other.

Because they are now a couple, Prince Ben invited Mal to be his date on his Coronation Day. In fact, to make sure that he fell for her, Mal baked him a very special batch of chocolate chip cookies that were created by using a spell.
When he ate them, he instantly fell madly in love with her and even sang and danced about it in front of his girlfriend!

This Disney’s Descendants Deluxe Mal Coronation Costume For Girls is perfect for the tween girl who still wants to look like a princess but does not want to look like a little girl.

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