Amazon has always been in my list of least preferred site for ordering books because of extra shipping cost that it adds to deliver books in India. Yes I did get further checks as well and normally it is by courier and so can take longer times.
In India, you can deposit any currency check in the bank and foreign currency checks are cleared in Indian banks in 21 working days. Can you please tell how do you deposit that cheque in SBI because I received my first cheque from Amazon yesterday and luckily I have an SBI account as well. It would be a great great help if you could share what to do because this is my first cheque in USD ever and I don’t want thinks to go wrong. First of all congrats for getting the check from Amazon and normally the process to deposit the check is same as any other Indian check but the clearance would take 21 working days before amount is credited into your account. So that means do not have to answer silly and suspicious questions like why I got the USD, what is the source of income and etc etc.
As you say it is same as India cheque, that means I fill in the slip with the USD instead of rupees. If you want to be doubly sure make sure you don’t drop the check in your nearest branch but a main branch of your city. I have account in HDFC and every time I deposit the Amazon check, I need to give in writing explaining how I got this check. By logging in, you confirm that you accept our terms of service and have read and understand privacy policy.
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By clicking "Create Account", you confirm that you accept our terms of service and have read and understand privacy policy. I help motivated but overwhelmed Indian freelancers, bloggers and entrepreneurs simplify Internet marketing, so they can create successful businesses online. Amazon sends check in normal post but I don’t have issues of checks getting lost or anything and has been getting them regularly. What I am really afraid of is that do I have to give any proof or letters or something because I don’t want unnecessary trouble. I just fill the slip and drop the check in the dropbox and rest is all handled by SBI Team.
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The best way to save money is to cook from scratch—especially if you cook with beans, which are much cheaper than the cheapest hamburger meat.
If you trade out the meat and dairy for beans, you'll have plenty of money left over to buy produce. Some of the most popular for general budgeting and receipt tracking are: Shoeboxed, SmartReceipt, and Check and Save.
Slowly earnings in Amazon Affiliate account started accumulating and it reached a point where I was sent a check.
A great way to do that is to join a CSA or find a local farm by checking the website

For grocery store product and price comparisons, consider Shop'NCook, Mighty Grocery, Grocery Pal, Grocery IQ, Grocery Gadget, Shopper, GroceryList, Shopping List, and Grocery Store. It sounds obvious, but it is definitely worth a reminder that we buy more when we are hungry. Be sure to change the containers at least every 10 years or so, as they can get cracked.) Beans are delicious sprouted and served atop salads.
Often, the food is organic, and if you volunteer or sign up for a work-share, you can get the produce at greatly reduced prices or even for free, depending how often you volunteer. Even if you just eat a banana before going through the grocery store doors, you'll do much to stave off the hunger that makes you impulse-buy instead of sticking to that nice grocery list you prepared at home. The price is usually per ounce, so you really can compare apples to oranges or, in this case, beans to meat.
If an ounce of beans is marked as $0.05, simply multiply that number by the number of ounces you will need to make a serving. Most supermarket chains now offer their own brand of organic foods, which makes buying organic on a budget a lot easier. These apps are always changing, so be sure to be on the lookout for all the latest improvements.

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