There are three common options for monetizing an app – asking customers to pay upfront, hoping customers will buy upgrades, and ad revenue. Amazon is now giving Android developers a third option – a 6% commission on sales that come in through their app.
The Mobile Associates API for Kindle Fire and other Android devices, allows developers to sell almost anything Amazon carries from inside an app.
If you already know how to build apps, here’s a link that will show you how to implement the program.
Amazon Prime customers will get their free shipping and everyone can use the 1-Click system to buy.

The whole purpose of this app is to give you more information about whatever it is you’re doing. That means the customer doesn’t have to deal with lengthy check-out procedures on their phone.
Since their credit card and shipping information is already locked into Amazon’s system, 1 click is all it takes to spend anywhere from $5 to $500. When a player uses an in-app link to buy a Thor replica hammer, they also get a virtual, magic hammer to use in the game. This is a great way to encourage more interaction with the game, offer loyalty bonuses and get your affiliate dollars, too.

Or hook you up with a deal on a cozy sweater when you save photos of fall clothes on the app.

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