If someone asked me out like that, I would ABSOLUTELY say yes, and attempt to go half on dinner, because he made me laugh. Article by Kalena Jordan, one of the first search engine optimization experts in Australia and New Zealand, who is well known and respected in the industry, particularly in the U.S.
Ask Kalena, Kalena manages Search Engine College, an online training institution offering instructor-led short courses and downloadable self-study courses in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing subjects.
Sales Pitch TrainingImprove your sales pitch presentation skills with our sales pitch training courses!
Driving to our main sales page is effective BUT we have an ever-growing assortment of specialized Landing Pages that deliver great, high-quality content that you can share with your Burn The Fat Inner Circle affiliate link. Best Method: Promote With an E-Mail List!If you have a mailing list, you can send out a quick email telling your readers to check out a helpful article or direct link to one of our alternate sales pages.
Promote to Landing Pages Without an E-Mail List!If you don't have an email list but you still want to promote our product as an affiliate, these landing pages give you another great way to do it.
Here is a video I made for you that will show you How To Share Our FREE Content With Your Affiliate Link. After you watch this video tutorial I encourage you to visit our FREE PREVIEW section so you can find the first Content Piece to share with your subscribers, blog readers, or on twitter.
If you have any questions about formatting your link please contact me directly by e-mailing me. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. And while there is never a guarantee that your content WILL actually go viral, having these key components is the foundation so that you will have the best chances of your content spreading far and wide. If you take these principles into account and think of them as the foundation of your content marketing strategy, then you will be ready to go viral. From the blue ringed octopus to saltwater crocodiles and sharks, this is one infographic that will scare the hell out of you! Written by none other than our other founder, Ann Smarty, this post is the perfect example of how to write something that’s truly useful.
If you want to see why images can play such an important role in a post, be sure to check this one out.
Even though videos can take longer to create than a standard blog post, the 1,000,00+ views this one has racked up proves they can definitely be worth the extra effort. As you check out all of those examples, keep an eye out for the themes we discussed at the beginning of this post.
Simply put, this is not the type of content people like to share on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

It’s amazing that I have to explain this one, but I guess I do because we get this A LOT. If all I see above the fold are ads and I have to actually scroll down the page to read content, then that creates an incredibly bad users experience. I hope this post has helped clarify the types of things we are and aren’t looking for, as well as the overall goal and purpose of Viral Content Buzz.
Eventually.Though when you think about it, aren't we all either with or looking for that person with low enough standards?
Out of respect for each other we have agreed not to bring a date to the other's funeral depending on which one of us passes first. Simply send traffic to our landing pages through your specially coded landing page affiliate link. Any where else that you can post links to valuable content (without spamming).We plan to add more of these article landing pages in the future, so stay tuned for more links. As Harold stated, I’d like to talk a little bit about what type of quality we are looking for in terms of submissions to Viral Content Buzz, as well as EXACTLY what makes these types of submissions great. But before Viral Content Buzz can be of any help, you first have to come up with really stellar content. But once you get towards the end, they follow it up with an extremely funny gopher montage from the classic movie Caddy Shack.
If you focus on creating content that has some similar qualities, you’ll point your content strategy in right direction.
But what I will do is outline the types of posts that we see over and over that are things we don’t want.
And when you have an anchor text link going straight to a sales page, again it’s highly unlikely that a user is going to actually find that link useful. As with affiliate reviews or direct sales pitches, even if this content has value, it’s not what people want to share through social networks. Same concept here: people like to share individual posts, not the home page of business websites or blogs. Personally, I'd prefer someone who appreciates me, but who also has self-esteem and who understands that they deserve to be treated as well as they treat me.
While not a direct sales pitch, the articles do pre-sell the visitor on the knowledge of the author and the value of being an Inner Circle member. This method works especially well if you send valuable articles through social networking sites, and the best part, these methods are free:1.
We will NOT be providing links for our entire content library, only for the articles which have already been proven to get good click throughs to the sales letter and good conversions.

This will help you know what type of content to avoid submitting, and help increase your chances for success here at Viral Content Buzz.
Typically this type of post has little substance, only has a single image (or none at all), and serves no purpose other than to get a quick backlink. Links are supposed to elaborate on a part of a post to help the user better understand or better elaborate, and sales pages rarely accomplish that goal. We usually test the article pages first using our own list, and when we see a favorable response and a large sales spike, we turn those into landing pages that you can send traffic to yourself. By adding a humorous video, they turned what might have been a dry or maybe just an ok post into something very funny and entertaining. This term uses the noun pitch in the sense of "a talk," or more literally, a throwing of words at one.
However, there are some advantages to using article landing pages.Sending traffic to an article page doesn't involve a sales pitch, it's just valuable content.
But if it’s a HUGE and immediate popups that covers the entire page, you can bet that will get your submission rejected.
Can your delivery style use some help?There are many factors that go into making sure that your sales pitch works well. Not only is keyword stuffing ineffective, but both forms of SEO posts don’t have actual users in mind. Arguably, a great sales presentation requires a confident, professional sales person with complete knowledge of what they are selling, and that has the ability to connect with the prospect, show his producti??s value, and overcome any objections.A great sales pitch, however, is what gets you past the gatekeepers and gets your prospecti??s attention to make the presentation and ask for the sale. What happens in the majority of cases though, is the visitor clicks through to the sales page after reading the article, and even better, the visitor is now pre-sold because of the value given in the content and the credentials of the author are seen at the bottom.Why does this matter to you?
Sales Pitch TrainingWhether written, oral, delivered in person, mailed, emailed, or given over the phone, a good sales pitch puts you in a position to make the sale. Because if you are a list owner, or you have a twitter following or a facebook group or any other type of "herd" that you communicate with, you cannot send nothing but sales pitches 100% of the time and expect to maintain an optimal relationship with your followers.Most list owners and leaders of any online group will tell you that you need to give away some good, juicy free content if you want to maintain the interest of your readership. And the difference between the two is not that great.The Sales Training Center offers a number of programs to help you create and deliver an effective sales pitch.

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