Virtual Card; Virtual card is a non-physical card that allows payments online or mail order.
Local Bank Transfer; This service allows users to transfer funds to bank accounts in local currency. International Checks; Payoneer provides services for international checks in local currency. Note: Always use your name and mailing address correctly, Otherwise Payoneer will not responsible for card lost.
After completing the form you have to wait for approval of your debit card request and after that they will ship card to your address.
Good News for new customer, they will earn 25 dollar automatically when you load 100 dollar in there account so hurry just avail this opportunity and get $25 free.
Usama KhalidSeptember 26, 2013 at 12:31 AMAcha yar apne kis trhah apply kia tha mujhe app less then 18 lagteh hanh aur Mere Papa ke ID card par sirf ye address likha hah Mohalla sadique aqbar na us par koi ghar ka number likha hah mujhe samajh nhi a rhi mein kis trhah order kru aur card kis service se aye ga matlab TCS se ya Pakistan post office se post aye ga aur uske charges kitneh hoh ge?
Be protected against scams by knowing the basic types of online fraud like spam, phishing and identity theft and how it can be avoided. Payoneer was founded in 2005 and it is a leading global payment company that provides cost effective payment solutions for independent workers and affiliates in more than 200 countries worldwide. Payoneer’s private label debit cards enable freelancers, vendors, affiliates and publishers to receive their payouts and commissions immediately. If you are tired of waiting for days or even weeks to get your hard-earned money, then this payment processor will work for you. The safe, efficient and cost-saving solution is an alternative for web-based businesses that require affiliate payments. Secure – Payoneer is constantly improving their technology to ensure customer privacy and authentication. Safe – You will receive a replacement card and your balance will be transferred if your card had been lost. Easy to use – The Payoneer online banking platform is easy to use without too much technicalities.
Cost-effective – You will be able to avoid fees that are associated with sending money abroad.
Financial Responsible – You will only spend the amount that is loaded on the card because it is a debit card, not a credit card.
As soon as your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that includes the estimated arrival date.
Your account is held in US Dollars and will convert automatically when purchases are made in another currency. Payoneer is an online global payments company that provides easy solution to make online payments, send and receive money from over 200 countries and also from US companies including PayPal, Amazon, and Facebook etc.
Payoneer is the best choice to withdraw money from PayPal in unsupported countries like Pakistan, Egypt, and Iran etc. Login to your account and you will see Payonner Affiliate Login button just on the right sidebar. You will get an email from Payoneer whenever someone signup for Payoneer MasterCard with your affiliate link. If you do not have a Payoneer account then follow the below link to signup and earn your 25$ reward. When a referral will signup under you then you will get an email containing login link to see all referrals and earned rewards.
Thanks for the article and information, i already knew about Payoneer was about to sign up with out any referral link at this point i come across your article so has just signed up with your referral link this my way to appreciate your knowledge, work and helping people. Jb aap k payoneer account may 30$ sy zyada ki payment aajaye ge tau fee khud ba khud kat jaye ge. You should not apply for 2nd time,wait for 1-2 more weeks and then contact payoneer support team. Dear I sighned up at payoneer but this message sent to me but I have not work never with any company. Hi sir i was wondering after having an mastercard account and withrow more than 100$ of money in my payonner account, and start making profit in affiliate programe. In order to overcome this issue and to use Paypal in non supported countries, we will have to take advantage of Payoneer’s US payment service. The US Payment Service allows you to receive payments from select US companies directly to your Payoneer card as a direct deposit transfer (US ACH). Make sure not to access your Paypal account with any proxies, else Paypal will place limits on your account and your funds will be freezed forever. Enter your Payoneer Debit MasterCard Number, Expiry Date and CSC (three digit security code printed at the back of your MasterCard next to your signature area.) Now hit add button. After successfully verifying the bank account and linking your Payoneer Debit card with Paypal.
Disclaimer: This tutorial guide to transfer money from Paypal to Payoneer has been created for educational purposes.
I am sorry to hear this, you can try out PayPal alternatives such as Payza & Skrill that work in Pakistan without any issues. It seems that PayPal will be creating trouble in the future because they want the address to be same on card and PayPal for verification.
Moon, the best and fastest way to communicate with me is through comments over here ?? I’ll be responding to every query as soon as possible.
Wajid, this is unfortunately true and many of the users are facing same issue and thus cannot verify PayPal account with Payoneer MasterCard. That limit cannot be removed since PayPal isn’t verifying accounts through Payoneer at the moment.
If my paypal already registered in my country, and i add US bank account(pyoner), will paypal transfer money or no? Yes they can transfer money to US Bank Account provided by Payoneer, but you cannot withdraw money without Payoneer Master Card. I mean no matter in what country my paypal is registered, i can get money into payoner, right? Perfect, then just go ahead, Get Payoneer Card, Apply for US Payment Service and provide your Bank of America’s account details on PayPal and withdraw money on Payoneer. Everything matches, country included, but yet pyoner counts as US bank, isnt that an problem? Hi Sujan, you can still get your PayPal account verified with Payoneer’s US Payment Service through a bank account.
Hi Rash, you can link PayPal with Payoneer’s US Payment service (Bank account) regardless of address difference. Yes probably you cannot use it for eBay selling unless you have a purely verified account without any tricks.
This method used to work fine previously, but PayPal no longer accepts Payoneer’s bank account to verify the account. Alternative is, you should find some friend or relative living abroad preferably in US or Europe, who can help out to create a verified PayPal account and attach a valid bank to withdraw your money.

My children were requiring NV 2824-EL recently and found a web service that has lots of form templates .
Earning Money Online seems very lucrative option, thousands of people are earning their livelihood by providing online services or selling their products on the web. 1. Signup for Payoneer MasterCard (During Signup Make Sure to use the same name as you will use for your Paypal account. Enter the amount you need to withdraw from Paypal to your Bank Account (Payoneer US Payment Service) and click continue.
Note: Its a friendly and valuable advice to my readers, not to keep funds in your Paypal account that has been created this way for long time period.
If you have a verified PayPal account and you already have added the bank account to your Payoneer Card for verification. If I link the bank account with my PayPal and transfer the money to my account so then, can I do any payment by using the MasterCard which came against my bank account? Once your Payoneer MasterCard is loaded with money, you can make any Master Card transaction easily.
If you want to pay $2.49, make sure you have atleast $5 in your Payoneer account to be at safe side, if there are any extra deductions, please check with where you are paying and contact payoneer support. Well its not an issue, if your bank account in Payoneer is showing 10 digits, you can enter only 10 digits. I will be receiving commission as an affiliate to products and services being reviewed on this blog, if you will make purchases through my blog's links.
The contents of Online Income Methods are copyrighted to Hasan Shahzad and must not be reproduced on other websites.
Payoneer is a secure, safe and cheap payment process system that is best for on-line payment process. Please note that reviews are based on my opinion or general experience with the product or service. I use Payoneer myself and feel qualified to give my opinion regarding this payment processor. Cardholders will be able to receive funds immediately without hassles and they can withdraw money anywhere in the world where MasterCard is accepted.
Affiliate commissions are usually paid out through checks, PayPal and international wire transfers. If you are an affiliate or vendor the Payoneer will work perfectly, but obviously, everyone who needs a safe online payment system is welcome to apply. I allow others to load money onto your card and enable you to make fast bank transfers with the Global Bank Transfer Service.
I received my card about 2 weeks after approval, but I think that it depends all on where you are located. You do not need to maintain a minimum balance on your card and it can be cancelled at any time. If you had enjoyed this post please “like and share” so others can also benefit from it!
A few days back, I had written an article about verification of PayPal account using Payoneer MasterCard. So, I though why not share this good news with my readers so that they can also get benefit. Payoneer US Payment Service sy jo aap ko bank account number aur routing number mila ho ga, un details sy aap PayPal account & payoneer bank account ko link kr saktay hain. There are 30$ card activation fee associated with it that will be deducted automatically when you load it via PayPal. Most of the companies on the internet prefer to make transactions via Paypal as it helps to send & receive the payments instantly without any delays. That allows you to withdraw your Paypal payments into virtual US bank account that will be provided to you through Payoneer’s US Payment service. First you will be required to Signup for Payoneer MasterCard (Signing up from this link will entitle you to receive $25 bonus from Payoneer). Make sure to enter correct details and you must be at least 18 years old to continue with this service. Once you have received your card, login to your Payoneer Account & please activate it, then navigate towards US Payment Service page.
This service provides you with a US account and routing number, to be used by companies you are working with so a direct deposit payment can be made for you. Now you have to signup for PayPal US account (Paypal for personal use) on Paypal United States website.
After successful Bank verification, you can link your Payoneer MasterCard with Paypal to lift up any sending or receiving limits that have been placed by Paypal on your account. You can easily receive payments on your Paypal account even in a non-supported Paypal country.
PayPal’s rules do not allow you to enter false information about your account, so using this method may have a risk of your account termination, as well as losing the funds. Therefore this method will be not be valid to withdraw and move your money from PayPal to Payoneer MasterCard. In addition to that I am passionate about smartphones and occasionally blog at Android Fan Club. You need to confirm this from your PayPal account’s withdrawal settings, whether you can add a US bank account or not.
If you will withdraw $100 or more from PayPal to Payoneer, you will receive $25 as gift for first time.
Payoneer will approve your US Payment Service and give you USA’s Bank Account details after approval. Simply create a new paypal accounnt and try to add Payoneer bank details from us payment service.
You may ask some of your relative living abroad to create and verify PayPal account for you, so that you can use it anywhere without any restrictions and doubts.
I withdraw and deposit my money of PayPal through PayPal solution Bd; an organization who helps in withdrawing and deposition. Now You can easily receive & withdraw payments on your Paypal account even in a non-supported Paypal country.
It will take around 3 – 4 business days for your transaction to complete its process. So if I link my bank account with PayPal and transfer $100 to my payoneer bank account (as sign up amount is $97) then can I do the payment with the MasterCard?
You can now add another bank account which will be given to you by Payoneer (Bank of America probably). Now the problem is that I want to pay some money to a various hosting site which only allows mastercard, visa card and asks for a paypal account, the minimum amount to pay for that site is $2.49 and I have very less amount in my payoneer account, as about I can only pay the above amount, but every time I try to give my card number, it says insufficient balance in account.
Payoneer helps several affiliate merchandiser and freelancer to get paid easily, Fast, Safe And Secure from anyplace in the world. Unlike traditional payment methods – No credit or bank account history is required to apply. For these types of payments the recipient is required to have a bank account, and transfers can take anything from a few days up to weeks to complete.

After activation of US Payment Service on your account, you will be able to link Payoneer with PayPal and then you will be able to withdraw Paypal funds. It can be Odesk, Infolinks etc.After application submission, Payoneer team will review your account and approve it.
You can later withdraw the amount from your Paypal account to your Bank account in just few clicks. There you have to signup for US Payment service and shall have to apply via email application and have to mention that why do you need US Payment service.
Funds that are transferred to your US Payment Service will be automatically loaded to your Payoneer card once they are received. There you must have to enter your correct name and must be similar to what you are using on Payoneer Master Debit Card. Make sure that you have at least $5 – $10 balance in your Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard before proceeding, as a minor amount will be charged to your Payoneer MasterCard for verification purposes.
So, as soon as you will receive the money at your Paypal account created this way, you must immediately transfer it to your Payoneer Bank Account via US Payment Service. You can give your Payoneer’s US Payment Service details to the company to receive payment directly on your Payoneer MasterCard.
This is because PayPal wants same address on Payoneer Card, which is not possible in case of following this method. After that move towards US Payment Service section and request Payoneer to enable US Payment Service on your Account, you will need to fill up questionnaire and give them reasons why you need US Payment Service, simply ask them that you want to receive your PayPal payments on your Payoneer MasterCard.
I have written a complete guide on How to Create Verified Paypal Account in Unsupported Countries. Upon successful transfer of money from Paypal to Bank (Payoneer US Payment Service) it is subject to 1% fee. As Paypal is not officially supported in some countries, this method works 100%, but we should always take care of such little but useful things that will help you to prevent any financial loss in future. If your Payoneer bank account gets accepted by PayPal, in that case you can withdraw your money easily.
You can also purchase products and services through Paypal from many online retailers or service providers. After completing the registration process, you will have to wait for around 1 month, to receive your Payoneer MasterCard. You can simply state in application that you want to withdraw your money from Paypal and Paypal isn’t supported in your country therefore US Payment service will be of great help for you. PayPal must also realize that leaving non-supported countries behind by not officially supporting them is the only hurdle that has to be faced by many freelancer and online workers across the globe to receive & withdraw their hard earned online income. So I have no issues on PayPal alhamdulillah… Now I needed to link my payoneer account with PayPal to load the account. All this process involves rotation of money from one hand to another and that’s only possible with some sort of reliable intermediary service which we term as payment gateway.
Later on you can withdraw your funds from Payoneer MasterCard from any supported ATM across the globe.
However its unfortunate thing that some countries of the world aren’t yet supported by Paypal and they cannot use Paypal services officially. Also make sure not to access your Paypal account with any proxies, else Paypal will place limits on your account and your funds will be freezed forever. Wait until there comes an email reply from Payoneer and you’ll be approved for US Payment Service.
To view the complete list of companies you can receive funds from click here Note: You can receive payments from multiple of the supported companies. Please keep in mind that you must only enter the address details from FAKE NAME GENERATOR and your real name must be used, if you will not use your real name, you will be unable to withdraw the money from Paypal to Payoneer via US Payment Service.
You’ll get US Bank Account Information, that you have to enter into your PayPal account. PayPal is being widely used as an online payment processor that helps to send and receive money with few simple mouse clicks. Freelancers and Bloggers Make Money Online with variety of ways and receive their hard earned income mostly with Paypal. I hope this article will help my readers to easily transfer their hard earned online income from Paypal to their Payoneer MasterCard.
Then within 2 working days a 4 digit code appears on your payoneer statement and you update that 4 digit code in the paypal interface. You can use this US Payment Service from Payoneer with PayPal as well as with Amazon Associates Program. The US Payment Service involves a fee of 1% of the payment amount.  Further you can read the FAQ about US Payment service. You will have to find out these two amounts under the Transactions history of your Payoneer account. My pp account canot send or recieved money which us verify account .my country pp not support .
If you are lucky enough to be that part of those countries where Paypal supports bank withdrawal, there won’t be any problem for you. You will have to find out these two amounts under the Transactions history of your Payoneer account. Link the bank account which I created through payoneer or link my master card which was delivered to me and then I verified it.
You can enter the amounts in any order, since the order of entering amounts doesn’t matter.
I hope this article will help my readers to easily transfer the money from Paypal to their Payoneer MasterCard. After successfully linking up your US Bank Account with PayPal, you will be able to withdraw your funds into US Bank Account and they will soon be transferred into your Payoneer MasterCard. Perhaps this is a challenging situation for freelance workers that live in a non-supported Paypal country and can only receive the payments but cannot withdraw them as their local banks are not supported for funds transfer. As linking the card with PayPal will ask $10 in my MasterCard to verify which I don’t have in the card. Payoneer provide free prepaid debit card and you can use it only when your account balance will be. I am writing this guide for those who are facing challenges while withdrawing money from Paypal. Congratulations, now your Paypal account has been verified and you can easily withdraw your money from Paypal to Payoneer Debit MasterCard via US Payment Service. You can pay bill, Purchase on-line or offline and much of using payoneer prepaid MasterCard.

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